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TNT Call notes 14-April-2017

TNT Call notes 14-April-2017

(Notes by Adept1):
Replay 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#


RayRen: Good afternoon, super-fantastic TNT family! Today is Fantabulous Friday, April 14, 2017, with RayRat98 here on the controls. It’s Good Friday, and some think it could be a better Friday – and it still could be! This should be a short session. Hope you all have a good Easter weekend.

I don’t have a lot of good intel, just expectations. I’ll tell you where we are according to my information. My best Iraqi sources are saying they were being told “this week, by Friday”, and now it is Friday. We’ve heard all the crazy things going on over there. There was an announcement about reclaiming the mosque in Mosul. There is not yet an official full liberation, but to all intents and purposes, you could say that. They aren’t saying that over there, and I don’t know what’s stringing this along. They are told over there that today is IT. Their money is flowing like milk and honey, at least for some. They have what they have been promised, and at least it’s started in Iraq.

My SKR folks were told to look for this week ON Friday, and it’s Friday, so… it might already be taking place.

Bank folks over here are giddy as all get out, some are secretive, and some are saying “don’t call me, I’ll call you”, and some are asking if we are ready because this is ready to pop out now – immediately. Some are direct, and some are not, but we can read the writing on the wall. It doesn’t take much to figure out what we are looking forward to. If they are saying “no need to call me”, that tells me it’s done. No, we didn’t go to the bank on Friday morning, but that doesn’t mean people won’t go to the bank Friday night or Saturday morning.

That’s pretty much it – no new intel, just closing out information I’ve already share with you. Friday IS the day for this to start to be wrapped. We are still highly optimistic about today, this evening, the weekend, or next Monday. That’s all I can share with you today.

Questions from the TNT forum

Q: When exchanging, should each currency be placed in a separate account?

A: I see no need to place them in separate accounts based on short-term or long-term; I am putting dinar in a separate account, and the rest can go in together.

Q: Have you heard anything that could be holding up the RV?
 A: Not that I’ve heard.

Q: Many years ago we heard that friends and family were getting somewhere in the $32 dollar rate which led to our twitter campaign for us to be treated fairly. Do you think we could still see rates between the $16 to $30 range we fought for as the internet group? [A: Yes.] Or has the dust settled on that and those type rates will only happen on the limited contract rates? 
 A: Those contract rates and those high ranges were one and the same, so far as I know.

Q: What are your best sources now telling you, as far as our expected 800# and RV date?
 A: They are saying Now, apart from the 800 numbers. I have not been approached on those 800 numbers; I’m pretty sure there are those numbers and call centers, and I have reason to believe I will receive said numbers.

Q: Fridays are always “Good” but who said it was going to be great? Is there any intel suggesting it can still be great? How about this weekend, or Monday maybe?
 A: I answered all your questions in the opening statement.

Q: We have heard that one of the last things to be done before the RV is educating the Iraqi citizens regarding such. What are you seeing and hearing that show you this is occurring? Better yet … any idea WHEN their education will end so we can go to the bank?
 A: We shared with you already that an awareness campaign ahs been launched saying their currency value is changing, with lower denominations and coins being issued. That information is not for us, it’s for the Iraqi people! Prices are dropping in places where they don’t make sense unless the value is changing: airlines, phones, electronics. That is the writing on the wall, and an indirect indication right there. When it happens, that currency revalue has kicked in because prices have been modified to compensate for it. The awareness campaign is in full effect, I do believe.

Q: Any update on the bank screens?
 A: Not directly, but some members have been told that Friday will be it. So that all sounds good.

Q: There’s a post in the Forum that you are planning a Paris Wealth retention class coinciding with an Air Show asking people to join, etc. Is that from you?
 A: We are not asking people to join, we just mentioned there is an air show in Paris that we are planning to attend, and we might have a class as well for those who want to go. Members wanted to be proactive and put that out before the RV, because post-RV we will be out of the forum and gone. Then when the RV happens and we scatter, we’ll have a list of those who want to go to Paris and have a class as well. It can be a post-RV excursion, with the air show and attend at least one educational course.

Q: Please tell us all you know about the NDA? I’m not good with reading legal-eze. Is the essence about the rate paid? Or are there other restrictions that could pull us down if we relaxed with an glass of wine?

Live Q and A

340 caller: I work on a construction site, and [can’t understand this caller], and I have nice information to share. The caller you took last time… on Monday morning I asked someone to buy me $250 worth of dong. She called me back and said WF says you have to be a customer. On Wednesday she called again, they called her back, and said that for $250 she could only get one penny. They said you have to buy at least $200 worth of dong. They said they couldn’t sell dong because they are working on information. I was on the phone with the bank person, and that was exciting to me.

801 caller: How positive are you that Zim will be exchanged at the same time as the rest of the currencies?

RayRen: I don’t know 100% for a fact, but I have a very good feeling that it will happen. That does seem to be the targeted plan.

Caller: They say a lot of the money will be retained for humanitarian projects. Do you think it would be better to exchange Zim first? We may end up with three separate accounts – what’s your opinion?

RayRen: Who does that make sense to? The bank is going to exchange me but keep back 75-80% for humanitarian projects? Now, in the groups there might be all kinds of conditions, but if I go in as an individual, I’d like to see the law saying they can keep back any of it for humanitarian purposes. I might decide that, but the bank will not.

Caller: When this happens and there are meet-and-greets in various places, will Tony be part of that?

RayRen: Tony can do whatever he wants; he is planning the Vegas meeting, for example. I handed that back to him and people are jumping in to organize it. He might even go to Paris!

205 caller: [chitchat and appreciation]

813 caller: We’ve been talking about the Zim a lot. We’ve heard a lot about the dinar and the dong, but we cannot even get Zim at the currency dealer. So why are we confident that it will be in the first basket?

RayRen: We have been told that it is, from intel, members and their bankers. Members have been told by certain banks that they can exchange that day, under certain conditions (which the members didn’t want to comply with). I have always said that we need to diversify – don’t get dinar alone, or only dong, have a spread. That is where the Zim is so interesting.

Caller: I got dinar first, then found out about dong, and don’t know much about Zim; that’s why I’m asking. Also, how can I get to the event in Paris?

RayRen: It will be open to everyone once we start the registration process. It started in the forum because one of the members thought it would be a good idea, as a post-RV activity. If the RV happens this weekend, we won’t be on this phone call in June! So by then we’ll have a list of people interested in the air show to organize a class. It’s a post-RV event, after we’ve all scattered. [call dropped here because my power went out]

Closing Statement

Same old, same old… could go today, this evening, at any moment. Be ready.

RayRen played I Believe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA

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