Friday, April 21, 2017

"Out Wal-Marted" - Geopolitical Op-Ed 4/21/17

Greetings Wal-Mart shoppers! Welcome to end of Western civilization as we knew it!

Yup, Trump is just the beginning. 

Imagine a world with no war, no poverty, no hunger, no usury and no international strife.

Makes one wonder why Western Civilization was ever chosen in the first place, let alone ever necessary.

You know how Wal-Mart likes to come into a town and absorb all the customers from smaller mom and pop stores due to raw volume, which equates into cheaper prices, greater selection and more convenience.

Well the Chinese Elders, aka the gate keepers of the world's tangible wealth or mass hard assets called the global collateral accounts, have in effect out Wal-Marted Western Civilization.

And sadly, Western Civilization was too distracted with celebrity gossip, exercise apps and buying sports merchandise on-line to notice their societal values had been marginalized into obscurity and made irrelevant.

They also didn't notice that their central and retail banks had been absorbed by the 2009 formed BRICS alliance. And as a result, their militaries were also slowly defeated silent battle by silent battle as new spending parameters were imposed, limiting even the strongest fighting force, until all were made to stand down and humbly receive asset backed funds just to remain a glorified in-country armed security force. 

No money, no bullets. No bullets, no guns. No guns, no army. No army, no war. 

And any C student of political history knows if you want to control a country, you must first control its military--so that means all these pompous politicians and diplomats, the ones we all had to grow up with--overnight have became ancient relics of the past, absorbed by old Chinese Elders philosophies of stockpiling tangible assets and waiting out those government without, while also refusing the spotlight and choosing to run the world from the shadows.

I guess it's true, real power does stay hidden. It also never loses control when you think about--rather it briefly relinquishes it for period of a few hundred years, as to teach a lesson to future Western civilizations. 

Seriously, that's how the East thinks. And why they always win in the end. Because they know their is no end. Think about that! 

So where does this leave our Western Civilization? Harvesting parking meter coins and governing local municipal zoning infractions? 

It's sure slim pickings now for the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, European Union and rogue dictatorships that keep trying to prop up their post WW2 illusions of grandeur without appearing weak.

Yet the more they fight change, oppress the truth, the weaker they appear and quicker they remove themselves from relevance. 

The cabal's post modern parade of purpose-less-ness leaders has caused massive societal calamity because reality deteriorated into oblivion under their watch; so rapidly in fact, theres nothing but a vapor trail of suffering in their dimensional wake.

And without an extended period to grieve, to transition into grace for the next generation of humanity must be one of improv--as future culture, law and media bust ascend without reversal now.

Step up or step out little ballerinas of fate!

3 Questions to Ask:

1) Where did all the money, power, control and relevance suddenly go for the West? 

2) Was it ever really there? 

3) Did the East simply awaken to enforce some latent, unmatched economic dominance in just a two decades as to subtly restore world order from abject chaos? 

3 Answers to Ponder:

1) It was never real. 

2) No. 

3) Yes.

The East simply out Wal-Marted the creators of the Wal-Mart stretch by doing it on a larger sovereign scale. 

And they did so without a boast or wry smile as Western Civilization now walks out the front door completely defeated, slumped over with a perplexed "what the hell happened?" look... beaten at their own game in the blink of a century, to live life as a permanent inferior.

Harsh. True. Real. Here.

And poor, poor Donald Jesus Trump will be the West's orange colored fall leaf--laughing all way into a dozen Eastern and Russian banks with his redeemed currency and a token US Presidential pension.

It's official, with Trump's faux administration, America has completely relinquished its global stewardship responsibility in a brief but beautiful 240 years of international relevance. 

Thank heavens at least we have Kush & Ivanka to rescue us! Whew, that was a close one!!!

It would be so much easier just to sit back and appreciate the higher mind genius of the East's master plan, if it weren't so f***ing painful to be an American right about now.

Damn, we blew it. Badly and quickly. 

God is with us.

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