Sunday, April 23, 2017



Frank26:   Close Your eyes ................... We found something in Grey for MONDAY'S CC.  

Purifiers:  What is the 'Grey Market'?  The grey market, also referred to as the parallel market, is a market where a product is bought and sold outside of the manufacturer's authorized trading channels. The grey market is where the unofficial trading of a company's shares, usually before they are issued in an initial public offering (IPO), happens. The distribution channels involved in the grey market are legal but are not provided by the original owner.

"Grey market: the business of buying or selling items that are priced below what has been regulated"



Jay:  Wow Pure. Bless u brother and thank you  for bringing this definition to us.

Famiy. If i am understanding this definition correctly. Iraq is the " MANUFACTURER " and its shares COULD BE the dinar that is trading TOWARDS AN IPO opening..OR IN THIS CASE AN INTERNATIONAL RATE....IF I'm right. ..BOOOOM SHAKALAKA

Hank:  Nice, along with the fact there is also an attached timeline involved for any 'said' IPO
GGC: Hello KTFA, some of you old timers may remember when I posted an article about the US using foreign currency in a time of a state of emergency. I posted that article when the Government was shut down a few years ago. While the Government was shut down Jack Lew had Obama sign a bill saying that the US could use foreign currency during a state of emergency. I am bringing this up because, the government may shut down again, on purpose (with political theater) to use foreign currency. Let's wait and see what happens. Don't be frightened, GOD is in control! GGC

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