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Samson:  If you read the article here : as posted not long ago by me it clearly states :

Political sources expected that the full liberation of Mosul city will end next Saturday (30 April, 2017).  


Frank26:  AFFIRMATIVE!!! !!! !!!


Rabbit:  How can you have an INTERNATIONAL banking conference in the month of May and not be an international bank yourself!  Highly suspect!  Lol

GodsGurl I thought the same thing when I read it!!

Frank26:  LOL................ Silly Rabbits they are .......

Samson:  Baghdad, home to an international banking conference next month

It announced the Association of private banks, Thursday, the embrace of the capital Baghdad, an international banking conference with the participation of 30 local, Arab and foreign companies from seven countries, pointing out that the aim of the conference to stimulate international companies to enter the Iraqi market.

The executive director of the Association of Private Banks Ali Tariq in a statement / information /, "The Association of private banks will organize a conference of banking technology in the capital Baghdad on the sixth and seventh of next May with the participation of 30 Arab and foreign and local companies from the countries of Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, UAE, Bahrain, Morocco, Iraq, under the auspices of central bank".

Tariq added that "participating companies will showcase the latest cutting-edge systems in the world," asserting that "these companies have expressed their willingness to local presence in the field of employment and support for the financial sector which is new to the world is witnessing sophisticated technology."

He said, "The conference will address the central bank's strategy and the development of banking technologies using modern technology and the balance of payments and resettlement project salaries and infrastructure programs, banking and electronic payment tools modern."

Tariq said that "the goal of holding a conference of banking technology is to inform the Iraqi government and private banks on the services provided by companies in addition to stimulating international companies to enter the Iraqi market and provide their products."



Samson:  Interesting it is on an Iraqi site plus the article is interesting re exchange rates - is this a currency that could go ?  mmm

Don961:  Appears the IMF is trying to get many emerging economies up to snuff ... and firing on all cylinders ... with a Plan ... imo
Tunisian Central raises key interest rate for the first time 3 years ago

27/04/2017 - 10:16

Tunisia's central bank said on Wednesday it is raising its main interest rate from 4.25 percent to 4.75 percent for the first time in three years to cope with the sharp fall in the dinar and inflationary pressures.

The bank raised interest rates on savings 50 points ratio basis to four percent.

It was Tdoual euro against the dollar and 2.69 dinars, compared to 2.53 dinars last week, representing an unprecedented decline in the value of local currency. But after the central pumping on Tuesday, $ 100 million and 50 million euros returned the dinar to rise to record 2.50 dinars for euros and 2.40 dinars to the dollar.

The Tunisian Finance Minister Lamia yardman said last week that the central bank will reduce its interventions, which will result in a gradual reduction of the value of the dinar.
However, the central bank governor Chadli Ayari said that the bank does not plan to reduce the value of the local currency.

The bank said in a statement that "monetary policy and the policy of exchange rate adopted does not target a reduction in the value of the currency or fixed exchange rate, or a managed float of the national currency, but adopt a deliberate and coordinated interventions to reduce the sharp changes in exchange rates."

The head of the witness Wazzraaltonce Yusuf said on Friday that the government will limit random imports to cope with the worsening trade deficit and the decline of the dinar to historic levels against the euro and the dollar, undermining the foreign currency reserve.

The trade deficit of Tunisia in the first quarter of 2017 by 57 percent to $ 1.68 billion due to a significant rise in imports, which is unprecedented levels.

The International Monetary Fund agreed last week to provide the last slice $ 320 million loan to Tunisia a total value of $ 2.8 billion.

The fund called for a tightening of monetary policy and said, "increase the flexibility of the exchange rate will help to reduce the large trade deficit.


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