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JustinandDeb:  Thank you Delta Delta!  One more last check of the numbers before the explosion !!!


SMN: Delta, Thank you that is fantastic info.  272829, yep 10 (days) = 27  (April 27th)

Celebr8:  THAT!....is a LOT of monetary clout in one room...WOW! Thanks for that Delta; that's going to be fun to watch.

Fenway:  Maybe these agencies are there to oversee and hand-hold during the RV itself, this weekend.

Tommy17:  Yep.    Interesting timing. They could be reviewing progress of the 1000 to 1 rate and getting them ready for the next big step 1 to 1.  Imo

Frank26:  (smile)  

Greenclan:   thank you DELTA for the Easter basket. Yummy Treats.  ? - what is the 10 for ?

SlappySquirrel:  272829..imo  (27,28,29)


Wishes:  Frank said, iraq will meet with imf regularly even after it RV. so what kind of stuff are they talking about in this meeting that are so important.
StephenMac63:   Yes, IMF will meet with Iraq continually but this meeting is with both the GOI and the CBI for a period of three days. All of the Chiefs in one big meeting along with smaller side meetings with the respective departments during that time. It's not a case of IMF and World Bank just going to see the CBI or just going to see the GOI.

This is together and One on One. Anything less can be done by Skype or conference call. But IMF and World Bank feels it is important to gather all of the ducks together on the pond for a reason......and this reason is what we are going to find out.

Wishes:  you could be right, but, still one thing for sure is you dont know what meeting are they going to talk about, if they feel like to tell you then they let you know, if they dont feel like to say anything, you will never know whats the meeting all about behind the door. 
StephenMac63:  Ahhh, the trick is we know what they are NOT going to talk about, coffee, donut recipes, how to do an oil change on a Chevy Pickup Truck ect and we DO know they WILL talk about their expertise. IMF coordinates loan with stipulations to countries, World Bank issues the check upon approval from whoever is in charge of the project.

With those four groups,the IMF, WB, GOI, and the CBI in attendance at the same time the meeting can only be about one thing. We all know that none of the above mentioned groups would even have this meeting if everything wasn't done on any group's part, total waste of time and a potential embarrassing situation. And Abadi would not even allow that.

The World Bank is there to support the IMF wishes, not the other way around. This whole meeting will be about everyone in the room giving everyone in the room the latest and possibly the final status of their responsibilities that were issued to them. IMO, each member in that room will already know of the status of progress even before they leave their respective locations (countries) to attend.

IMO, it's Final Exam time for them. And you are correct in saying that they wont tell us what is said in the meeting. Because it is not our business to know. We are on a Need to Know basis and right now they think that we dont need to know.

But one day, and who knows when as we can only watch what  they do, they will tell us.

Samson:  Iraq will resume its discussions with the IMF to get $ 840 million

Appearance-Mohammad-Saleh  04/16/2017 12:29

It announced the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, an economic adviser to Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, Sunday, for the resumption of Iraq's discussions with the International Anakz Fund next Friday to review the readiness credit agreement, which includes lending Iraq $ 5.4 billion, likely to launch the amount of $ 840 million by next June.
Saleh said in a statement / information /, "The Iraqi delegation headed by the Minister of Finance Agency Abdul Razzaq al-Issa will travel to Washington DC this week to discuss the readiness of credit agreement signed by Iraq in 2015, which includes lending to Iraq 5.4 Milirdolar," noting that "Iraq received until now billion and a quarter billion dollars. "
Saleh explained that "the delegation will start its meetings with the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank on Friday and up to three days," likely that "the launch of an amount of $ 840 million by next June."
The source added that "the delegation includes in addition to Alissa Central Bank Governor Ali Keywords and officials from the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Oil and the Ministry of Planning and Oil Marketing Company (SOMO), the Central Bureau of Statistics and the Office of Financial Supervision, as well as representatives from the Kurdistan Regional Government."


Samson:  Trade and interest rates are the most important topics IMF summit

4/17/2017 0:00

Katie Allen  translation / Khaled Kassem faces ministers and businessmen are many topics for discussion this week in Washington with escalating global tensions and the decline of globalization, as it is a geopolitical crisis and uncertainty about the future of the European Union and not to anticipate the actions of the US president background risky for meetings of the current Spring International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.

Receive the growing shadow of protectionism also on the meeting of the Fund, while the World Bank faces challenges no less difficult to carry out its mission of reducing poverty and inequality levels. The most important topics for discussion are trade and protectionism , and increase productivity, migration , and increase the US interest rate. Trade protectionism  ignited the arrival of Donald Trump to the White House fears of a new wave of protectionism amid international bodies such as the IMF, because the fear of Trump and his ilk of populists around the world may increase the stagnation of international trade politicians, and therefore the fund will take advantage of this meeting to issue new warnings about what he sees from the risks of this policy. 

The Fund director Christine Lagarde: The barriers to trade would be "self - wound" to improve the global economy, the two organizations mentioned alongside the World Trade Organization that the opening of markets is good for growth but recognized the need to act to help individuals and marginalized communities. Increased productivity has not suffered Britain alone , the decline in productivity growth since the financial crisis, this is the president measure of economic efficiency is usually measured by production per hour of work it dropped sharply in most developed countries over the last decade. 

It affected the repercussions of this growth and living standards, where the IMF believes that the gross domestic product in developed countries would be higher than the current level by 5 percent if the pre - crisis trend continued production growth index factors such as spending on research. The director of the Fund wants governments to take urgent measures in order to change the situation through investment in education and get rid of red tape and stimulate research and development.

At the same time, the participating delegations to meet the realization that solutions such as automation would risk expanding inequality if the unemployed did not get because of the robots on other opportunities. Migration Fund and the World Bank International has sought to shed light on the possible pros of the countries that receive large numbers of immigrants and refugees. Migrant workers are young to the low unemployment rate countries such as Germany can fill gaps in skills and reduce long - term pressure on the state 's age because of the  population.

World Bank president believes the need for additional efforts in developing countries so as not to feel the pressure of migration , including its population. Called "Jim Yong Kim" campaign to develop urgent, while highlighting the increasing awareness of poor countries because of the Internet and smart phones. Bank feels very concerned about weak growth in Africa now and wants his boss to use government subsidies funds to transfer billions of Western countries to trillions of investments in the private sector. The interest rate  of the hot topics meeting the central bank 's policy, especially in America, and the relative strength of the dollar.

US Federal Reserve began to raise borrowing costs after a long period of interest rates to a record low - lying level after the financial crisis. Interest can be considered to raise a vote of confidence in the world 's largest economy, but this emphasis is not without consequences for the rest of the world. Poor countries and developing borrowed huge amounts of money in recent years from Western countries because of its benefits of low - lying.

But now it shrunk as a result of increased borrowing costs and inflation of dollar - denominated debt due to the increase in its value. Even after the increase in the US interest , what the monetary policy of advanced countries still without strict controls, and as a result will direct the speakers in Washington invited accustomed to politicians not to rely on central banks alone to drive economic growth again. The Guardian


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