Saturday, April 22, 2017

"5 Means 5" - Geopolitical Op-Ed - Saturday 4/22/17

China, Russia, United Kingdom, United States, France... what do they all have in common?

Veto voting power on United Nations Security Council. Which means, they can keep any nation from engaging in warfare legally and diplomatically.

Only through a unanimous UNSC vote can one nation go to war against another without international diplomatic or military repercussions.

This is why the French elections mean so much to both the Chinese and Russians.

Because financially and politically, they control our United States and the United Kingdom, with only France remaining to gain an absolute majority control of the UNSC.

5 means 5 when it comes to structural reforms on the UNSC. And nothing less will do.l for the Chinese Elders.

The global monetary changes so many are desperately waiting on, are really waiting on this super majority to be achieved by the GESARA compliant sovereign governments of the world.

For in order to release the full weight of the global collateral accounts, the Elders have demanded there be no war or nuclear weapons active on the planet at the time of the RV, but also there be no future war or nuclear weapons permanently thereafter.

Hence, why the French elections mean so much to the entire world, as they mark a massive transition to Eastern control over all major western governments in order to force and sustain a benevolent military, diplomatic, financial and government structural world order.

The United States transition occurred in permanence back the summer of 2015 when Puerto Rico defaulted (where the USA, Inc. was originally domiciled in 1871); the United Kingdom earlier this month surrendered after new British Prime Minister Theresa May submitted Article 50 to Brussels and started her administration's 2 year Brexit negotiations with the defaulting European Union; and now it is France's turn, who's leading four presidential candidates all support some combination of leaving the European Union, exiting from the Euro's choke hold over their floundering economy and holding a similar Frexit referendum post their final election date of May 7.

C'est la vie.

The question is will the Chinese Elders also wait for the Frexit referendum to both pass and another Article 50 to be submitted into Brussels?

Perhaps. Perhaps not.

It's uncertain if the world can or will wait that long... especially the United States that must have their new gold backed currency (USN) in place and active just to remain operational before their government shuts down on April 28th.

Other third world nations are also suffocating from the lack of global liquidity (Venezuela and Ukraine) as the old fiat currencies are eliminated.

Zimbabwe also for one is in desperate need of an immediate cash infusion and deserves to have one given what the entire continent of Africa has contributed to the new Asian financial system (endless raw and tangible resources that serve as its collateral).

This is why so many major geopolitical events are coming to a head this week, as even France now goes to the polls tomorrow morning, Sunday @ 8am (2am EDT).

Will this French election, the last remaining UNSC vote needed for a structural legal, provide the necessary military, diplomatic and government super majority reform to move humanity forward?

Lord we pray.

And is this the final item on the Chinese Elders pre-RV checklist to finally allow the world unlimited access to their new gold backed financial system?

Lord we pray.

In the meantime, all we can do is wait patiently yet one more agonizing day.


God is with us.

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