Friday, April 14, 2017


Its time to put your thinking hat on and not your emotional hat on. while most of you read about the gcr or rv at your  front door has it happened as they say it would? of course not. has anything really changed in Iraq to make you think it will? you still have m and iran still giving orders otherwise the laws that needed one more readingfor months or even years to help the people are still sitting and getting dusty. 

now think about this since abadi has taken over except for the verbage  of what he will do has he really done much? not really because he still has Iranian blood and imho he and m have had this all planned out or m would have taken him out. if you have read different articles other then the forums you would see how m has been planning his return to power with the help of iran and the goi. remember with all the files against him anyone else would have been killed not returning to the prime ministership. which leaves me to the big question what will happen to your dinar?

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