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Sunday, April 2, 2017


 ...this is the last day of the quarter, and some folks are saying it has be done in this quarter to back date pay to the beginning of the year.  That expectation came to me as well...   

Others are looking into April.  On Iraqi television, the US treasury gave Iraq an award for getting their banks online...  

PM Abadi has called for the UN to lift Chapter VII, and some argue that is not even necessary...  

We are not going to the bank just yet, but there is still some expectation that may change over the weekend;  we’ll have to wait and see.   

 However, expectation is high in Iraq, in the banks here, and across the board. We are still seeing an ‘any hour, any day’ situation...  All that makes me expect this will go at any time.  Something could happen between now and Sunday, for sure.

 On Iraq TV:  The US treasury has given Iraq  the highest banking award for their new financial system and getting all banks connected online.  Abadi is calling for the United Nations to lift chapter 7. (Not sure that's really needed...)


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