Sunday, March 26, 2017

TONYGRASSO :Tonygrasso from DV talks about the note count being down , 26 MARCH

Okay so they just told us that 100,000 notes in circulation represent 5 trillion dinar. We were also told recently that there are 24 trillion dinar circulating in country so that means that the other 19 trillion dinar are in 25,10,5,1k notes with some 500 and 250 in there as well so if say 10 trillion were in 25 k notes that would be 400,000 more notes which would make 500,000 notes representing 15 trillion dinar. That leaves 9 trillion dinar represented by the balance of the notes. 

The CBI's goal is 1.18 billion notes representing 25-30 billion dollars worth of dinar, so 999,500,000 notes cover the rest of the dinar. Now I'm only hypothesizing on total 25k notes, but do you guys see where I'm going with this? 

The note count has to be WAY down, probably much lower than the 1.18 billion that they were targeting. Just my two penny's worth, or three dinar as the case may be

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