Wednesday, April 19, 2017



   ]IYO what would be better for Iraq to do, come out low an stay that way for years or come out high an just maintain that rate for years, we know the inflation will increase but what is better.]

  In my personal opinion - they should come out at about a buck - hold for at least a year and stabilize...then decide where to go after that...once they really start ROCKING economically - they may well inspire the IMF to raise them to their historical levels.

  ]When you say at about a buck... do you mean "in country"?]  

 ...there is no "in country - out of country" rate...it is one rate.

  ]Do you think that the IMF meeting with the CBI and GOI this weekend could be the GO/No Go meeting for the Revalue of Iraq's currency?]   

...IMHO it looks as if all these "talks" will happen first - THEN the Executive Board will decide and vote on, what to do.

  ...the next few days are going to be very, very full of activity. Followed up by the IMF Executive Board.  

 I'm saying - the end of April... up through about the 29th - is a VERY BUSY TIME for Iraq and the world financial overseers


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