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 : It was reported today that Iraqi TV is referencing a memo from the CBI to the banking industry pertaining to an established (but not revealed) new international rate that must be adhered when released. Time Will Tell

OffGrid: from this AM --- xyz wrote FULL Haider al-Abadi interview On "Fox News Sunday" with Chris Wallace (3/26/2017) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jHa5LO7sDpM

Phantom1:  I think abadi wanted to say it's already done looks like he hesitated and then said 2 weeks lol love it

Robert001:  Remember that was a taped interview with Abadi.. a week old now,,, so one more week ,, according to his estimation

OldCrow:  Abadi sees more determination by the Trump administration to crush Isis. Pres Obama, he says, did not want to get involved…. Abadi says he feels that Trump sees Iraq as an important ally in the war on terrorism

JSL:  This is a Great Week to Expect Miracles! Let the last week of March be a week that will go down as the Greatest week we have seen in a lifetime Amen, so there is my Risk of Hope, If the PTB's want to dash it on the Rocks as they well know, I can't stop them lol But still we are prisoners of Hope aren't we


OldCrow:  Notes on Abadi Interview today on CBS 3-26-27



Chris Wallace asked his about the Isis eradication timetable - Within Iraq that is - Yes - he paused but then said Daesh would be utterly defeated in "a couple of weeks"

Asked about US and coalition troop levels - he says they want US and coalition forces to stay and support them in training, logistics and intelligence gathering. But less than the 5000 there now

Abadi says he feels that Trump sees Iraq as an important ally in the war on terrorism. He says he sees more determination by the Trump administration to crush Isis.  Pres Obama, he says, did not want to get involved.

Asked about forecasted cuts in US foreign aid he said he is not concerned with cuts in US foreign aid. The war on terrorism is global and all partners must step up to fight it as a national security issue.

Wallace mentioned the campaign promise to take Iraqi oil, Abadi said that despite the election verbiage Abadi says he insisted with Pres Trump that Iraqi oil is Iraq's wealth and belongs to the Iraqi people.

Asked about Iran and the future he says they appreciate the help from Iran as a neighbor but they will not accept their efforts to control Iraq. Iraqis he says are nationalists. They are spilling Iraqi blood to fight the battles now. They appreciate coalition help but want to fight the battles themselves on the front lines.

Asked about the three parts of Iraq, the Shia, Sunni and Kurdish areas seemingly having separate plans for the future. He said it was important to get rid of Sadam Hussein. He says the Iraqi people hold elections every 4 years, there is freedom of expression, and the nation will chart its own course accordingly.

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