Friday, April 14, 2017


Article:  "Iraqi Troops Retake Further Ground in Center of Mosul"   

 [Is full Liberation over Easter Weekend possible...crossing fingers...?] 

 Hang in there...it won't be this weekend but it's coming. 

  Article:  "Head of the IMF mission's (term) interest peg to the dollar rather than a large reduction of the Iraqi economy" 

Throughout the article the speaker repeatedly references the SBA the US and the Iraqi's have. So far, all Iraq's done is take the support the US has offered in the SBA, but they've done very little outside the scope of the Anti Money Laundering (AML). 

They need to restructure the state banks and create the legislation to facilitate the open market economy.  I don't do rates or dates but we're stuck in a hold pattern until Iraq initiates their side of the SBA.

 The ball is and always has been in the Iraqi's court, we just need the political will for change, so far, we've seen some movement but not near enough for a open market economy. Abadi and the rest of Iraq are still clinging to Saddam's centralized economic model, it's all they know. IMO.

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