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LadyC:  For anyone who is interested...PM Abadi is doing in interview with Fox's Chris Wallace this Sunday 11AM (his show). Apparently, PM Abadi did the interview while he was here to see the President.

Old Crow: I have read on other sources that the rate might be around one buck when it first goes international. I have a plan for that eventuality. If it is three or so, I have a plan for that. Same for the Dong. I'd be overjoyed for five to eight cents. I'd be giddy as heck for 47 cents! And I have a plan for either.


Recap of The Big Call 3-23-17

Bruce   Let’s make sure we make it clear to everybody that we know things are happening behind the scenes...fortunately we have sources very close to the area and we sort of know what the real deal is if you know what I mean. 

Let’s talk about Iraq. We know Prime Minister Abadi was over here since Sunday morning. He met with President Trump, other members of Congress, and a select group of people while he was here.

 He met with business leaders from various corporations. He flew out yesterday to Iraq then from there to Jordan for the Arab Summit.  ...what about the possibly of an announcement about Iraq?

That is sort of what we all are looking for.

We know the new budget was passed and suppose to have been put in the Gazette this morning.  That new budget and rate did not show up in the Gazette because there still is a media blackout

I understand Abadi...plans to announce retake of Mosul, their restructuring of their banking system, their sovereignty of the country and the release of chapter 7, and also the reinstated dinar and revaluation of the Iraqi dinar. 

All those things supposed to be announced at this Arab Summit in Jordan... we are looking for positive news coming out of the Arab Summit. 

What else we know is the timing...We could go any time tonight, overnight, tomorrow...a possibility all the way to Saturday. 

We know a lot of the RVs in the past were either on Wednesday or Saturday. I am hoping for very good news soon.  

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