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DELTA:  HOW ABOUT 1000 fils =1 DINAR=$1......... DELTA-8

Frank26:  (smile)JustinandDeb:  Yes Delta Delta 1 to 1 in country ready to explode to much higher outside the country very very  SOOM!!!

Don961:  250 dinars, the price of a loaf of bread in Iraq

Date: 17:42 19/04/2017   Books / d. Basil Abbas Khudair ...

It is not a rumor or just an allegation or slander one, but it is the fact prevalent in local markets Vofran (bakeries) manufacture and sale of bread in Baghdad sells one loaf 250 dinars concept toddler 4 thousand dinars, and the loaf that we're talking about consists of a limited number of fines because it is thick light and more like paper

and perhaps human normal needs to be two loaves or more in each meal to feel b actually (satiety) if ingested with food prevailing in the Iraqi table, which used a combination of bread and the rest of the food, even in the presence of cooked rice because CEMEVI Monday usually prevalent for years , and what concerns us here is not to talk about Food and types and all respect to them, but the situation now faced by the Iraqi family to provide food security, The family consisting of 7 members,

for example, need a day to spend six thousand dinars at least to buy daily bake for three meals, and if you ask why are bought bread is not made at home, the answer is clear not every family is able to exercise bread because of the place or the skills of women in this area, as the ration in charge by the Ministry of Commerce to secure food security for low-income people distribute flour bread do not know how any woman or that he is in favor of bread once, let alone not that Zam processing times may take three or four months without the distribution of flour and when it distributes forced the family to sell it at the price of 8-12 thousand dinars for a bag of flour consisting of 50 kg, ie, the per capita monthly consisting of 9 kg flour Tavo value of 10 loaves of bread,

which is probably not enough for him for 3 days, the rice, which is one vocabulary ration, he suffers what Avanah flour is often sold as an animal feed at a price of 250 dinars per kilogram, and the citizen to buy rice reasonable quality of private markets at a price of less than 2,000 dinars per kg per lot, according to what is known to many Iraqi citizens, the family did not use the Indian rice Nz distributed several months ago and until today as the color and taste not to suggest reassured consumption.

Because of the lack of material resources sufficient for some Iraqi families, they have to reduce the share of her children of bread, rice, and their exposure to hunger and deprivation, as it is known, the man does not live by bread or taciturn and rice only, but is in need of other kinds of needs to meet the needs of eating in order to survive , as he has other needs indicated her theories and studies including (peace Maslow) needs, which pointed to five important levels, and we are still talking about the first level on eating bread and rice in the country spends $ 100 billion a year is enough for living five times the population of Iraq if used wealth ALMA Friendly human and minimum required,

and the mean area, geographical location and arable rivers, mountains, minerals, tourism, land and other Yes God, and that the presence of these resources at a time when more than one third of the population lives below the poverty line, according to the Ministry of Planning data indicates a significant imbalance can not be tolerated because it a real waste and the state of justice in the distribution of resources and wealth, and indicate the statistical and economic implications that the number of poor in the case continues to increase and may reach to the extent that it becomes difficult to control the consequences of destitution, poverty and hunger, Vfrs working day after day and returns the business less than in Air decline in prices seen hyperbole, Two years ago the price of bread 8 thousand dinars last year amounted to 6 per thousand dinars currently 4 thousand dinars, and if the situation remains as it is, the price would probably be 2 thousand dinars, and the problem that the Elven dinar is difficult to obtain We easily if we investigated the reasons for the rise in prices, we will find many things that deserve questions including:

. The price of goods in the event of a decline in global markets

. The taxes and fees rose internally and budget revenues did not increase

. Oil prices rose more than 30% without the impact of life shows

. The central bank auction of the dollar has never stopped and is sold 160 million dollars a day

. The external debt and loans in the case of increasing reserves and the dollar fell by half

. The staff and retirees of non-special grades dropped their salaries for three years

We note in this regard that the case of the rise in prices that prevail for most goods and services inside Iraq did not stop at certain limits, but is in constant escalation and most of its causes are not economic or related to supply and demand, but back to the speculation, monopoly and greed, corruption and the exploitation of preoccupation with the state in the fight battles for liberation against Aldoaash in places subject to the control of terrorism, and the government bears the administrative apparatus most of the sins of the deterioration experienced by the country's lack of efficiency and effectiveness in performance and reliability of some government positions,

employers who do not distinguish right from wrong or Emezouna and then disregard it, as well as N bad choice to take over some of the sites on the basis of non-objective to take into account some considerations relating to the balance and satisfaction on the good performance and development and the promotion of innovation and the adoption of dedicated and outstanding initiatives account, and there are reasons and motives other narrows the field to mention a well-known and undiagnosed because there are a lot of fluent description of analysis, but it does not use tools appropriate treatment and stop bleeding wastage in wealth and opportunity and the time factor that plagues the poor, and please take advantage of all peoples and nations experiences when hunger reached unbearable persistence high prices without taking appropriate measures to Maljh aspects of which is the Dhar risk, taking into account that there are tools that can be moved to minimize the damage in preparation for solutions effective Ktfiel ration card items for covered after cleared of corruption and rely on deeds rather than words mentioned appropriate action rather than theory and analysis,

Frgev bread need to provide without philosophy and interpretation of hosting and interrogation, the same applies to the case of all the vocabulary of life, which is now absent from the audience day after day may be the cause of the birth of the sisters Daesh in the day (God forbid).


Aggiedad77:  Family.....IMO.....the Speed of Light.......is blinding......faster than the eye can see.......there are things IMO that we cannot yet see.....because of how fast they are moving.....yes it's Iraq....that makes it all the more incredible IMO.....all hands and elbows should be inside the car until it comes to a complete and final stop.....the BEST is coming.  Aloha   Randy


Don961: Exchange rate went from 1170 to 1160 in 24 hours ... 10 point swing ..

 Dollar exchange rate in Iraqi banks and markets

Dollar exchange rate in the Iraqi market

US $ 1 = 1,160.0500 Iraqi Dinar

IQD 1 = US $ 0.0009

Last Updated: Wednesday, April 19, 2017, 10:48 GMT Baghdad

Dollar exchange rate in the Iraqi market

100 $ - 125.050

Aggiedad77:  Article:  Tunisia resort to partially float the dinar to absorb the pain of its economy

Nuggets.....sometimes you just stumble over them.....nuggets.....they abound.....if Tunisia makes these changes with or through the IMF.....then this would be a HUGE boost for Iraq in making changes in how they change their rate, who has to be notified, and when.....could throw out the 3 days....even the 24 hours right out the window......"in the still of the night"......where have we heard that before Family......

And another point to consider......if they are speaking of this here has it possibly already been green lighted by the IMF......could Iraq be grinning like the Cheshire Cat who has caught the mouse......thanks to A1 for pointing to this gold mine.....thanks to Don for bringing the article to our attention as well.....KTFA rocks......all but that last is purely IMO.   Aloha   Randy

OptimusPrime:  just wanted to bounce this off of everyone... all the massive money movement they referenced on Team Chat..  is it multiple countries moving money into Iraq's reserves? if so.. is it a currency swap scenario? for instance the USA sends over say 5 billion USD.. then Iraq says "thanks" here is 5 billion IQD.. or perhaps some variant? im just trying to find the "why" .. there is benefit for the countries contributing otherwise why would they do it.. so a community "deposit" to get Iraq's reserves bursting at the seams to support the new "doubled" rate?? or am I eating too many paint chips??

QuietStorm:  I think this is a great observation!  It would be a really good idea with the situation that Greece is in if they take some of the Euros that they received from the IMF and did a swap with IQD also, and that may help level their "out of control" debt issue for awhile. 

All this will do for these countries IMO is put a band aid on an out of control spending problem.  As "rainbow" currencies fly, there will be a pot of Gold(contracts) at the end of this RAINBOW, IMO.

Then, look 10 years or so down the road for another Marshall Plan to fix the next one.  Digital, and Basel III may change some of this for next time though.  All IMO and from one who doesn't claim to know much.  thanks for your post.


Successwithf79:  Somebody asked me this question. I hope you can enlighten us Frank.
Appreciate you!

"I would appreciate someone who would take time to explain what "going international" means. Iraq trades internationally now. It even has banks issuing VISA cards with the security chip for online purchases. Its banks have had SWIFT numbers since 2008 when it traded with more than 100 other countries.

What else does going international mean if it does not mean trading internationally, including online around the world? I'm confused. Please help."

RickLibby:   Irak is still under some United Nation sanctions. the U S & U N have dismissed some , like through EO 13303 which allows them to use international avenues to feed and recnstruct the country.  blessings rick

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