Sunday, March 26, 2017


Dear Dinarland,

Let me begin making pono by first saying how sorry I am for upsetting anyone in the RV Internet community and family. 

I have acted badly at times out of frustration, angry or fear, when I could have acted more benevolently and for that I do apologize. 

Like you, I too get infuriated with the pace of the RV roll out, and while I do my best to analyze everything in context to calm my own nerves, clearly I am an amateur analyst functioning within an event that requires highly skilled and trained professionals, which I am not. 

Please forgive how unprepared I was walking into this currency house nearly 3 years ago, and for over 1 year now on-line. I did not understand what I was getting myself into, or you for that matter when I began posting and doing calls. 

Sadly, I still don't understand this event even after all my hours, weeks and months of study. My intellect is just not what I thought it to be, and you can't buy smarts but yes arrogance is cheap, so I now agree with so many disgruntled posters and accept that its best to accept limitations and ask for forgiveness. 

I did the best I could given what I had to give away, and many have heaped praised upon me for that. But I deserve much of the negative comments out there, and for those comments (corrections my ignorance or bad behavior) I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

We all need critics to help us understand our true nature and positions more clearly.

Also, for those who sent me kind emails or posts, thank you. Sharing your stories made me weep from time to time. And a few really made me laugh. 

For those who found my posts and observations to be intentional disinformation, thank you for caring enough to comment. I'm just a guy in my basement like many of you, searching for something I know exists and just trying to prove. 

I didn't always agree with your assessments, nor you with mine, but I always accepted we each had the God given right to share them in an influential manner and with voracity should we choose that pathway. 

Everyone certainly has an opinion, and Patrick, you sir have generously given us all the digital platform by which to share ours, openly and without constraint. Thank you again, Patrick… I look forward to meeting you and your family in the Philippines when I visit. And for that matter, thanks to everyone who participated on Dinar Chronicles.

Finally, the Internet is sure one strange place, very real and unreal at the same time, and when I cam to Dinarland I was an Internet novice. No Facebook, Twitter or Snap Chap in my past. Only a few absolutely necessary apps on my phone. So I dove into this world very naive, and stay and played in it like a true novice. 

And while I have enjoyed my experience on the whole, the distance between human beings interacting has left me empty. I discovered along the way I love the potential to communicate of the Internet more than the Internet experience itself. And what I missed most was simple human-to-human contact, love and affection. 

So to all the bloggers, posters, readers, chat roomers, web masters, lurkers and even the trolls who called me out at every opportunity, I want to express my love for your humanity. 

And too all the call-in show hosts and pod casters out there who entertained my rants, I want to express my love and appreciation for your souls and what you were able to accomplish on a much more consistent basis than I could handle. 

Bruce, Sue, Kent, Bob, Robert, Pastor Steven: I think you guys know my disgust was with Wells Fargo decision makers and not any of you personally. I love you all very much as people as well as Big Call Nation; and I enjoyed my time with each and all of you. Please forgive me for walking away at the advice of counsel.

Iko and Gerry, boy we've sure had our differences, but your longevity in this RV game has revealed your sincerity and commitment to Wing-It Call Country, so please hear my sincere apology for my poor choices and feel my gratitude and love for your part played in currency history.

Ray, DC and Tony… many in the intelligence community have shared from who and where your Intel originates, and yet I appreciated your involvement in the Internet community, as you guys taught us all so much. I offer nothing but love and gratitude for your participation in this grand odyssey, as without TNT's bold leadership many years ago there would have been no need for Yosef.

To the Real Truth Universe, especially host with the most Dr. WC, to whom I have the utmost respect for as a follower of Christ and long-time leader in the truth movement, I will be continuing on with with RTC world in some capacity moving forward, as I discovered my personal quest was more about revealing hard truths freely and teaching philanthropy versus excelling in sovereign wealth affairs. 

And to all who shared their opinions, voices, time, texts and emails in order to keep the RV balloon in the air, please receive my love for your efforts. Even those cabal psy-ops and disinformation agents who participated for non-benevolent reasons, at the end of the day we are all just one family climbing an invisible mountain, pushing an invisible rock, anticipating this invisible fortune. 

All of you have made me better in what was certainly an unprecedented financial event… thus extremely difficult waiting experience. 

Servicing this community with pros and cons has been one of the greatest honors of my life. What a wild, twisting and unpredictable train ride we all took together, huh? Surreal yet sublime. Utterly amazing.

Best of luck in all your future endeavors where ever they may lead you, with infinite wealth in both form or spirit by the grace and mercy of our benevolent and loving God through the heart of Christ, Yeshua Ben Yosef of the Nazarene from Galilee.

Aloha Makualani


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