Saturday, April 22, 2017


4-22-2017   Intel Guru Bluwolf   The banks are on alert status...the Global Currency Reset finally has been honored, the 209 revaluations are set to be on going. The rates are very good and there is no storms in the scenario. This timer has but a few more minutes left...

4-21-2017   Intel Guru Bruce 
  The other thing that is happening is there is a meeting going on ...and will go through Saturday...in Washington DC between the IMF, the World Bank, The Bank of International Settlements, and one more other entity.  Christine Legarde is there. I don’t know if any major announcement is going to come out of that meeting. I would say it would be a good place to have an announcement with all those organizations in place in Washington.  The rates based on what I have heard the rates are continually going up. Just when you think you know where they are, the next thing you know they are higher than they were.  Everything I am seeing...is pointing toward the end of the ride. We think all that needs to be done is done.   [post 2 of 2]

4-22-2017   Intel Guru Bruce    We know everything is basically been done in Iraq. Mosul has been taken back and liberated...and even Prime Minister Abadi, few days ago walked through the streets of Mosul and talked face to face with the citizens giving them assurance about what is coming and what is there.  We know even in the mosque they have already mentioned in country the dinar going to be 6 times the value of the US dollar. The smart cards, Qi cards in Iraq have been activated with a decent high rate for some time and still being used.

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