Friday, March 24, 2017



Jessie19:  can someone tell me just what all the last tweet means please? Announcements of full liberation and implementation of Reconciliation are anticipated at the Arab Summit which begins TODAY. Smile

Luvwulfs: jessie freedom from ISIS and agreements among the different tribes have been reached. That's my take.

Tishwash:   Abadi Tweet 03/24/17

Haider Al-Abadi‏Verified account @HaiderAlAbadi  During my visit to the US this week I was very pleased at the backing offered to Iraq from the US, hope it increases

Tishwash:  FoxNews to Interview Abadi?

Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace

Washington, D.C.   foxnewssunday.com

4hFoxNewsSunday‏ @FoxNewsSunday

Iraqi PM Haider al-Abadi reacts to terror attack in London: "They're trying to attract more recruits by doing these acts" Full Intv Sunday  LINK

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