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Bruce: Good Evening and Welcome to the Big Call. I did not think I would be doing a call tonight. Everything we heard the last few days including Good Friday, Easter Saturday, Easter Sunday, and Monday were very positive moving in the right direction.

Today, we did get a smudge of good information that put us in a very good place. I just want you to know even though it is difficult for me not to call it on the Big Call everything is pointing toward the immediateness of the blessing coming.

I know I said it and I meant it on previous calls because the information was pointing to it. What has happened since then is ever better.

Bruce: I know everybody has had it and is ready to get off this ride and get started on our new lives. I am sure we all are including Sue, Bob, Pastor Steven, Kent and myself. Let us go thorough where we are.

Bruce: Iraq has been on a social media blackout on and off for days now. They had information that they just did not want to be put out on any social media. My understanding was it came off at 3:15 EST this afternoon that the ban of social media was lifted.

Bruce: Let’s talk about what is going on out west? A lot is happening out west. Tier 1, 2, and 3 groups have been all handled, all been processed. There have been some additional people also who have gone in. We had two groups of those, and two groups of people with SKRS. Those have been handled. Those suppose to have finished up last night, and possible into this morning.

Bruce: The banks have been pinging as the rates have been updating continually the last few days. They have been trading up. For example to have everything ready to go all the banks need to be synced and updated and ping back or respond back with series of tones to the bank that sends them out.

We know for example well nothing was going to happen after Easter. Where the information was pointing to a Good Friday to be a great Friday start, it didn’t come through for us, the internet group. It did for some.

Bruce: Now we are at the point since we are considered Tier 4, we are really the next group in terms of size to go. For us to go, something needed to happen that happened. One thing that happened was HSBC is working with Wells Fargo and basically over all the 6800 Redemption Centers in North America or the United States and Canada.

Bruce: What has been happening is that there has been a status that we talked about in the past as the Redemption Centers have gone from engaged status they just went yesterday to active status.

When you go from engage to active it means you are prepared for exchanges to start coming in. Regardless when that time started they are there now. Once you go on to engage you don’t come back off of it until all the redemptions are all done.

Once you go to active status it is taking it one step forward where now again active is active until everybody is through using the 800 numbers and doing the exchanges and ZIM redemptions in those Redemption Centers. That is where we are like locked and loaded. We are ready to begin in that sense. They are ready for us.

Bruce: What happened Monday was interesting. Because the bank’s pings that were suppose to come back from all the banks around the world we got from everybody except HSBC in London. Why haven’t they responded back with these codes? This was because 5 or 6 countries yesterday had their celebration of Easter. The banks were on holiday, and they couldn’t really start until everybody was lined up. That bank and others didn’t have even 50 percent staffing to be ready for exchange. That put us off until 2:30 am EST that we did receive those reciprocal pings from HSBC London. That was a very good signal to get back. The theory is as a result of that signal the banks are on line and on board.

Bruce: The bad news is we didn’t go yesterday. The good news is we are set to go from here on. The rates that have been trading in the meantime even over Easter, and yesterday, and today are continuing to go up which is a good thing, because screen rates are very high. Higher than I thought they would be. I will mention them and I will try to get close to them without getting specific with them, the rates. Screen rates are very strong right now and could get stronger from what I understand.

Bruce: What is the biggest single thing that affects our start other than the fact the banks are synchronized and the rates continue to go up in trade? The other thing that is important for us is the fact our USD that we now call USN is Gold backed. Just like all the other currencies around the world.

Just what currency was the last currency to come alive or revalue in the world? Yes, the USN. Guess what? At noon today PST the USN was released as the last currency to be considered part of the GCR and RV along with all the other currencies making all the nations of the world sovereign. What does that mean for us?

Bruce: What it means for those that have exchanged and have SKRs and told they have money in their accounts and told they don’t have access or they show pending, I am told those accounts will be live, be active with the new digital USN which we tend to call TRNs. The digital format of our new money is the concept of TRNs. Treasury Reserve Notes, the actual physical almost a bearer bond that backs the actual money as a digital currency in the banks, but there is gold that backs the currency that backs those TRNs.

Picture having a certain amount of Gold that has the paper work that describes the gold itself, backing the currency of the United States.

Bruce: What about the new USN, the cash we keep in our wallets? We understand that currency is at the Redemption Centers and is ready for us, and at some point it will be with the banks or already in their vaults at the banks and brought out to the counters and be used for our new money. I couldn’t tell you when that will happen. The USN has been released at noon PST today.

Bruce: What is interesting is that at noon PST or 3 pm EST that in Iraq the ban of the media was lifted at 3:15 pm EST. We have that. That is very big to have that move. Those who had money, pending status those who could see it but couldn’t touch it should have access to it very shortly. Reason they couldn’t get access to it because the TRNs/USN digital wasn’t released until today. I am not huge holding our breaths for an announcement. There could be an announcement about the rainbow currency.

That to me is very good news and is important. We are hearing from important individuals from the banks when that was released that was in the sense our RV taking place in the United States.

Bruce: When do we get to start to exchanging? Where is the toll free number? I have been told I would have that number which is an honor and to be put it out. I don’t know when that is coming. Just don’t have it yet. I suppose to get it though. When I get it and instructed how to put it out I would do it accordingly.

Bruce: We have heard this internet start maybe a day time event. Could be it happens tomorrow morning. I don’t know. We will find out. All I could l you is everything is pointing to an immediateness we never had before because the USNs have been released. A major play that took place today.

Bruce: Rates, but not super specific. I know you want it and what is cool is the rates are changing and going up. If I quote you something it may not be that when you get to the Redemption Centers. Those who get in a few days later may see higher rates. I don’t know if that be so, but it could happen. These are Non NDA Screen Rates:

ZIM screen is over $3.00, Dong is not quite there approaching $20. Rupiah is close. It was on par with the Dong or VNN. Afghani is a little lower just over $10. Dinar rate is now close to $25 and could approach to $30 or a little bit more. I did it. I told you something I said I would never do. It is a ball park idea where we are. My understanding is these would be screen non NDA rates.

Bruce: I did mention this before that the ZIM is negotiable and worth a lot because it is a gold back bond. HSBC is going to be taking all the ZIM and using the Redemption Centers staffed by Wells Fargo and HSBC people, and it does have a very high value.

Those who have humanitarian projects like we talked about Rebuild America for example have the ability to negotiate that quite a bit higher than the screen rates and use those funds for yourself and primarily 80/20. 80% would be for humanitarian, and 20% would be for personal use. I plan to use all for humanitarian projects.

I am going to keep it in separate trusts. It is going to become my God account. Not 10 percent, not 20 percent, but all of it. 100 percent is going into the God account because it is so much. I don’t need it for my personal life. The other currencies I will probably take and put in separate trust for me and other things. That is just what I am doing. I am not a CPA, attorney, etc. The banks call us the chosen ones. That is a certain selection been appointed for us to take advantage of this. 

Bruce: What I am hearing is the notifications we are looking for are coming shortly. I am not going to try to guess it is tonight or in the morning because I have been told certain things and they have been wrong before. We get it when we get it. I am good with that. I am not anxious about it. Everything that happened today is pointing to it and we are that close. They wanted to make sure the USN/TRNs were released and they are ready for us and we are for them. We are more than ready.

Bruce: We are excited to meet with our banking partners with HSBC, Wells Fargo and all the other Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 banks. Thank you all banking partners from all over. Thank you HSBC, AIIB, and Peoples Bank of China. All these large tranches that have been happening the last few months have sent money in the banks for this to occur.

Over Easter this last week, we had the ST. Germaine Trust that was opened and also all the Global Collateral Accounts around the world opened. They are ready for us, the funds are there, and I think we are all set. Stay cool and keep calm.

Bruce: Thank all the banking partners for sticking it out with us. All you in the Redemption Centers are excited for us and we are excited to meet you and become partners with you. We are here to rebuild America, give back and bless people around the world and do something very positive with this blessing just so you know.

We are not taking all this blessing for ourselves. We don’t need that much. This is above and beyond what we asked for. It is an abundant blessing, and we have the plans to make it abundant.
Bruce: Everybody hang in there. Stay patient. I think we are almost home based on all we have heard today. I am going say we are as close we have ever been. I am really excited more than I have ever been with the TRN/USN been released today means we are ready. Let us see when the toll free numbers will be released. 
Bruce: Everything I mentioned in the Intel segment is true and moving forward. I do have under good authority I would be contacted in a pre program time with the toll free number. It is in the system. It is on auto and I will be contacted.

It could be in the middle of the night or who knows when. I will be contacted and I will put it out according to plan. The system is up and running and my information is part of that. I am excited and looking forward to being called and given the information we are all looking for.

Bruce: Thank you Sue, Bob, Pastor Steven, and Kent. I want all to go to sleep tonight and see what happens by morning. Thank you everybody and have a beautiful night. We will put out a celebration recording and put it on our site: thebigcall.net when we receive what we are looking for. We will put that out as a link on our site. We appreciate everybody and all have a Good Night. Thank you all.


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