Saturday, April 22, 2017


  • ( Statement)  in order to clarify the full picture about the branches of foreign banks dealing with the sale of foreign currency window We would like to show follows

    The branches of foreign banks operating in Iraq represent the main bank with all its capabilities, including its capital, and the Iraqi Central Bank's demand for these branches to provide (seventy billion dinars), which is only an operational capital and does not represent the capital of the bank as a whole.

    The entry into the window of sale of foreign currency for the banks operating in Iraq in general is on the criteria approved by the Central Bank of Iraq and international accounting companies are solid and available to all banks to see and therefore when some branches of foreign banks exceed these standards are excluded from entering the window or when matching standards , as is the case with all Iraqi banks will get the maturity and there is no discrimination deal for the Central Bank of Iraq between banks operating in Iraq , whether foreign or Iraqi , but on the basis of classification  because it forms part of the Iraqi banking system .
    Note that a number of Arab and foreign banks do not enter the window of sale of foreign currency originally or intervention in limited quantities and that the share of Iraqi banks still represent the largest proportion of sales of the dollar.

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