Sunday, March 19, 2017


Tank wrote
7m ago
I'm not saying good bye until I can't speak any more! Here's what I know, there was some delays in the relaease this week. All I'm going to say is what I've veen sating, Wells Fargo is the Clearing House bank (and I believe they own HSBC) so if you hae ZIM, GO THERE for your exchange. RE
Tank wrote
1m ago
In addition, make sure you have some idea of how AND what you want to do with your money if you have ZIM. There is an expectation that YOU will help humanity and from what I understand, as long as you know how, and YOU follow through, YOU can dictate the rate YOU want for your currency. BE humble, be courageous, and be honest, but don't be unprepared.
Garmst wrote
3m ago
Tank- So pretty much what your saying is , you got rid of most of your sources and now your getting your intel from the big dog only?
Tank wrote
1m ago
GARMST, I haven't spoken to BIGDOG, but.it.what Im.saying is.in line with what he's said then I feel confident that I'm on the right track
BODI wrote
1m ago

Tank wrote
50s ago
AT this point there is no hold up on the 800#s, we're just not aure of the exact time of their release. However, I'd say if you suddenly see "DINARMAGEDDON!" as in All dinarland suddenly goes dark, Id say that's a sign thats a pretty good indication that we've arrrived

Tank wrote
59s ago
Look, I'm just posting things YOU NEED to know because we are so close. I've spoken to some today that have already exchanged, and some who have appointments, and some who are expecting like a 42 week pregnant teenager!! In other words, all the signs are showin, the timing is right, and everybody's uncomfortable !!

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