Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR as of April 19 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR as of April 19 2017

Compiled 1:00 am EST 19 April 2017 by Judy Byington,

A. April 18 2017 The Big Call Bruce: Thebigcall.net

1. Intel from multiple sources say the GCR/RV is coming immediately.

2. Iraq has been on and off of a social media blackout for days, that came off at 3:15 pm EDT today April 18.

3. Tier 1,2,3 groups have been processed.

4. Additional people have also gone in, including 2 groups of people with SKRs that finished off this am.

5. The rates on bank screens have been updating for the past few days.

6. HSBC is working with Wells Fargo and over the 6800 redemption centers in the US and Canada. Yesterday the centers went to active engaged status and will remain so until redemptions are finished.

7. Yesterday, Mon. April 17 the pings that were supposed to come back did so, except for HSBC London. (Europe was on holiday for Easter). At 2:30 am EDT this am we did receive those pings.

8. We are set to go from here on out.

9. The screen rates are continuing to go up.

10. Screen Rates, non NDA - (are going up and may be higher at your redemption)

11. Our US dollar (USN) is gold backed and released as of noon today Pacific time and is the last one of the world currencies to go sovereign.

12. That means the SKRs and those who had pending status are now active.

13. We are hearing that this release of the USNs means the GCR has happened.

14. Bruce has been told he will have the 800 number.

15. This start for the internet group may be a day time event.

16. Zim is negotiable, is a bond, has a very high value.

17. Notifications of 800 numbers are coming shortly.

18. Last weekend the St. Germaine Trust was released and the funds are now at the banks waiting for our redemptions.


B. April 18 2017 2:10 pm EST GCR/RV Update: "Who Knows" - GCR/RV Update - Tuesday - April 18, 2017

1. Both Trump and Dunford were p****** there was no RV "go authorization" in the US system as of this morning April 18 at 3:00am EDT. They were both told otherwise.

2. We understand the Republic of the United States is free to RV as of noon today April 18 2017 (HSBC).

3. However that delay might have pushed everything back a day to April 19.

4. We're not sure when now. It could come after markets close today April 18 or again in the early morning Wednesday April 19.

5. If you hold ZIM, don't expect any guru to give you numbers or release on either their calls, or post on their websites. It'll be complete word of mouth for the ZIM. All person to person contact. No digital transfers.

6. There will be plenty of time to exchange ZIM so don't freak out-- it'll find you if you're paying attention and be utterly invisible if you're not--this is by design especially for gifted ZIM holders who have no clue what is in their possession.

7. Some key gurus should expect couriers to arrive at their front door with full redemption packages that include NDAs. Others will get phone calls.

8. All will have a limited period to pass along ZIM appointment numbers. That will start the ball rolling without creating unwanted attention to the timing of the release kickoff.

9. Other lesser valued currencies will not have this problem as all the banks will be using their existing 800#s to make appointments.

10. They have added toll free numbers to help expedite the process for IQD and/or VND redeemers who make up over 96% of all redemptions worldwide.

11. Something will give here very shortly. Has to. But when? Ask Fighting Joe as it's truly his call now because the world waits on him to allow the revaluation of the USN (not Abadi to internationally revalue the IQN).


C. April 18 2017 1:04 am EST Zap Report: "He Arose" - Weekly ZAP - The Office of POOFness - 4.17.17


1. Stay cool, it's finishing. You will have to use your common sense.

2. 'It's all over but the shoutin', don't know the exact 'moment' it all flips on it's head but it's close enough to smell.


3. Prosperity Programs are on a minute-by-minute alert system right now. The bleacher's are shaking their heads in disbelief that we don't have these invitations yet!!....I guess we all are shaking our heads right now. Hopefully this will be a week to remember...


4. These last weeks have been intense in respect to workloads and we have experienced an escalation in activities in many directions.

5. The fund releases are forthcoming on the project side and are expected very soon.


D. April 18 2017 Real Truth Call Tank, Yosef: 712-770-4175, line1:143153#, Line2: 899988#

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