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Chat notes from KTFA Premium TEAM Chat area 04-20-2017 , 21 APRIL

Chat notes from KTFA Premium TEAM Chat area 04-20-2017 

Aggiedad77:  Family here are notes from tonight’s TEAM Chat session with Frank, DELTA, and Angel1….and special thanks to Doodlebug for handling the moderation of the chat tonight and proofing over the notes for me. 

You will see a changing format as I work through this so bear with me, it is all good, and by the time you get to the end I pray you are as excited as I am, for many reasons…..first though take all you read here to God our Father in prayer.
*** The comments made by Frank26, DELTA, and Angel1 are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***
Now let’s get down to business…..at least the first portion of these notes will be more “conversational” incorporating the questions asked into the answers that Frank provided….the first part only Frank was available for answers as DELTA and Angel1 come in I will indicate their arrival to you.

Today saw some exciting news both from Frank and at least one news article…..Frank saying that those who had come to DC had gone home or were going home, that other meetings would happen in Iraq now.  The article that was posted tonight on the current thread read….”5-day vacation by force in Iraq ~ Iraq TradeLink News Agency”….well this seems to be a big announcement out of the norm…..usually they have a 3-day holiday but they are indicating a 5-day event this time….not a coincidence.  (see article below)
According to I-TEAM that Frank provided info from tonight they have seen inside the 2017 Iraqi budget and it is full of funds and projects….and yes the money from E to W is still coming in at this point.
As for Frank….will be in church on Tuesday, well only time and Iraq will tell what he will be doing on Tuesday at this point.
Again the 5-day holiday mentioned in the article is unusual and DELTA is checking to see if it truly means this week or maybe next week….no this does not appear to be a coincidence.

So if the budget is to be seen the NEW RATE has to be in the budget, it would be illogical at this point if it would not show up.

What is the other buzz word we’ve been focused upon for weeks and months…..Give me Mosul…..yes Mosul….well it is looking greatly improved….yes Abadi said by the end of the month….but the 25th is looking strong for them to say something.
Keep in mind Family this is all a study….a study of what….the “progress of the process”……it is seen that many currencies are involved in this…..trillions in dinars not USD…..what was earlier this week referred to as “rainbow currency” being converted to IQD.
So what is next to be watching for everyone seems to want to know…..look for the UN to make an announcement before the budget …we believe this very strongly.
Normally Tuesday – Wednesday are the biggest news days coming out of Iraq…..if this 5-day holiday lines up as we think….this has our TEAMS fascinated about this abnormality…..we have 7 TEAMS but only 4 are reporting as of now….and yes we are all on the same page about this holiday as well as a rate
Angel1 enters the discussion at this point.
A1 says Momma always told me it is rude to come to a party empty-handed so I have something for the party…..let’s talk National Reconciliation…..you all have a great deal of information about the National Reconciliation in your notes from previous CC’s right….no the UN announcement we look for and the RV announcement will not be simultaneous….IMO we will see dominoes fall into place in the next several days and one of these might be an announcement of the National Reconciliation by Iraq.
Frank asked:  This month?
A1:  Well DELTA isn’t the only one with a countdown…..we have ZERO files for May…..yes this month…..thinking it should be Abadi who makes this announcement.
It was suggested that perhaps “where do I exchange” as being a really big question one should be asking themselves….but A1 suggested even more specifically…..”what rate do I want to exchange at”…..could be a better question.
Chapter VII should be shown as fully released to see anything else…..and these 5-days of holiday would be an excellent opportunity for Iraq to put forth ad campaigns and announcements…..worth watching for these sorts of things….things out of the ordinary one would think.

A1 asked a series of questions to Frank so I’ll put those forth here hoping you can follow along as it got kind of rapid fire between them.
A1:  Were TEAM surprised by the 5-day holiday announcement today?
F26:  Floored and puzzled, except for I-TEAM…..their response was “we knew”….even though it normally is a 3-day event….they knew….go figure.
A1:  How is DC?  I heard it is a little less crowded as of yesterday….who left?
F26:  I am so proud to be an American….people I met with were SUPER….as for those who left….all from donating countries and Iraq.
A1:  So why were they in DC and aren’t they meeting in DC anymore like this weekend?
F26:  Yes they were meeting with Iraq…..but they are not here any longer….they meet now in Iraq.
A1:  Was the purpose of the DC meeting before meeting in Iraq because the Mr. SM needed to be at the meetings?
F26:  IMO…..No.
A1:  What do you believe happened at the meetings in DC and why is the announcement (5-day holiday) after the meetings?
F26:  The Foreign Reserves of the budget were funded, gas prices are to go up, there was a commitment of the private sector investments.
A1:  All this means is that Iraq is a point of no return….can I say it….TA-FREAKIN-DA.
F26:  Correct what happened this week is that a wedding ring was presented, not an engagement ring and it comes with no turning back, no delay, no change of positions…etc…etc.
A1:  You can kiss the bride…..I’ll say here that the rate you see coming out will go up almost immediately.
F26:  Inside of 76 days….yes….then things will be frozen for a bit.
A1:  I like the fact too that many big people like this month.
F26:  So for the remainder of this month we are on HIGH ALERT.
DELTA entered into the discussion at this point.
DELTA stated he sees this announcement today regarding the 5-day holiday as simply amazing….he reported that the Iraqis are seeing the price of a loaf of bread dropping today from 950 dinars down to 250 dinars….and he reported that even with the holiday announcement today the CBI and the ISX both will only be closed for Sunday and both will reopen on Monday.
A1 was curious as to who the announcement was for and we heard from DELTA that it impacts all vendors who are already dropping prices like 1000x…..he’s even noticed a change in electricity prices dropping from 180 dinars to 10 dinars…..here come the LD’s and coins.
F26 said that 1000 to 1 seems to be normal now….but A1 stated….”not for long”…..and DELTA chimed in that Allak, the governor of the CBI is going to be a hero.
F26 asked DELTA to clarify if he knew when the 5-day holiday was for, this week or next week…..DELTA’s reply was this week, but keep in mind the CBI and ISX will only be closed for Sunday.
Next we got some rapid fire questions from those attending this TEAM Chat and yes it was a fast paced time for all involved.
Will the final rate at 72 days match the final rate in the contracts…..F26 says NO.
The three were asked to define “Rainbow Currency” and A1 took this one on by saying that it is currency of the G-7 with the addition of China and a few others that is slowly changing now…..this is the large sums of currency that was referenced in a previous TEAM Chat Q&A this week.
With all the talk about e-dinars and how they are now working more and more inside of Iraq are the citizens getting more comfortable with them….F26 said that it is really too early  to tell but we are seeing many ads going on now that pertain to them….DELTA also pointed out what was said in an earlier CC….the Iraqi people are waiting and wanting to see value.
What about the RV and Chapter VII….is this something that the UN and Iraq are coming together about….or is the wait on the UN……DELTA stated we are waiting truly on a rate change before they do anything with Chapter VII.
DELTA offered to the Family that he heard today that almost 900 billion dinars of the bonds being offered, of the original 1 trillion dinar bonds had been sold by the CBI….this leaves bonds of about 1 billion dinars left to sell.
Would we be thinking of a wedding on the 25th thus indicating the start of the 76 day counter….F26 stated that God only knows….next week we are on HIGH ALERT…..and A1 responded by saying….after the meetings yesterday and today’s holiday announcement I would think HIGH ALERT from now to the end of the month.
DELTA asked F26 is your ponytail ready…..F26 said NO…but willing.
A1 asked DELTA about the number beside his name on the forum and he stated simply….a countdown……F26 jumped in and said 272829….and followed that up with Mosul 30….meaning Mosul by the 30th.

A1 shot another question to DELTA asking what is next from the CBI and DELTA said very quickly…New Rate.
It was then asked what happens if Russia, China, and the BRICS launch CIPS/MIRS/Gold trade settlement/gold backed currencies/obor-silk road?  This looks like a strong challenger to the current system…..F26 responded that these are all uniting towards Iraq…..sort of a loaded question because it is more about the future versus right now.
We know that DELTA emailed the IMF earlier this week….has he gotten a response yet…..he stated no nothing yet….but hey it did work with the CBI last month.
Corruption seems to still be rampant in Iraq will it be dealt with only after the Monetary Reform…and what about SADR…..F26 responded by saying that there will always be some level of corruption….but going forward it becomes harder for them and those who attempt it will face definite consequences…..as for SADR….he’s not a part of the MR.
The Iraqi citizens have been informed of the new currency and so much more according to F26…..when will F26’s broker stop selling the IQD….this year.
For the Iraqi’s returning home from DC what should  be their first moves….F26 stated in this order….Mosul/UN/money coming in.
From what has been said and indicated Iraq for all practical purposes is locked and loaded with a schedule and no wiggle room to retreat or change things….F26 agreed and added….to the 10th degree.
Looking forward to the Monday CC DELTA might be joining us, not sure at this point.
Now for a truly forward looking point of view….what is the initial plan to kick-off ministry work at KTFA after the blessing occurs…..F26 related that 3-6 months post RV a charitable trust fund would be established for KTFA ministry work.
So many questions going in so many different directions on a lot of good topics…..so what else is there to be shared that is good…..F26 was quick to say DC….but did not elaborate….was there anything that you expected to be asked tonight but wasn’t…..again F26….before I answer that…..did you notice they reprint via copy and paste….LOL…..accounts.
Is there any expectation for the US Tax Code to be amended or changed in the 76 days….F26 answered….that President Trump is depending on thousands of US citizens to help build up our economy, our work force, our USD, but “they” (UST/FEDS) are counting on us/citizens to fail….but your dinars will buy US petro dollars….oil…..currency…..power.
Family there you have things in a nutshell more or less…..this was a very profitable and enlightening session with Frank, DELTA, and Angel…and big thank you to Doodlebug for moderating the madhouse we had tonight…..a totally unexpected event and I am sure you can appreciate their open candor with all that was shared. 

As I started these notes out, I’ll end by reminding each and every one of you to take all of this to God our Father in prayer.  All honor and glory to God and then many thanks to Frank, DELTA, and Angel1 for their time at a point in this study where their time is at a premium we so appreciate their sharing with us.
Aloha   Randy

Frank26:  5-day vacation by force in Iraq ~ Iraq TradeLink News Agency
Baghdad/ Iraq TradeLink:

Starting from today, Wednesday, Baghdad entered into "forced" vacation for five days to commemorate the 7th. Shiite Imam Musa al-Kadhim, whose shrine is located in the northern part of the capital.

Iraqi papers shall stop publication as , well as football tournaments.

Baghdad will witness a special security ploan on such occasion, which will see the people moving on foot to the holy shrine in Kadhimiya city, which is closed with thousands of security forces and cut off the main street leading there.

On the other hand, the governmental officials found it difficult to move and join their offices due to the closure of the main streets in the capital.

Tents to provide social services such food and water to the visitors to the holy shrines are mounted in all the streets leading to the shrines, which were covered with black flags to commemorate the anniversary.

Imam Musa al-Kadhim is the 7th Shiite Imam who spent part of his life in prison during the Abbasside Caliph Haroun al-Rasheed.

He died poisoned  in prison  in 799 AD


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