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Thank you for your personal perspective on currencies of the world. There were a few points of value. I would, however, offer further perspective. While a few exotic foreign currency holders active on this blog have made seeming "demands" for "completion", if you are discerning, you will find the primary "demand" is for legitimate and truthful information from gurus about the long promised "RV".

One of your post's headings zeros right into your obvious theme, "So What Is Your Demand?" Indeed, you go further and illustrate what sort of demand you mean with, "I waited so long, and I demand this GCR be done now!", accompanied by your chiding, "...forgive me if I am NOT moved...". You make quite clear you view some or most of dinarland as demanding and impatient, but, again, you've missed it.

Having noted your misunderstanding of the vast majority of seeming impatient complaints, I will observe you are honestly mistaken. You regularly make your paradigm clear. You believe your perceptive abilities to be above most and your insight to be deeper and clearer on all the subjects for which you offer blog posts. I trust your belief in what you say, but perhaps you've missed one very imposing nuance: you're so self-persuaded of the quality and accuracy of your and other guru information that you aren't able to face the cognitive dissonance of any given "demand" being for performance according to guru announcements and predictions as opposed to a demand for "completion" according to repeated announcements and predictions. In direct terms, those demands which draw a scold from you are actually for truth from gurus (and not useless "subjective" and metaphysical "truth" used to evade) to line up with real events. They want the lies to stop or, if the continual missed predictions are the best the gurus have to offer, that the gurus shut up and go away. Harsh? No, to the point.

You spend an entire post explaining how dinarians are unwarrantedly impatient. Sure, people are dying just as you agree. Of course, we would all delight in flushing corruption from currency dealings across the globe. But the vast majority of dinarians are intelligent and virtuous people fully capable of shaping their expectations to real circumstances. The problem is that real circumstances are fed to dinarland in a mutilated and distorted mass. Gurus lie or guess or repeat the nonsense provided by "sources" which have been flatly wrong for many months! On what can the average dinarian make a rational assessment of real circumstances when they are so filtered, distorted, and misrepresented?!

It is driven and fueled by the distortions of gurus that dinarians offer pleas of "do it now!" and "we've been anticipating this weekly for years!". One cannot stand and wildly rock a rowboat only then to criticize the other passengers for complaining! I've heard all my life the utterly facetious saying, "do something, even if it's wrong, do something!" Many dinarians have been unwittingly conditioned to make this implicit demand on gurus - i.e., for some intel, even if it's wrong. Naturally, acceding to this demand has had a predictable backlash: expectation of "now". Thus, the complaints. The true plea is for HONESTY from gurus, not for "whatever" intel is carelessly and recklessly offered weekly despite virtual certainty of falsity.

Finally, let's get one thing utterly clear about this "blessing" being a gift from God. While it isn't at all certain that we refer to the same god, I will say of the God to which I refer, there is nothing, no one, and no time which is not a gift from God. With every breath I refresh my body, I am blessed. By the searing pain of death of many I've loved, I still am blessed. In the face of lies and deception, my God breathes quiet blessings. In good months of business, the blessings are usually obvious. In lean months requiring sacrifice and painful re-prioritizing, God's blessings are still very real. Stopping, settling, and deeply considering what is real is the greatest barrier to seeing rich blessings already operating in my life. Sudden, massive, and globe-wide revaluation of currencies could be a blessing - it is not a blessing given at this time, but it could be. The guru "intel" up to now has been so thoroughly dominated by weekly wrong dates, exciting and distracting unconfirmable fantasy exchange rates, and overlain with simply the bizarre, that confusion and frustration has been the natural product.

In a limited sense we agree, owb. "We have no basis or right to make any demands", I would add, as to international currencies revaluating. I, on the other hand, deeply believe it is fitting and reasonable to "demand" gurus either learn from mistakes by better vetting their sources and NOT again relaying the word of a repeatedly failed source... or withdraw from the adulation and spotlight altogether.

I'm not counting on it, despite your erudition, but.... stay grounded my friend.

I am,


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