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Peoples Dinar Member News Excerpts & Highlights, 30 APRIL

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Member News Excerpts & Highlights

MrsClassy:    Central Bank: Beyond the financial crisis and the coming days, promising

Economy News / Baghdad ...  The central bank, announced on Sunday that Iraq has overcome the financial crisis and the coming days are promising, noting he Amajaov the decline in hard currency reserves.

The Central Bank of Iraq adviser Walid Idi, in a press statement that "the crisis austerity and fiscal deficits as a result of lower oil prices in the recent period has ended and Iraq overcome the financial crisis and the coming days are promising."

He added that "Iraq will become a country of foreign investment as a result of global competition of foreign companies to invest in the re-devastated cities after recovered from Daesh."
"The entry of foreign Iraq companies will reflect a positive outlook and will contribute to attracting major countries to rebuild the devastated areas and the holding of joint agreements for investment as well as trade exchange and activating tourism and oil industry," stressing that "holding oil agreements with Arab and foreign countries will bring hard currency to the country and raise the reserve the central bank of the currency. "

He continued Idi, he "to Amajaov hard currency reserves fell in the central bank and the decline of my time and will improve in the near future.

Cheeky:    This news along with the article that Mosul may be won in a few weeks could make our timetable mid-to-late May.  Let's pray/hope!

Jaygo:   Let's hope before Ramadan.

Jackbauer32960:   Yep!......

BlackCats:    Army Chief of Staff reveals the date of the end of the battle of Mosul
Army Chief of Staff reveals the date of the end of the battle of Mosul

Sunday April 30, 2017 at 16:18 pm  Army Chief of Staff reveals the date of the end of the battle of MosulBAGHDAD / Sky Press:

Said Army Chief of Staff, Othman al-Ghanemi, near the end of the battle for the restoration of Mosul, adding that the battle will end within another three weeks, despite the population density that resides in Mosul Ayman, as he put it.

He Ghanimi in a press statement seen by “Sky Press,” predicted that the output of the organization Daesh from Mosul in the next May, despite the resistance organization in the old city densely populated, pointing out that the battle will end “within three weeks maximum,” as he put it.

It provides an international coalition led by the United States in support of air and ground attack on major cities north of Mosul, which fell into the hands Daesh in June 2014. has organized control over most of the city’s neighborhoods since the offensive began in October of last year 2016, and is surrounded by troops now in the neighborhoods located northwest of the city, including the historic old city center.

The United Nations believes that up to half a million people are still in the area controlled by the militants in Mosul, including 400 thousand people in the old city with a lack of food and water resources and the lack of hospitals.

The barricaded organization between civilians and usually performs severe counter-attacks to prevent troops from approaching Nouri mosque in the old city, which declared him the organization’s leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, a state succession in parts of Iraq and Syria. Mosul is the largest city in the grip of Daesh in both countries.

Leading the attack inside Mosul anti-terrorist device that the US-trained federal police, also exceeds the total number of troops involved in the fighting against al Daesh in Mosul, 100 thousand fighters.

According to estimates by the security forces, the number of fighters up Daesh who are still inside Mosul to between 200 and 300, most of them foreigners, down from about 6 thousand fighters start time of the attack, while approaching the total number of people displaced from Mosul since October of 400 thousand people, or about a fifth of the population of Mosul before control of the organization of the city.


BlackCats:    Just throwing these out there...

I don't have the knowledge that Mrs. Classy does with these articles. She will always be the teacher, and I the student, but I just fire these articles out there to see if there is any significant responses to them. Of course in hopes of one of them, at some point in time, being a winner!

Forget not that I am the one who hears the Adult voice in Charlie Brown when reading these articles. I have enough on my mind with the wife and 2 year old son (my little buddy) that I leave these things up to you all to decipher for me....

....In which I thank you all for doing so in the past.

God Bless, enjoy your Sunday and keep the chins up!!   Peace and Love   Black Cats ... Out.

Noeta:    Thanks for posting BC.  We know they are getting very near the end in Mosul so this sounds about right.  Three weeks at the outside but I suspect it will be much sooner than that.

MrsClassy: Hummmmm!
MrsClassy:    Trump to visit Iraq next month

04/27/2017 11:38   Likely deputy close to Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi, Thursday, visit of President US to Iraq next May within a three – nation tour in the region

, said MP Jassem Mohammed Jaafar in a press statement, “It is highly likely that the US President Donald Trump visited Iraq during the month May next part of his tour in the region , which was unveiled today. ”

Jaafar said, “America has many interests in Iraq, including the presence of a military 5000 on Iraqi territory,” pointing out that “the sensitivity of the security situation prevents the administration from the official announcement of this visit.”

The newspaper “Life” revealed on Thursday, the determination of US President Donald Trump’s visit three countries in the Middle East next month

Beachrider:   Very Interesting

Jackbauer32960:    This here is gettin'  curiouser and curiouser!

LStar:     Soooo, the e-dinar gets launched on Monday.... can we please have a real value, please? Otherwise I really need to take a break!  Let's get this movin!

LStar:    Isreal, egypt, Jordan & Iraq around May 22nd. This is good news.  I want international trade!

Markb57:     problem is they can go international but keep the same rate......

Newgm:    I think Iraq has to have a true vale of there Country rate before they can go International.   If I'm note mistaken.

MrsClassy:     I'm no expert, just trying to make sense,Iraq just does not take in enough USD to pay its contractors especially if the investors come pouring in looking to rebuild Iraq.  Oil receipts are still less than half of what they were a couple of years ago.

Oil is the major contributor (95%) where they get their USD.  So even though production  exceed 5 mbpd this year, the actual revenue received, is less than half of what they were, getting In 2010-2015.

Until they have a viable currency other than USD,  investments will be sitting on the side line waiting to come in.  Non oil investors see the opportunites but question how they will get paid.  Without a viable currency, they sit, we sit, and the green grass grows all around.

Look at us, the lies and waiting, does it make you want to run out and buy more Dinar? Not at the present time! Iraq is stagnant,I believe that is why we should see something soon.   as always, JMO

Wasco:     I really, really, hope you are right about this, MC................I need this to happen like yesterday.

MrsClassy:    You and me both, I had to make a decision yesterday, I did not want to make, its over and finished, we go on.

Floridian:    Can e-dinar launch with banks closed?????

Offical Holiday Monday , May, 1, 2017  April 30, 2017

Central Bank of Iraq for holidays ( 2017 ) as well as on Fridays and Saturdays

January    1    New Year's Eve

     6    Army Festival / 1921

March    21    spring Eid

May    1    International Workers' Holiday

     * 25    Eid al / Fitr 3 days

July    14    Revolution July 14/1958

September    * 1    Eid al-Adha / 4 days holiday

     * 22    Islamic New Year

October    * 1    Ashura

December    * 1    Prophet's Birthday

MrsClassy:     I saw that holiday a couple of days ago they are wearing me out with their holidays hopefully it will all come together for us I just know it willI.

Wasco:    I'm so happy you're with us, MC.................You help make my day...............!!!!

Rodney Gonzalez:    E dinar on Monday!!    Please show me article!! 
​Floridian:    I don't think it's e-dinar.  I think it means electronic tendering for contracts starts May 1st.
I found this:

4-13-2017   Kaperoni   Article:  "UNDP to Implement E-Tendering system in Iraq"  Quote:  "The UN Development Programme (UNDP)’s Iraq Country Office has announced that, starting 1st May 2017, all procurement processes will be conducted using an online E-Tendering system (Electronic Tendering Platform)."   Good to see.  More electronic, less corruption.

LStar:   Yes floridian, that was it. Electronic dinar transmission. I guess that means wiring capabilities.

LStar:   Rodney Gonzalez,  I'll get it. I saw it on Iraq business news, I think. Maybe not. Right now, we're gonna run bleachers & bike ride so I'll look when I get home. If I'm wrong, shoot me. I won't post anymore.

I'm certainly not perfect. Just hoping we're on our last year. I guess it doesn't matter. I have a great job, so if this never happens I'll be fine. God is good. I'm really not trying to cause any trouble. Just trying to figure things out with the group. I like when people share. Thank you.


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