Thursday, March 30, 2017



Iraqi TV is reporting ISIS occupying only 7% of Mosul. No mention of Abadi speech just yet. smile

UPDATE as of 10:15 AM, Eastern:

Abadi speech mostly on people of Iraq and reconstruction. He made reference of peace and wealth transfer. He said Iraq is 93 % liberated of Isis.


 2nd UPDATE as of 9:39 PM, Eastern:

The following reports have come in...Big explosions and fires in southern Baghdad.

Kurdish flag placed in Kirkuk, they are demanding the HCL.

Parliament in on break until April 4.

Mosul still at 93 % clear.

CovenantBridge:  Here's a thought. Maybe they plan on releasing it on April 1st, April Fools Day. That way if we excitedly tell someone we are now a millionaire they will think it is a joke.

JSL:  covenantbridge I would not aurgue with that if they want to release on April fools day, but several are now saying by the 15 of April. all I could think after reading those articles is Please God let me off this Roller Coaster LOL

Fuze:  Jsl there is no "they" they are coordinating with the IMF, the reconciliation committee, the UN to officially finish removal from chapter 7, and international authorities to handle Maliki crew, it was decided months ago that April was the next potential window... the banks and other entities are supposed to stay ready to go... this is an international project, like building a house..

JSL:  Fuze say i just got a call from a business associate he was telling me Wells Fargo was shut down today something to do with the recent event, but I am wondering if it is tied to some of ther stuff we have been hearing about here?

Fuze:  Jsl banks have been getting ready for a while, like painters or carpet layers getting ready to do there part after the sheet rock folk finish.... it's a project with many parts..


"Re: Boom-Chaka-Chaka-Boom!" by Anonymous1 - 3.29.17

There maybe something to this post from Dr. Clarke. Why do I say that?

Bruce indicated that the remaining T3 SKR fulfilment restarted in earnest this past Monday and that the T4 were next. That is probably a safe assumption.

However, just because the T3 fulfilment gets completed this week, doesn't necessarily mean that the T4 will happen immediately or imminently afterward. Why do I say that?

It has been said from several sources that the T4 private screen rates will not require any NDA. In order for that to happen means we are likely waiting on the public RV. Otherwise we would likely be required to sign a brief time sensitive NDA, active until the public RV is completed.

So when should we expect the public RV to commence. The assumption is soon, given all the other activity and preparations being made. "How soon?", is the next question.

The following update from Dr. Clarke seems to fill in that answer reasonably well.

Dr. Clarke 3-29-17  


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