Tuesday, April 18, 2017


DR. CLARKE: Latest Update - Tuesday, April 18, 2017. As of TODAY, we are posting this information as our most recent update of information, and with regard to ALL other posts we’ve EVER made in the past, and supersedes ALL INFORMATION previously posted, here on Dinar Recaps……which, for the record, is the ONLY place, we’ve ever posted any information, whatsoever on the internet, in ANY form.

CHANGE: Due to the current status of all Worldwide Conditions that exist as of this date, and the most recent ongoing developments taking place with ALL countries, which includes, but not limited to Iraq, Vietnam and their currencies the Dinar and Dong respectively, we believe, and it is our opinion NOW, that - “ANYTHING can Happen, at ANY TIME.”

We will continue this status, from this moment on, for and into the foreseeable future.

This means, in our opinion, that we NOW believe that Iraq and Vietnam, COULD substantially raise the value of their Currencies, the Dinar & Dong - AT ANY TIME.

To clarify this completely, we’re saying, in our opinion, this COULD happen in the month of April, May, June, July, August, September or some other time in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020…… Which is also to say, that NONE of this may happen in APRIL, MAY, JUNE, JULY, or in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020…

LET’S BE PERFECTLY CLEAR. We’re NOT giving a DATE - A DAY, MONTH or even YEAR……AND we’re NOT giving any RATES.

What we ARE giving you, is TIME to Think.

WHY? Because, as of TODAY - “ANYTHING can Happen, at ANY TIME”.

Vague enough for you?…..but clear enough, to be certain.

Friends, World Conditions have CHANGED CONSIDERABLY, as of Today, and since our last post, so……..this is NOW, our current status going forward.

Everything that’s happened up to this point in time, and ALL that we’ve ever posted here on DR from the beginning, has led up to this point in time, Right Now, Today and how we view things:

“ANYTHING can Happen, at ANY TIME”.

You want FACTS about this Financial Currency investment? In our World (Dr. Clarke’s World), the only Fact that is truly a “Fact” when it comes to these financial currency investments, is the Fact that the country of Iraq, Vietnam or ANY other country, can decide to move the value of their currency, up or down “PUBLICLY”, ANY TIME THEY WANT or decide, to do so (Technically).

They don’t need a Reason. They’re not required to tell the Public or you, Anything about Anything. They NEVER telegraph ahead of time, exactly WHEN, by giving a date or even an Accurate Range of Dates. They NEVER telegraph ahead of time, the RATES, and in which direction, up or down, because that would defeat their main purpose. You have to ask the question, “WHY would they Ever do such a thing?”

If fact, they do the opposite. They disguise these things - Times, Dates, Rates, Intentions. They don’t tell you WITH ACCURACY, about what they’re planning on doing. They always “Mis-direct” the Public, on purpose, WHEN IT COMES TO FINANCIAL CURRENCY ADJUSTMENTS..…and the bigger the adjustments up or down, the MORE HIDDEN, the information…..Put yourself in THEIR shoes for a minute - from their perspective.

There Certainly is not, and never has been, INSIDE INTEL PEOPLE, who know these financial currency FACTS, because the Fact is, those FACTS are Unknowable, by ANYONE……especially the Public News Outlets, in the form of Written News Articles, TV broadcasts, Internet Broadcasts, Church Gossip, and RumorTel by Chatty people, usually wanting something, like needing your Money, or Control of you, in some form.

Oh, they might know something about something, these mysterious INSIDE INTEL PEOPLE, but as far as the FACTS, that YOU really need to know, about WHEN & HOW MUCH?..…Naw. Nada. No way. NEVER!

What YOU & the Public are really getting, when asking for financial currency FACTS - are purely different forms of SPECULATION, PREDICTION, PROJECTION, MAYBE’S & WHAT IF’S?……and trying to Turn them into FACTS…….which is INSANE. It’s INSANITY. Looney Toonery (gee, another new word)……THEY’RE ALL JUST REPORTERS. REPORTERS!..…this includes all the complex financial data that some seem to compile, with historical records, graphs, charts…..even laws, or agreements, treaties…….FACTS?

Not even close, because all these are written and passed along, by someone else or agency, or country or government or financial institution, or whoever - you know, the all-knowing “THEY” said it, so it must be true……and “THEY” are just passing along the scraps of information, that leads them to yet another supposed FACTUAL CONCLUSION, which really and truly takes you right back to the same old SPECULATION, PREDICTION, PROJECTION, MAYBE & WHAT IF?…….and then. THEN. You have to realize that Anything written, or by law, or by proxy, or by agreement, can be CHANGED OVERNIGHT! - in a Moments Notice…..and without YOU even knowing it.

Thus, we say, there is only ONE FACT, as we stated above, when it comes to this investment, and the rest of Everything Else you see & hear out in Dinarland & Beyond - IT’S ALL JUST ONE BIG DOG & PONY SHOW, just to pass the time……we call it all, “ENTERTAINMENT”……”ILLOGICAL” to be accurate.

GOOD LUCK in the Days, Weeks & Months ahead, with ALL of your decisions - for which YOU alone, are 100% Personally responsible for, and have been, since Day One.

Once again, as we’ve always stated, “We Love FRIDAY’S”……because it’s our favorite day of the week, as “ILLOGICAL” takes on a whole new (Important) meaning, on that day…..IN FACT, that’s why we think FRIDAY’S are the most IMPORTANT day of the week, “ILLOGICALLY”, of course - and thus, what we’re all about: The BEST in “FUN ILLOGICAL ENTERTAINMENT”……which, by the way, means absolutely Nothing Important, Truthful or Meaningful, whatsoever.

We Wish You a Wonderful Day and the Weeks ahead,

Our Very Best to you ALL,


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