Saturday, April 22, 2017

ONE WHO KNOWS: An Ounce Of Prevention., 22 APRIL

An Ounce Of Prevention...

I have read the latest SITREP and it is clear to me that "things" are in high gear.


However, that said, I noticed a line in the SITREP that caught my attention. 

I Quote:

"We expect US west coast banks to close first and begin redemptions Saturday 4/22. This will keep the masses from running the regular banks and causing unwanted confusion and media attention."

This Is "Telling"

I find this Quote to be very telling of the Benevolence of The Elders and the NPTB. The Cabal disinformation agenda has tried in every way to: A) Keep you from Getting Currencies, B) Trying to get you in a Group, C) Getting you to go to a regular bank to exchange for low rates.

Of course at this point in the game, we have currencies and have NOT joined a group, thus, we still control our own currency. The very last trick they had was to get us to go to a Bank where we would be getting the lowest value offered for our currencies. 

Yes, I know that would never happen to our Family on DC, since we know better. However, there are many other websites that were compromised by the Cabal agenda. Those currency holders would make a bee line to the nearest bank to exchange their currency, and would expect and get the lowest rates. Enter the Elders and the NPTB to save them...

An Ounce Of Prevention...

We all know that it doesn't matter if banks are closed or not for us to go exchange since we will be using Offsite locations and Designated Bank locations to exchange. But, by starting this after the Banks close, the super anxious and uninformed, are unable to go to a regular bank to exchange. They are forced to call in and go to a designated location where they will be able to get way higher rates and better terms and perks. This ruins the Cabal plan of telling people to go to regular banks and exchanging there. This is the ounce of prevention that will mean millions, billions and even trillions of dollars more to the exchangers. They are quite literally unable to go to the low rate banks. 

It Won't Last

As great a plan as it is, it won’t last. When the Banks open again on Monday, people will again have the option to go to a low rate Bank location, by accident, or on purpose. That being said, the eager ones will go quickly and get the higher rates, the uninformed or slow currency holders, will be exchanging next week and will have a choice. Where they go may be the difference between Millions or Trillions in the bank. 

The "Other" Benefit To The Plan

Of course there are multiple benefits to this plan to: go after the banks close. It prevents inadvertent disclosure to the regular public. Can you imagine a frantic, eager, currency holder running into a corner bank, and standing in line telling others in line that he has millions of dollars of Dong, or Trillions of ZIM to exchange? So, yes, if they can't go into a regular bank, they can't say things to people that they shouldn't be saying.

The Logic

I always thought it would have to go after the Banks closed, but if you think about it, that would mean that the exchanges would only be able to be done after 5pm every day. In hind sight, I can see that at some point, we WILL be exchanging during banking hours. How long... I don't know. But, I expect it will be for at least a week, or till the end of the month. 

But when Yosef, said it would start after the banks closed to keep people from mixing with regular customers, I couldn't help but think that at some higher level, it had an even more benevolent purpose to save the overly eager from making a multimillion dollar, if not multi trillion dollar mistake. The Elders think and plan at a much higher level than we know, and it is ALWAYS (In All Ways) about benevolence. So, we can say it is to keep us from mixing with non currency holders, but I know it is way more than that.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that the Elders are always planning to help us no matter what the Cabal try to hurt us. I wouldn't be surprised if the Zim Bearer Checks were not a Cabal creation to keep us from getting money... and yet, even though they are CLEARLY out of date, the Elders will exchange them anyway. That Benevolence runs throughout the plan. So when I hear they are starting after the banks close so not to disturb and confuse non currency holders, I know it is way more than that. 

I always (In All Ways) LOOK for the Benevolence and am never disappointed. It is easy to see. The Gift of Funds and Hydration to the World. The requirement of Peace and the end of Cabal rule, to get the money. And it even Includes a new financial system protected by the very ones who gave us the money. And, of course, the outrageous rates and offers they are giving us, so that we can give abundantly to the whole World. There is only one Word that can both explain, and describe this Benevolence... LOVE. Love Intended and Extended to each and every soul and life on this Planet. My friends, that is a LOT OF LOVE.

May We Exhibit The Same Benevolence, We Have Been Shown, To All We Encounter

Signed: One Who Knows

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