Thursday, April 20, 2017


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Ray: It’s so quiet . . . like cemetery quiet. Some expecting . . . this morning. With good reason. SKR holders told Tues-Wed. they would receive instructions. It ain’t over, till it’s over.

Nothing has changed we are just waiting information today. As the tweet said, “the quietness is nerve racking” for some folks. . . .

We had folks who got notified yesterday. . . I like today better than the 30th.

CURRENT WINDOW: RayRat: Bank folks still looking at Tues-Wed – Iraqi currency plan was to release it on Tuesday at 3-4 times the current rate of .90. We are in the midst of things that should be unfolding as we speak. It’s the information we’re receiving. I report you decide. My sources don’t call the shots. We wait.

IRAQ: Iraq said they would stop using the dollar yesterday, April 18, 2017, and the Dinar would be significantly higher than the current rate (in-country) of .90. Ray did not indicate any confirmation or additional information about that.

Dinar Value: Ray: Abadhi did say six to one. 

Mosul liberation now is being targeted for April 30. Information to Mosul being liberated has come out before but Ray said this is the first time they have said this about Mosul officially. Ray: The rest you’ve heard was “prepared information.” Other information was on the TV broadcasts that Maliki controls.


Banks: Bank folks still looking at Tuesday to Wednesday.

NEGOTIATING STRATEGIES: Ray: 1) Have a don’t give a darn attitude – in a nice way. 2) Be prepared to walk if you don’t get what you want 3) Don’t take anything at face value without trying to negotiate it first. 

You do get to negotiate. You don’t get to do this three times. This is it. You need to milk it for everything you can. We don’t know what the future will bring. What things will cost in the future. Shoot for the stars and land on the moon.

Instructions have always been, don’t rush to the bank unless your going for a contract rate Ray: . . . or a leverage deal.

Q & A: TNT Forum

– Should we send in donations? Ray: Paypal on Friday shut down all electronic ability to receive donations. Not just us, but others also. I’ve secured another option better than Paypal . . . the service we will use the first (of May), IF NEED BE, you don’t have to be a member (like paypal). . . Implement on May first, IF the need should arise.

–Have you been notified personally to receive 800 #’s? Ray: No, I have not been told personally.

– RUMOR: ZIM will be by word of mouth only? Ray: Whatever that means. Fairy tale.

Q & A: Callers

–Articles and information floating around everything should be all settled by April 30? Ray: Same thing they have been saying for months now, don’t believe in news. Mosul, etc. was all supposed to happen simultaneously. IF it does we have a date it was targeted for . . . from now until the 30th for those who want a timetable. There is already a reasonable expectation that time frame will not be an issue if it’s already done. 

Same Caller: Envision Tony coming on in last call, post RV? Ray: Probably be in the moment instead of post RV.

(I could not hear a third question she asked to which Ray replied : It it doesn’t, I’ll give you all my worthless currency. . . I don’t have any worthless currency (I will re-listen and get the question.)

– Will the Iraq currency have a limited time to exchange or will the currency be declared void. Ray: There was a campaign to get the Iraqi citizens to turn in their currencies, to deposit their paper money and receive a debit card to buy goods and services and not be dependent on the paper money. TNT members know not to hold the paper for long. Digitize it and we don’t have to worry about it being deleted or modified. 

–Tishwash: Why are you saying it’s quiet? They are telling all their business. They (?) are going to be there for the rest of the weekend. Be ready to give us an update. ??? showing us normal life is back and they are free. (more on replay) Ray: What I mean by quiet – what of any of that is going to tell us to go to the bank. None of that tells us when we are going to the bank. There is always something going on over there if you want to know about the lifestyle of Iraq – so you are correct on that. You have to accept my standards because it’s my call. LOL.

– You did not get a confirmation on the SKR’s? Ray: That is correct.


The last call we noted a potential post RV activity in Paris, France. Going to throw out another one . . . the 19th of May I will be celebrating another year . . . thinking of having a celebration activity . . .in Jamaica. May 19-20, third weekend in May which definitely should be post RV – a birthday celebration. Will be in Tyre the last week of June at the air show (France) If this RV comes in this week or by the end of the month you’ll be so excited, so drop that in your lap now.

Sunday we will be in Dallas doing a meet and greet session. Watch the Forum for an updated information. Be a post RV event in my thoughts and expectation.

Hear from my SKR folks today for new information. They might just say, “it’s hear, it’s done.” Bank folks still looking at Tues-Wed – Iraqi currency plan was to release it on Tuesday at 3-4 times the current rate of .90. We are in the midst of things that should be unfolding as we speak. It’s the information we’re receiving. I report you decide. My sources don’t call the shots. We wait.

Enjoy the “when am I going to see it Wednesday.” We just might see it. I know there is still expectation. The people I communicate with – I believe in the information they share. I believe we are there. Anytime between April 30th but I prefer now. The writing is on the wall and before too much longer, the proof is in the pudding. (played “I Believe.”)

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