Monday, April 17, 2017


Think about all the numbers we’ve been watching over the years…we knew what we needed to look for…We always talked about the note count.  The note count has to be going down.
At it’s peak when I got into the dinar…it was 15 trillion dinar…NOT NOTES…dinar. 

The max Iraq has had is 9 Billion notes which represented about 30 trillion dinar.  So what does that mean?  If you have 1 note that’s worth 25k and one note that’s worth 10k, you can see how there are more dinar than there are notes and that’s why we need to be able to parse those numbers to understand exactly what’s going on. 

But the total was 30 trillion dinar out there and they brought that number down by reducing the note count.  So what are we at today? 

They are talking about being at about a billion notes. And what does that billion notes represent?  11 Billion 600 million dinars.

The General who actually took the old Saddam Hussein notes out of circulation and put the new dinar that you and I have in circulation...He did an interview. He was asked, “What’s Iraq’s goal?”  Get back to $3.25…and get the note count down to a billion.

And they are on track to be able to do that.  (That doesn’t mean they are going to come out at $3 the next day…cause it would be instantly too expensive to do business with Iraq.)  But they are there…that’s what the report was about…I’ve been looking at this for about two weeks but I wanted to make doubly sure. 

What they are saying is the Central Bank actually has more than a billion…but what’s in circulation?

About a billion notes which reduces it to about 11 billion dinar.  That is remarkable.  You should be very very happy and it should play into you having a great Easter weekend!

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