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April 24, 2017 Mnt Goat News Brief

Hi Everyone,

I bring you much news today.  

So today is it very nice in Bavaria at 17˚ C, as I now look up at the clear,  blue sky and hear the birds singing. I am sitting now out in my beir garten alongside our gasthaus composing this newsletter. Later I am going to go for my daily hike up the mountain. Yes - I get excited this time of year– spring is here!

Today’s news is very long since I included, as promised, news about these virtual currencies. Many of you have decided to invest in them and many are thinking about it. SMART people first research and investigate any investment, then invest. Which one are you?

I see many are still content on the bashing of Mnt Goat and concentrate more on gender identification than her news. Really? Of course they do,  since they can’t dispute her news they then have to aim to bash her personal character. This only shows the true character of these people and prove my point once again they are only charlatans and are using the dinar RV for personal gain in the process. They are not really concerned about bringing you the TRUTH. 

So they now bash my gender? Really? Then they even bash my weather report to where I live? Really? Like I don’t even know the temperature outside? Seems I must have changed my gender too and overnight …lol…lol…or I moved to a much colder region of Germany? Please let my two girls and meine hubby know about these changes ….lol…lol…..Seems they are the last to know…..lol….lol…..
Some will never change as this only shows yet their ignorance over and over. They complain of their situations they get themselves into yet they expose themselves with cam recordings and personal information, as they think going high tech and exposing is going to add to their credibility and the content of their news. Really? So people might migrate to their site once and clickity, click once again more $$$$ for them. But this is only short term as they realize there is really nothing of value there to learn anyhow. No- it is only the information and TRUTH we are concerned about. I don’t care what you look like, your telephone number or your address. Get it! Either produce or go away.
My news is always FREE! I have NO site, NO forum, NO conference calls, NO need for donations, NO $$$ from clickity, clicks. This all means NO EXPENSES, and NO PROFITS. I do what I do strictly to help YOU the holder of this dinar investment. I have listened to nonsense all too long and decided to step in and clarify. Too bad I have to spend much of my time clearing up some else’s nonsense. Who else is going to help you? We are all just searching for the TRUTH. We don’t want lies and “secret” sources. My news concentrates mostly on articles but I go a deeper. I try to correlate the article, connect the pieces and draw some conclusions. Are these then my opinions? Yes – but I rationally and logically show you how I draw these conclusions based on FACTS and not just my opinion. You may not agree and that is okay. I agree with you to disagree….ok? However, what is most disheartening and disturbing, is when I am attacked personally because there is nothing else to attack. You can’t dispute my info so you revert to attacking my gender. What? Really? Who are these people who can do this? This only shows the poor personal nature and character of their moral fiber.  
No Rumors, No Hype…..Just the FACTS!
The news of today……
As always my comments are in italic RED.
Ibrahim Jaafari, Foreign Minister Saturday, to activate the strategic framework agreement signatory between Baghdad and Washington, stressing the need for concerted efforts by the international community and contribute to the reconstruction of underground infrastructure and the adoption of a project similar to the Marshall plan. (As you may remember in the news last week, the Trump administration talked about oil for USA support in the reconstruction. So I think the US plans a major role in the reconstruction efforts, post ISIS. I believe Trump will set up this situation so American companies will make billions off this effort. But will they even want to come into Iraq with a currency worth an 8th of a cent per dinar?)
House Speaker Salim al – Jubouri, on Thursday, with the head of the National Dialogue Front Saleh al – Mutlaq, the upcoming political settlements and improve trust between the actors in the arena. A statement by the Office of the al – Jubouri , I followed by all of Iraq [where] that “al – Jubouri and al – Mutlaq discussed in detail developments in the political situation in addition to the security file, as well as the political process and adjustments and anticipated measures to improve trust between the actors in the arena.”
The statement noted that ” the meeting touched on the progress of the legislative process and mechanisms to speed up the legislation of laws in addition to the conduct of military operations and the victories achieved by our heroine in the city of Mosul.” He pointed to the need to seek convergence of views between the political blocs in order to achieve security and political stability in the country.”
(So why did they talk about mechanisms to speed up the legislation of the laws in the same breath as achieving security and stability if they were not somehow related? Oh gee whiz…could they be related? Many of these so called intel “gurus” still persist and resist reality. But that is okay since we know better and we will wait for the RV until the PTB get what they want. So what laws are they talking about then? Well….what laws have we seen in the news as of lately? Does Article 140 or how about the National Oil and Gas law (HCL)? Do these ring a bell? Opps- there’s those words again – SECURITY and STABILITY)
(It seems many are still mixed up on the UN Chapter VII sanctions. Why is Abadi talking agains about these sanctions? Remember that Iraq is still under Chapter VII monetary sanctions, irrelevant to whether they are a charter member of the UN or not. It does not matter. The US and UK (both chartered members and strong voting rights in UN) convinced the council to vote favorably to slap on these sanctions back in 2003 for the invasion of Iraq. Iraq incidentally is a member. So this makes it even harder to get out of the sanctions. This is why the IMF (a part of the UN) stepped in to help Iraq reorganize and restructure post 2003 war. We have seen multiple SDR agreements between the IMF and Iraq. Currently they are still working on the 2015 SDR. I have presented information on this effort and will continue to show you the progress.
I also presented to you yet more sanctions put on Iraq in December of 2015 due to ISIS invasion. I am not going to repeat myself over and over again. Please go back to some of my recent past newsletters. I clearly explained it all. I believe when ISIS is gone the UN will come in, review the situation and then vote on lifting (or not) these 2015 sanctions. So let’s not go down this rabbit hole again on this Chapter VII issue. Many of the so called intel “gurus” really have not done the research and can’t seem to understand just what  is going on. Chapter VII is much more than just war reparations to Kuwait. Remember also in 2013 the UN did not remove this part of the sanctions involving Kuwait. Iraq lied and said this matter was resolved but Kuwait stepped up and disputed their claims. Kuwait won the debate. This part of the resolutions remained. So far I have not heard that these payments are completed. In fact Iraq just made yet another payment in March 2017 to Kuwait on this matter and has another payment due in June. Don’t believe me? Go read it for yourself on the UN site.

In my last newsletter, dated 4/21 (LINK), I promised I would talk about these virtual currencies (or cryptocurrencies) and so I will do so now. First I want everyone to know I am not a financial adviser, banker, or in any professional capacity to give financial advice. Thus, I am going to give you my opinion and research results.
So in studying the basic concept of any currency you must first realize that a country must have a solid and stable currency to have abundance and prosperity. There is really  no way around it.
A virtual currency or virtual money has been defined in 2012 by the European Central Bank as "a type of unregulated, digital money, which is issued and usually controlled by its developers, and used and accepted among the members of a specific virtual community."
The purpose of a currency is to provide a monetary stability to a country. How does a currency do this?
Any currency should pass a kind of litmus test. This test must ensure the currency can provide a number of features/attributes to the economy. After all a currency is not just about hoarding wealth, as many think. It must provide a service to the economy to ensure this abundance and prosperity of the society to which it serves. It must be managed. Right?
By the way do not get confused with the electronic banking, such as with point of sale, debit cards, check writing, etc. These are real currency just documented in electronic form and should produce paper or coin in demand. Unlike virtual currency that is strictly bits and bites and nothing more. Yes – one could say that virtual currency is sort of like electronic money too but it is a type of unregulated, digital money which is different than “electronic currency”. The key is it is issued and usually controlled by its developers, outside of the Central Banking system thus is used and can only be accepted among the members of a specific virtual currency community. Thus we like to  categorize virtual currencies as in a decentralized peer-to-peer network but in reality are they decentralized or yet even more limited and centralized?  An example is BITCOIN and it’s become the de facto standard for cryptocurrencies.
Bitcoin continues to lead the pack of cryptocurrencies, in terms of market capitalization, user base and popularity. Nevertheless, other virtual currencies such as Zcash, DASH, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Monero which are also being used. Some have superior or advanced features vis-à-vis Bitcoins. Going by the current trend, cryptocurrencies are here to stay in the short term but how many of them will emerge as leaders amid the growing competition within the space will only be revealed with time.
So we see that cryptocurrencies are created out of someone’s idea to bypass the current banking system. Personally I think this is a very noble idea as the Centralized Banking system we have today is corrupt and controlled by the very wealthy. In the USA there is  nothing more corrupt than the Federal Reserve System that favors the elite few in all its policies.
It is a FACT now as is the past, that of you control the money supply and the value you have enormous power and the power can easily be corrupted. So how do you correct a corrupted monetary sysem? Well…someone had the idea to simply bypass the entire modern banking industry and create their own means of monetary system, namely cryptocurrency exchanges. In reality the method of crypto may be new, but the concept is not new since if you research back in history small towns, villages often printed their own currency, but its usefulness was very limited and only useful in the confines of the local town or village to which it was printed. Many of these currencies are collectors items and very highly sought after today (and that is all they should be….collectors items….lol….lol…).
But over time they learned that a country can not withstand hostilities by other nations  if it was not unified. This included the unification of its currency. So one national currency had to be identified and work had to be done to accomplish this feat. It is necessary for any great nation to prosper. It is one of the steps in growing as a nation it must take.
So especially for trade between countries, it became a necessity to have only one currency that could be recognized, valued and thus easily used between nations. So I am trying to point out here that any industrial nation now powerful, has already gone through the rigors, speculation and tribulations of establishing their national currency over the decades. The work has been done already and we stand what we have today.
So why set the clock back, as these cryptocurrencies seem to be doing?  Although I personally like the concept of the attempt to bypass the Centralized Banking system, I am not convinced that thru these cryptocurrencies is the way in which it should or can be done. We all know the current banking system is corrupt. We know the financial system needs a major overall. We can see the attempts of the IMF to assist in this matter. As dinar RV investment holders we are probably some of the few that have been paying attention to this news, as part of the saga. But we see it is still just implementing band aids and nothing more. So is a completely new banking system really in order?  Is it the answer? Is crypto currencies the answer?  
So for you to understand why I say I do not support cryptocurrencies as this solution to the new banking system, you must first understand the purpose of any currency to society and to the nation it serves. Let’s now review these purposes.
To purchase a virtual currency is like purchasing a stock. The fact that they even use the term “currency” is, in itself, deceiving and a lie. These are concepts you must clearly understand before investing in any virtual currency. Of course if they told you all the truth, you may not invest afterall. 

Can it be used in Global Trade for Goods and Services?

Absolutely not. How could it? Since it resides on someone’s private computer and is not connected to the global monetary systems of the Central Banks. I don’t believe this will ever happen. Let me give you one example to demonstrate that these cryptocurrencies would simply not work on a large scale trading.
So if you owned, for example, BITCOIN and you wanted to purchase 1,000 lawn movers for your store. The seller would first have to open a BITCOIN account and fund it in order for you, the buyer to pay for the lawn movers. How else could you update the ledger of the seller and transfer your BITCOINS?
Of course in the real world it would strictly be on electronic form of cash. But most large businesses do not operate on cash basis. They usually fund their seasonal capital via credit loan with the banks and build into their profit and loss margins the cost of doing business (the interest paid on the loan). So this raises yet more issues in the ability to use crypto currencies.
We see cryptocurrencies are outside of the normal banking system and do not provide for credit applications or loans. Maybe this is the intent to get out of the Central Banking process and deny the bankers the interest thus let the system fall apart? Okay I can see it, but this still does not remedy the necessity as to how these business will be able to operate under crypto currencies. Get it? Most large retail stores do not normally have cash upfront to purchase their seasonal items. So how would they fund the business. This is simply how banks use liquidity to fund the economy. Get it?
So the economy would fail if money is depleted from the banks (low liquidity to lend) and an economic crisis could prevail as money circulation slows down. This is however just one example out of hundreds of detrimental issues that could result. Of course these “brains” of the crypto currency world don’t really care about fixing the economy overall or about you and me. Instead their real intent, as usual, is to fill their pockets with proceeds from their crypto idea. Again it’s all about greed. You see it is still all about themselves and not about solving any real issues in society to prosper society as a whole. Is this really any better than what the big bankers are doing to you? Are they actually competing with the big bankers for a “piece” of their pie or are they truly trying to help society to overcome these corrupt big bankers? I will leave these questions for you to decide.  
Can it be used as an instrument of payment for everyday purchased for Goods and Services within the economy?
Absolutley not. I cannot take a bitcoin and walk into the supermarket and buy a loaf a bread.
The bitcoin or any crypto, is not a tangible object. It is electronic bytes only. Stores and establishments, not tied electronically to their PRIVATE servers and having a crypto account, could not service customers since there would be no cash transactions. Since the centralized banks are not tied into their private crypto currency computers, businesses could not automatically update inventory on POS either. There are also thousands of other issues associated with going outside the normal banking system of today and it is just too numerous to list here. The web of downstream feeds is too numerous to get into as the electronic banking has evolved to what it is today. It would be like taking a ball of twine that has been unraveled, all mixed up in knots and trying to unsort it. It would take a very long time, who would do it and what is the incentive in the first place to do it?
So let me say this to drive my point home– Try going into any restaurant order a meal, and try to pay for it using your cryptocurrency. You can’t!   Get my point!
So these cryptocurrencies simply become more of a long term investments, much like the stock market. I don’t care what these charlatans try to convince you of otherwise. They are NOT the currency of the future! They are not highly regulated and have much more risks than even the national currencies of the nation they claim they want to replace. If you want to talk about a “crash” in currency, these cryptocurrencies are a train wreck waiting to happen. I would worry more about them than you national currency you now hold.
Since they are not regulated who will be the watchdog over the consumer protection. So they are really high, risk stock market like investments disguised in the form of “good” solution to the crashing dollar. Really? 
Personally when I see all the hype in any form for anything, and you react in FEAR I always take a step back and really try to look at what is happening. Thus I do not EVER see common use of any cryptocurrency for everyday use anytime soon or in the far distant future unless we take a step back and the use is strictly in a separated village where everyone else is also invested and electronically hooked up. Even they trading with the outside world becomes difficult. Everyone would at a minimum have to carry around a SMART phone app to pay for goods and services. Thus these currencies are not practical for everyday use today but could be just a good investment. So unless you look at them in practical terms for what they really are and use them simply as a tool for short or long term gain. Please do not get into cryptocurrencies if you believe they are going to save the planet, protect you from a crashing dollar or to spite the cabal or PTBs….lol…lol…. This is all FEAR based and you should never react in FEAR.
Can it be used by the banks to create liquidity, thus can be loaned out for capital in startup businesses or replenishing needed short term or long term capital or funding for projects (this is how a nation grows)?
Absolutely Not! I covered this one above in more detail above. So how can you service the banking needs of society then if we all went to cryptocurrencies? Do you just stop society and halt progress? Could cryptocurrencies themselves be the instrument that actually drives the economy over the edge and causes it to crash instead of solving its monetary issues. Why not just take a step back and demand that your government take a closer look at an entirely new banking system, one designed taking into consideration the flaws of today’s monetary system and the technology of today? Would that be more practical than trying to reinvent the wheel which cryptocurrencies seem to do, as they take us back in time and not forward, as I am demonstrating to you in my analysis.
Can it freely flow throughout the economy?
Absolutely Not! For any economy to survive it must have a FREE flow of currency. The more money that is tied up, the less robust the economy. Virtual currency can not be used freely to pay for goods and services. See above item too. I do not see how an economy can ever get robust and flourish with money tied up.
Are virtual currencies legal?
Today they are legal but walk a fine line with the Federal Reserve as investment instruments. I see them being highly regulated in the very near future. Since they are fairly new there is little regulation. This also makes them very risky and highly speculative. In other words very dangerous!
Well….this is the problem! It does not fit into the monetary system and is a concept of pure speculation. Virtual currencies are NOT a viable alternative to a national currency.
Unlike, what many think from listening to some of these “New Republic” conference calls and this other nonsense the USA (or any nation) is not going to convert to all these private virtual currencies, the US dollar will not fail and the Federal Reserves will not dry up and blow away. This is all so ridiculous that I have to cry out each time I hear it. I am seeing once again fear based reaction, a frenzy of people investing in something they know very little about. In other words being taken in by the  charlatans once again.  
Technical Issues
Beside those already discussed that prevent ease of transactions, there are other larking issues. Each time a crypto holder needs to make a transaction they must download an entire ledger, showing balances for each account. Besides lack of privacy, there will eventually be an implosion from within the private servers since the volume of daily transactions will grow the ledger to a point of out pacing the ability to pay and provide services to the ledger, that is at the heart of it all. Who is going to pay for and maintain a warehouse full of servers? So don’t let anyone fool you. Overall when we look at crypto currencies on the surface we are told they are a decentralized form of banking, however in real life, after our own analysis, they are very limited and actually very centralized and stand alone in their own realm. What we call “centralized” banking today (and many despise is and its corruption) is actually not very central at all when you look at the big picture. However, in comparison to cryptocurrencies it is a long way off, if ever, from being the instrument to replace our current monetary system. At best they might be a good short term or even long term investment instrument for you, but they are risky. This is all due to the lack of regulation and the volatility caused by the extreme reliance on electronic systems and their technical design.    
So if you truly want a new, fairer monetary system, than demand it from you senators and congressman. But be careful what you wish for and what you are convinced to do by some of these charlatans. Make sure the new system truly addresses the flaws and does not open Pandora’s box yet even more with deregulation and less supervision over the money supply.
Making lots of money in the short term will do you no good in the long term if you can’t keep it or spend it the way you want. If your nation loses it’s hold on the ability to control its own currency, it loses its sovereignty and with the sovereignty so goes its power AND ability to govern itself. This last point I believe it the most important -THE ABILITY TO GOVERN ITSELF.
Get it? Remember this – a nations power resides in the value of its currency, but the currency must help manage this wealth, like anything of value, it must be safeguarded from the charlatans who will want to take it away from you. Your currency is the wealth of your nation. Your nation, namely the USA, has gone through lots of growing pains. It is still evolving but what do you want it to evolve to? Will you let these charlatans take you country away from you. It is not their country, as they are only the ones put in positions of responsibility and power by YOU to manage the affairs of the country. So how are they managing it. Does it meet your satisfaction? I am not taking about debating on who or what party should have been elected (republicans, democrats or who? ) but rather overall, long term direction of a country. This is what is at stake. This is what is being sidetracked by these everyday short term pointless issues/arguments that distract you from concentrating on the real concerns and issues. Your entire monetary system now is at stake thus your entire way of liffe. Get it? This is the primary issue and is the issue that could be the ultimate demise of the USA as a sovereign nation. Get it! So is your currency important? Is your deficit spending important? Is your national debt important? Is your enormous trade deficit important?
This is at the heart of the real issues with the world’s monetary system today. Too many wolves sleeping with the heard of sheep, masked as shepherds of the flock. So morals and ethics do play a role and this is at the foundation of the monetary problem. Safeguards and regulations can’t remedy this issue. Society itself must change. It is society as a whole who has created this problem, as you can’t keep blaming the cabal and the PTB. You have stood still and idle too long. You have let the wolves into the field to mingle with the flock. It is time to weed them out. You have let a few walk over you and convince you of their lies. You are millions and millions of voices and they are only a few yet they dance around you and trick you. So if you truly want change that DEMAND IT and DEMAND IT NOW before it is too late! But first be careful what you demand.   

Articles Begin
As always my comments are in italic RED.
Central Bank: No distinction between foreign and Iraqi banks to enter the sale of currency window
Independent) .. the Information Office of the Central Bank of Iraq Acer Jabbar Director said that branches of foreign banks operating in Iraq, representing the bank president with all its potential, including the capital and the claim of the Central Bank of Iraq to these branches need to provide (seventy billion dinars) is only operational capital and it does not represent the entire share capital of the bank.
Jabbar noted that the entry of foreign currency for the sale of banks operating in Iraq in general window be approved by the Iraqi Central Bank standards and international accounting firms sober and are available for all banks to see them.
He stressed that some of the branches of foreign banks when they exceed these criteria are excluded from entering the window either when matching the criteria as is the case with all Iraqi banks will get the maturity and there is no discrimination deal for the Central Bank of Iraq between operating banks in Iraq, whether foreign or Iraqi, but on the basis of classification because they are part of the Iraqi banking system.
He noted that a number of Arab and foreign banks do not enter the window of the sale of foreign currency intervention or already in limited quantities and that the share of Iraqi banks continue to represent the largest proportion of dollar sales.

Maliki backs down from heading Shiite alliance upon Khamenei's orders
State of Law Coalition members have backed down from nominating their leader Nouri al-Maliki to be the president seat of Shiite National Coalition as successor to Ammar al-Hakim. (all I can say is – Thank God! What a nightmare that could have been! We don’t need any more instability to interfere with the process of getting this RV)
This move was taken after orders from Khamenei, who demanded that al-Hakim stays as the president of the coalition.
State of Law Coalition members said that al-Hakim would head the National Coalition in the next year, asserting that al-Maliki is in no need of more titles or posts.
This comes as Sadrist Movement refused the nomination of al-Maliki to be the president of the Iraqi National Alliance and even threatened to leave the Coalition if that happened. (What were they thinking of?)
There is a predetermined agreement between State of Law Coalition and Islamic Supreme Council that Maliki and al-Hakim would alternate the position of the alliance's presidency, according to State of Law member Nahla la-Hibaby. (Okay so this was the original plan. Seems this has changed as the timing for Maliki is not yet right)
State of Law Coalition member Rasoul Radi had revealed on Thursday that Nouri al-Maliki will be nominated to head the National Coalition as a successor to Ammar al-Hakim to decrease conflicts between the alliance's members.
Iraqi National Alliance is an organization that unites all Shiite parties and coalitions in Iraq and is currently lead by Islamic Supreme Council leader Ammar al-Hakim.
Reuters: Hundreds more join Mosul exodus as Iraqi forces retake two more western districts
By Maher Chmaytelli | MOSUL, IRAQ
Pushing carts loaded with bags, babies and the elderly, hundreds of people fled Mosul on Saturday after Iraqi forces retook two more districts in the west of the city from Islamic State. (If I remember last week they told us only 3 districts remained so that makes only 1 more?)
Iraqi forces have taken much of Mosul from the militants who overran the city in June 2014. The military now controls the eastern districts and are making advances in the west. 
Islamic State fighters, holding out in the Old City, are surrounded in the northwest and are using booby traps, sniper and mortar fire to defend themselves.
The U.S.-trained Counter-Terrorism Service (CTS) has retaken the nearby al-Thaura and al-Saha districts, statements said.
CTS commander Major General Maan Saadi said his troops were linking up with Iraq's Federal Police moving in on the Old City from a different position.
"We are completing the encirclement of the terrorists in the Old City," he told Reuters.
Articles End
Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, Just the FACTS!
Auf Wiedersehen
Much love to ya all,
Mnt Goat

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