Friday, April 28, 2017

"Fill the Void" - Geopolitical Op-Ed 4/28/17

After my last post, a few colleagues suggested that the delay in the federal government funding bill today, and the health care and tax reforms etc., were all staged conflicts to keep the masses asleep during the RV.

Which suggested an April release. Great.

Another reminded me that we are exactly three months post Chinese New Year today (January 28, 2017). And that's one fiscal quarter which passed to magically time up with our US Federal Budget which also runs out on the exact same day.

Hmmm. Super.

I'm watching the Trump 100 Day saga play out in the media right now and thinking, this is just a standard pay-ops designed to intentionally suggest miserable administration failure... which isn't true... not even close... but it does set up a larger media narrative.

Which is what? Emolument clause? Tax returns? Pee-Pee videos? Whatever it is they are priming the proverbial pump.

Trump is laughing all the way to the bank(s) in both Asia and Russia. Real estate deals galore await him. Art of the deal in this case meant torching himself in a global stage.

Genius. Hate me, but remember me.

Infuriating to watch, absolutely, but ya gotta admit it's inventive game theory realized.

Trump is maximizing his three months of fame by over exposing the Oval Office, Secrete Service Detail and Air Force One to its highest earning potential.

Even Ivanka got her under performing clothing line rebooted through controversy.

Poor Ryan Priebus, Mike Pence and anyone with a conscious on the White House staff. Especially Sean Spicer (Spicy), who will need a month's worth of soap sessions just to get bacteria of lying on behalf of Trump out out of his filthy mouth.

And the media talking heads... oh my heavens. They know exactly what's going on and their leading America right where the master plan demands, on demand. Shameful. And yet, they are doing the right thing for the very first time.

Amazing. Bizarre. Psychotic?

The less we are made aware of the massive transition taking place, the safer we all are. That includes our friend Fisher.

Dude ... we know, they know, we know, they're here. Ya know? Just tell us the Gods honest truth less all this anti-disclosure psy-op crap.

No more games. Be real.

One spook I know expects a major news story and/or announcement to arrive later this afternoon in order to "fill the void" until May 1st--which he felt was the true back wall. Others have told me May 8th. Both are Mondays.

One even said October 1 which would sync up with the next fiscal year and allow the German election cycle to complete.

But who knows. Who cares. Or who has the rocks to tell like it is pray tell. Nobody so far.

This morning I was also assured by a solid diplomatic contact that all the big geopolitical rocks were long in jar (including Israel and the Ukraine) and that whatever "conflicts" your seeing play out on the news is to slowly ease world consciousness into a new structural reality, specifically in the Middle East and Europe.

Those white folks be crazy and need the run up to the fact that there are two new sheriffs in town (Russia and Palestine), and they're trying their level best to stay low key.

But it's hard when there's still a few rogue cabal Zionists out there trying to start a fight with Putin and/or 420 million+ strong in the Arab World.

Insane, sure, but true.

When I asked about the North Korea situation he shut up--so that seems to be an active operation--which is interesting in of itself. China is in full control of that negotiation.

One final thought before we head into another hold your breath weekend... when all the currency is redeemed and the zeros fall where they may... the whole game will be about people and our relationships.

Remember to caretake those who really matter to you, and make some deposits in their emotional bank accounts today, so you can spend some favors at a later date.

Don't appreciate hem just because you forgot how valuable they are. Trust me... you will need them all.

God is with us.

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