Tuesday, March 21, 2017



GJHHonor:  GM to all no change of rates for Iraq today , still no rates for Canada yet.

Australian Dollar AUD 910.378 909.922 Gold Ounces Gold 1,455,846.400 1,453,387.200 CURRENCY CODE SELL BUY US dollar USD 1184.000 1182.000 Euro EUR 1271.261 1270.625 British pound GBP 1463.306 1462.574 Canadian dollar CAD ----- ----- Swiss franc CHF 1187.444 1186.850 Swedish krona SEK 134.374 134.307 Norwegian krone NOK 139.664 139.594 Danish krone DKK 170.999 170.914 Japanese yen JPY 10.436 10.431 Special Drawing Rights SDR 1606.475 1605.672 Indicative rates - 20.03.2017

And they did not update at all still is March 20th

JSL:  After listening to PM Abadi is was a confirmation for me that he is a Highly intelliigent man with Great movtivation to encourage Iraq to be a Stable and solid country for the future generations to live in. especially as he spoke of more abundance coming to all the people of Iraq…. Looks like things are aligning as we speak here to Give Iraq a Huge Pat on the Back!

What better way than to say We recognize your currency globally now. Amen to that!!!

Freeway2:   In case yu missed it. Abadi Speaks today at The Institute of Peace https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZDeMxEerz10

DeBritt:  He wants the people in Iraq to feel some sort of economical prosperity after dash. Another point I got

Skipper2:  I am so proud of PM Haider al Abadhi, truly a gentleman, a CIVIL Engineer, an excellent leader of dipomacy, defending peace, supporting unity in the Mid-East… His meeting with Saudi Arabia, POTUS, finally the US Institute of Peace - Let this set the stage for long-awaited Blessings; Peace, and Economic Vitality in the World..

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