Saturday, April 29, 2017


4-29-2017   Newshound Guru Aggiedad77   Frank [Guru Frank26] said...I believe that we are seeing evidence of the 1000 to 1 already working further meaning seeing 850 to 1 and even 750 to 1...if I'm understanding where this is headed, and it appears to be moving at the speed of light to get "there'...in-country it will soon be to a point of 1 to 1...From there externally we on the outside will be watching with eagerness for demand to cause it to rise...this is all well orchestrated inside the country at this point...  It appears to be an effort in motion...fast motion...and a motion, like a lava flow that can now but unstoppable...all IMO. 

4-29-2017  Intel Guru Delta 
 Article:  "Office of Prevention stresses the need for activating the single window system in announcing public contracts"   MOVEMENT OF FREEDOM OF CAPITAL...ALSO AS UNDP ( United Nations Development Programme) SAID LAST WEEK E TENDER WILL BE ACTIVATED ON MAY 1ST.

4-29-2017   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat  Article:  "Saturday .. Abadi will announce the liberation of Mosul completely"   Okay so finally comes the announcement I asked you all to wait for. This will be the “official” oneBut is this article telling us again this is their TARGET or that they fully intend to make this announcement tomorrow [Saturday]?  Personally I do not believe Mosul will be completely liberated by tomorrow and so I would not hold my breath. We are looking more at mid May or even end of May. 

4-29-2017   Intel Guru Dr. Clarke  "LOOK UP. LOOK OUT. LOOK ALL AROUND"   ...STAY in your "PRESENT MOMENT" with the Awareness of Assurance, Knowing, Focus and Love, as much as possible, hour by hour.  Confusion is at an ALL-TIME HIGH & will continue to escalate...which, is the Best Sign ever...for those who choose to "SEE". "ANYTHING can Happen, At ANY TIME"...Now on Super Steroids.

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