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Peoples Dinar News Excerpts & Highlights 4-29-17

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Member News Excerpts & Highlights

MrsClassy:    Friday night and, saturday in Iraq.  We will see if Abadi makes the Mosul announcement or if it has been postponed for a week or two until Mosul is really 100% cleared.  I am very hopeful that the demands put on Abadi by the IMF and WB to complete the reforms, will push him to make his declaration tomorrow.

At this point, we have done all we can do.I know God, has this all under control.Appreciate all of you, keep smiling!

Bckdraft10:    would be awesome if we all wake up to that news tomorrow morning

Revival:    We can all agree this is closer than it ever has been. The news is very exciting. MrsClassy thank you for hanging in there and bringing the news.

Praying in faith and one accord with you all! PD is a great family it is a blessing to finish this with you all and I do believe we are finally down to the finish line.     ReVival
Jacktt:   Even if the city is 100% liberated some of the little rats will hide in the cracks and gutters or sneak back in to perform their filthy deeds in the future, so he might as well go for it and make the announcement now.    Here's to TODAY and to GOD be the Glory!!!

MrsClassy:    Iraqi Business News:   Kuwait signs $100m Grant for Iraqi Reconstruction
April 28, 2017  in Construction & Engineering In Iraq

Kuwait has approved a $100 million grant for Iraq to support humanitarian and reconstruction projects in areas retaken from IS, according to a statement from Iraq’s Reconstruction Fund chief Mustafa Al-Hiti.

The grant is the first Kuwaiti financial assistance to Iraq since Iraq’s occupation of Kuwait in 1990/1991 under then-President Saddam Hussein.

Officials from the two countries signed the grant agreement in Kuwait on April 25 according to Al-Hiti, who described the grant agreement as an encouraging start for further future cooperation between Iraq and Kuwait.


beachrider:    GRANT!!! This is a Grant, no repayment. WOW, I do believe they have really become friends. This is a big move for Kuwait!

Noeta:    Amazing what 27 years can bring about, huh?  You would think Kuwait would be the last people on earth wanting to help Iraq but I sense some wisdom in this decision affecting both of their futures. 

LStar:     I read this somewhere, "like a good neighbor, Kuwait is there" lol   Omg, please let this be the finale! I'm so ready!

MrsClassy:    qi forces kill 30 Daqi and push from two axes around the Al-Nuri Mosque in Mosul

Iraqi forces   29/04/2017  (Independent) ... Federal Police Chief Major-General Raed Shaker Jawdat said on Saturday that the federal forces rushed from two axes to an area around the Grand Mosque of Nuri within the old area on the right side of the city of Mosul.

In a statement received by the independent group, the team said today that pieces of the federal police rushed towards the area surrounding Al-Nouri Mosque from the axis of the new door and the bar of Alban under the cover of the rocket fire.

He added that the Federal Police March march aimed at barracks near the lighthouse Hadbaa and killed 30 terrorists and destroyed 12 mobile targets and positioned to resist aircraft. (End)


sds67: Good for them, looking better all the time. to bad for any young ones to go this way !!

MrsClassy:     Iraqi forces confirm continued progress to free the remaining areas of the right coast of Mosul

Friday, April 28, 2017   Arch   BAGHDAD, April 28 (KUNA) - Iraqi forces have continued to make progress in the liberation of new areas in the right-hand coast of the northern city of Mosul, following the liberation today of a number of new districts in the region.

Brigadier Yahia Rasool, spokesman for joint operations in Iraq, said in statements today that the Iraqi forces are continuing the process of liberating the remaining areas of the right coast of Mosul, especially after the liberation of the neighborhood, "Altnk" and the concentration of federal police and rapid reaction forces in the area of Farouk surrounding the mosque Nouri and Hadaba Lighthouse in Old Mosul. 
He explained that a number of armored vehicles were on the outskirts of the northern areas of the right side of the Mosul after reaching the areas of Musheirefh and the church grounds

He stressed that the security forces anchored by air cover by air force air force liberated the urban district completely, after the elements of the organization "Daash" significant loss of life and equipment .

He also pointed to difficulties in the process of liberating the urban district because of the presence of significant numbers of civilians who have opened safe corridors to exit the area and transfer them to safe areas.

On the other hand, a child was killed and three people were wounded by gunfire from an unknown source north of Tikrit in northern Iraq.

Four Iraqi soldiers were also wounded in an armed attack carried out by the "Daash" organization at a checkpoint at al-Waleed junction west of Anbar in western Iraq.


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