Friday, April 14, 2017


Firefly:  IMO the USD will return to it's normal rate it held for many years in the high 70s / lower 80s.  Basel III requires asset backed NOT gold backed,  
I'm not talking about stuff in the ground either as assets. A countries worth is determined by mined assets. 

wingnut:  gold is an asset
Firefly:  Wing, as is agriculture.  
agriculture is just as important as precious metals to a country's worth.  Look at unmined assetts as FUTURES!

I have a very good friend that works for a company I won't name and that is what he does, determines a country's worth
I could name a lot of countryies that fall into this category but since it gores against the grain of this room I will refrain from that topic
The majority of Zimbabwe's assetts are still unmined.

Are a lot of countries wanting to invest in the Futures? Heck ya! But seriously .... folks .... Zimbabwe hasn't even have a currrency of their own, Their Bonds were a joke, their government is in shambles still
No more Zim questions plz 

China is HEAVILLY invested in Zimbabwe because they know what's in the ground.  But again if you you know anything about investing than you understand what FUTURES are

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