Sunday, April 30, 2017


Tuesday Prime Minister Abadi did an audio and video recording of an announcement that should be aired on Saturday. We expect an announcement made about Iraq. This would include the liberation of Mosul, the sovereignty aspect of Iraq, and include the language like redenomination of their currency.
The term redenomination is going to be utilized because it means there are lower denominations that are in play and are out. That would be the final step for Iraq when they had the lower denominations without the 3 zeros on them, we thought it is GO time and expect an announcement with that affect.
They have electricity on all over the country. It means they can have ATM powered up, and banks online. They have a whole new financial system. It has been completely redone. That financial system probably be announced also. Also as a permanent new members in the World Trade Organization (WTO).
Article: "A call for the adoption of a uniform pricing policy" Something is going on with the pricing of goods and services, ever so quietly. This is something to do with the future rate change – price of goods and services go down as the value of the currency goes up.
Baghdad balances News
A spokesman for the international coalition led by the United States against Daesh John Dorian, said Iraqi forces backed by coalition forces reached the most difficult stage in the liberation of the city of Mosul, al-Daesh.
He explained Durian in a television interview, that “the battle to liberate the rest of the western side of the connector represents a great difficulty, having resorted to the rest of the elements Daesh, in addition to a large number of civilians.”
The spokesman added that “Iraqi forces backed by coalition is a difficult job of clearing the tunnels and buildings constructed Daesh shelter where the blows of these forces.”
With regard to endanger the lives of civilians at risk as a result of military operations, durian stressed that “Iraqi forces attach great importance to the protection of civilians, while the coalition operations assigned by artillery,” noting that “the process is done with great caution because of the presence of civilians.”
He pointed out that “coalition forces as well as Iraqi forces have the capacity to disrupt the movements of Daesh in western Mosul, and besieged its elements, adding that the organization generated no choice but to” surrender or annihilation, “where he can not elements of the organization to escape from the besieged area, as it can not restore land lost in favor of the Iraqi forces. he said in this context that the morale of the organization is very bad because of the blockade. ”
He promised that the Durian “west of the Mosul area will return full Iraqi forces and will raise the Iraqi flag over the buildings” .anthy 29 / d 24
The Minister of Maritime Affairs and Internal Policy of Greece has pledged to work out ways to develop the maritime transport sector in Iraq.
Minister of Transport Kazem al-Hamami discussed with the Minister of Maritime Affairs and Internal Policy Panagots Korumblus the signing of several agreements in the maritime field, including the rehabilitation of Iraqi ports and the training of seafarers and workers in addition to the repair of Iraqi ships. “He said.
“A draft agreement between the parties was presented, studied and researched and later signed.”
“The visit to Greece is important in terms of the advanced potential of the maritime transport sector,” Hammami said.
For his part, the Greek Minister of Maritime Affairs, according to the statement, expressed “great happiness to visit Al-Hamami,” noting that “came at the right time,” noting that “Iraq and Greece have a depth of civilization and creative human energies.”
He praised the “professionalism of the minister and his high culture,” pledging that he “will work to overcome all difficulties and seeks personally to find ways to develop the maritime transport sector in Iraq.”

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