Sunday, March 26, 2017


RvRv:  I've heard that April is a popular month for the IMF to officially revalue a country's currency.    Has anyone else heard this or have any documentation?

Fuze:  RvRv for the last 32 years, 100% of the time in all  instances where an IMF member country has changed the value of its currency over $0.50 (which is expected in the case of all of the countries currencies we're holding ) has been on a Wednesday, in April or September....the source is the IMF website.

This was one reason I told my family in December, I was confident we would not be in the banks exchanging prior to April 2017.

This belief was reinforced after the December conviction of the IMF director, for basically taking unorthodox actions in her formal job as the finance minister of France. Although she was spared from a jail term,  there ain't no way in "blank" she will break protocol again.... and I can't blame her.

GoodTimes1: Iraq and the RV Is finished or will be soon, they are hanging on with no New loans or $ to back them up, Time is up!

CharlieOK:   The only issue remaining is, as DAZ has said, when the PTB decide to turn the money back on. When "they" are thru horse tradin' the on switch goes on….. If it isn't Mosul it will be something else. The Players have to decide when to call all bets and end the game.

Airam:  Charlie completely agree.....now is Mosul .....before was the HCL .....the GOI ....the Ministers.....or whatever the ones in charge decide..... Can you imagine delaying the retake of Mosul for a timing thing....sounds absurd ....but it is what it is

JSL:  Did you guys know that? The estimate of USA assets is around 500 Trillion in values,

So just saying in all reality our Debt to Asset ratio is in the Big Picture not an unfixable thing. We can fix this country and even our Debt if we ever get our heads together

We even have several brand new Oil discovers lately, that surpass anything we could have imagined, not to mention our natural gas reserves, USA is largely and untapped Goldmine! True story

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