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Cole:  Wow... that is the RV... IMHO




*****Cole:  The e-dinar would never be used at program rate... it would just be a waste of time... if you can't trade internationally, you definitely won't be trading on e-payment system that is geared internationally... HEY IRAQ PLUG IN A NUMBER THAT WORKS!!! Top of your honey do list... it's  almost like that car that rots in your garage for 5 years and you're supposed to turn it into a show car but it just never happens lol... the RV has been Iraq's car and Iraq's wife (IMF) FINALLY is making hubby finish the dang job...


Greenclan:  Thank you DELTA.....had a feeling you'd be in.
What is UNDP please?    More proof they are going intl.....am i right?

Vipor:  UN Development Programme.
Vipor:  UNDP to Implement E-Tendering system in Iraq

The UN Development Programme (UNDP)’s Iraq Country Office has announced that, starting 1st May 2017, all procurement processes will be conducted using an online E-Tendering system (Electronic Tendering Platform).

The initiative of E-Tendering will allow UNDP to further improve transparency and efficiency in the procurement process and will help to reduce the time needed to award contracts to the successful bidders.

In the first phase, the training session will be conducted in Erbil and Baghdad. Trainings are ONLY for construction companies.

Potential construction companies and firms in Erbil and surrounding areas, and Baghdad-based construction companies, are requested to send names of two focal persons (Owner & Engineer) to the UNDP Focal Person listed below to obtain security clearance as per the following details:

Focal points

17-18 April 2017
Mr Ahmed Lashkari, email: ahmed.lashkari@undp.org

26-27 April 2017
Anmar Abdulsalam Majeed

Important Note:

Interested firms/companies are requested to bring the following:

One laptop with Internet Explorer installed on the computer to access the E-Tendering Module

Internet Device (eg Fastlink) to access UNDP E-Tendering Module

Venue will be communicated to the firms/companies who will register themselves in advance by sending an email to the above UNDP focal points.

Please send your nominations to UNDP focal points 3 days prior to the start of the training session.



DELTA   Iraq and Kuwait towards economic integration and the establishment of a free trade zone

• international will to secure Iraq

Jumaili He noted that the current year will turn the page on the organization of Daesh and terrorism in Iraq forever, stressing that this would "contribute to a promising investment and economic environment, so it is appropriate that the Kuwaitis move from now before it is too late to be for them to attend appropriate in the future of Iraq economic and booming. "

He also noted in a press statement received / scales News / copy of it that "there is a comprehensive international will in Iraq to be an environment for regional security and international being one of the security and stability of the pillars of the region and the world. He praised Kuwait's efforts in the development of plans for the development of infrastructure land road link between Iraq and Kuwait ".

He said that an important gesture in activating the trade route between the two countries, wishing to reach an approach to stimulate trade and encourage mutual investment and seek to establish successful projects that would promote the economic reality of both countries.

 Iraq and Kuwait towards economic integration and the establishment of a free trade zone

Cole:  Iraqi farmers to receive payments for 2016 harvests, ministry says

BAGHDAD — The Iraqi Ministry of Agriculture announced on Thursday (April 13) Iraqi farmers are set to receive all of their dues for wheat harvests they provided to the Iraqi government in 2016.

The ministry issued a statement, which did not mention Kurdish farmers, giving notice to farmers to visit silos to receive 100 percent of their entitlements.

The Iraqi government earlier in April was expected to pay 1.400 trillion Iraqi dinars (IQD) to farmers throughout the country – 38 percent of which was allocated to the Kurdistan region – for 2016 harvests.

More than 200 billion was set aside for Kurdish farmers in the governorates of Duhok, Erbil and Sulaimani.

Although 200 billion IQD is to be provided, farmers in the Kurdistan Region are yet to receive the other 350 billion IQD owed for wheat harvests in 2016 and 312 billion IQD for wheat harvests in 2014 and 2015.

Farmers face heavy losses after the defeat of the Islamic State

The terror and mismanagement that characterized Islamic State’s (ISIS) two-year rule after seizing Iraq's agriculture heartland has devastated farmers and exacerbated the country's food security problem.

Sami Yuhanna was making a decent living as a wheat farmer until a jihadist put a gun to his head and declared his land in Iraq's Nineveh Governorate the property of ISIS.

Yuhanna, who used to sell about 100 tons of wheat per year, now lives in a small trailer and drives a taxi in the Kurdish capital of Erbil to barely survive. He is still haunted by the day armed militants arrived.

"We left everything behind, all our sheep and land, and ran away," he said.

Farmers fear the agriculture sector could take years to recover, with tractors missing, unexploded mines in the fields and farm compounds damaged by air strikes on the militants, who sold commodities like wheat to finance their operations.

Nineveh was Iraq's most productive farming region before the arrival of ISIS, producing around 1.5 million tons of wheat a year, or about 21 percent of Iraq's total wheat output, and 32 percent of barley.

An estimated 70 percent of farmers fled when ISIS took over, and those who stayed -- either to join the movement or out of fear -- faced heavy taxation.


AnotherMailman:  The farmers have not received the money yet. Let's hope it's in the billion dinar range and not 1.4 trillion dinar from the article.

Jay:  It is 1.4 Trillion  DINAR.  Either way they only have 46 bln in reserves. So the better question is how did they or do they plan on paying them?  

Cole:  Precisely Jay... top o da cla$$......Are you kidding? Set to receive 100% of entitlements? How? They're broke... in no position to pay nobody nuttin... or uhhhh... sounds like they know more than we 

Jay:  Cole my brutha.  YEEEEEYUP.
The one thing Iraq and I have in common is, WE SO BROKE, WE CAN'T AFFORD TO PAY ATTENTION. ..LOL.    That article is filled with nuggets.

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