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Naphtali:  McDan, This is such an encouraging post.  Thanks!!!  98% of all revalues have happened in the month of APRIL.... Guess what!?!!  This is APRIL

I'm so Excited.  I just can't hide it.... I'm about to lose control and I think I like it.

McDan:  Iraq: Holdings Rate as of March 31, 2017

The holdings rate is the exchange rate of a member’s currency against the SDR. The rate is derived from the currency's representative exchange rate, as reported by the central bank, normally against the U.S. dollar at spot market rates and rounded to six significant digits.
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TSV -- TSV tips  (in SDRs per Currency unit)

Date Holdings Rate
April 29, 2016 0.000597419
April 30, 2015 0.000610324
April 30, 2014 0.000553897
April 30, 2013 0.000568833
April 30, 2012 0.000553591
April 29, 2011 0.000527732
April 30, 2010 0.000566092
April 30, 2009 0.000570626
April 30, 2008 0.000512352
April 30, 2007 0.000516326
April 28, 2006 0.000460244
April 29, 2005 0.000451682
September 22, 2004 0.000466938
September 08, 2003 2.53758
April 30, 2002 2.53758
April 30, 2000 2.43852
April 30, 1999 2.38074
April 30, 1998 2.38881
April 30, 1997 2.3558
April 30, 1996 2.21848
April 30, 1995 2.04504
April 30, 1994 2.26323
April 30, 1993 2.26004
April 30, 1992 2.34852
April 30, 1991 2.39924
April 30, 1990 2.46985
April 28, 1989 2.48283
April 29, 1988 2.32407
April 30, 1987 2.46269
April 30, 1986 2.73556
April 30, 1985 3.24557

Disclaimer: The information provided is for your convenience and is not intended to replace other official IMF reports and statements.

The rate changed Oct 1 , 2003. 4000 X 1 USD

The Saddam picture currency had to be exchanged to the New Iraq Dinar by Jan . 4 , 2004
I first heard of the New Iraq Dinar in Oct. 2003

my Step Son bought my first New Iraq Dinar in Dec. 2003

If you do not believe  in the RV of the New Iraq Dinar RV.  Get out there is not enough room in this investment because We have a large Group that have done the DD (due diligence)  in this investment.  IMHO


ADFSbike:  So I had a couple thoughts about our current time frame.

I've been invested since the days of **F and Frank and team is the best, no comparison. Since **F I have not been to any other forum and likely if Frank was not here I would have forgotten about the dinar or sold it from lack of interest, with that Thank you!

I have noticed something very unique and VERY encouraging about this latest "time framed" that I would like to point out and get ppl's thoughts on.

Every time frame or the occasional "date" has either been retracted or adjusted before the time frame or "date" comes to fruition. This means that the intel has been refined or new situations or actions have caused the study to further. It almost feels like a mirage where the closer you get you realize you still have the same distance to go.

This can be annoying BUT if you really think about it, this is a credit to FRANK and Team for their swiftness in evaluating and adjusting the course based on new developments. This cycle has always repeated ( we get close, then we fall back, we get close....) and this obviously will happen until it happens! (RV).

With all this being said I have noticed a break in pattern which with each passing day is making me more and more excited. In the time framed of April and with us being in the last week now, there has been no adjustment to the time frame, there is nothing to look for in May (which I assume means June, July, etc as well).

This to me is HUGE! If we were to go past April I would highly expect Frank's team would have seen or sensed something by now! Frank and Team obviously know more than just the great articles that have been coming out.

All of this is IMO and I look forward to what the week holds for us!


Don961:  World Bank demands economic reforms from Iraq

6:00 AM  ADMIN

Baghdad/ Iraq TradeLink: The World Bank informed Iraqi officials here that the economic reforms are important steps to administer the financial aspects on the federal and local levels.

In a statement, issued by the Iraqi finance ministry, said here that the meeting was held with an Iraqi delegation headed by Acting Finance Minister Abdul Razzaq al-Issa in Washington.

According to the statement, the World Bank officials pointed that the economic reforms are important matters in Iraq, pointing that Iraq achieved an "important" level in these reforms that will give an opportunity to the World Bank to support the Iraqi budget in reconstruction projects within limited times.



Dinar Updates:

BGG   The UN Chapter 7 Charter is still in place and is not going anywhere...they're going to do what they are going to do with their currency's value.

Chapter 7 doesn't matter at all...all of the sanctions have been removed but the Charter is still there so that we...the U.S...can move troops around at will and that includes all other UN partner nations that matter.

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