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TNT Call notes 27-March-2017
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RayRen: Good afternoon, super-fantastic TNT family! Today is Marvelous Monday March 27, 2017, yours truly RayRen98 at the controls. Before we get into the nitty-gritty, for those who didn’t notice yet in chat, today is PaperBoy’s birthday – he is one of our senior mods. I think he said he’s 37, or 42… something like that. The weekend recap: a few things did happen on Saturday, a pause in the battle of Mosul, and they had to come up with a new tactic to handle ISIL, as they were using civilians as shields. 

Then an article came out saying there was NOT a pause in the battle, so who knows? In addition to that, we sent out the update yesterday, according to Iraqi television that referred to the CBI memo and a “new international rate that must be adhered to”. We know banks have received that, and there is excitement in the air. 

There was more training in the bank community, with more people going to work on Sunday. I haven’t heard of any exchange activity over the weekend, so I think it was more preparation. Then this morning we sent out an update saying that more military action is no longer needed in western Mosul, and commanders saying “the battle is finished on a military level.” We are also expecting announcements from the Arab Summit today and tomorrow. There are other things behind the scenes as well that make this shape up in a very positive way. 

Questions from the TNT forum 

Q: There are several sources suggesting that Wells Fargo is not a good bank to do our exchanges. Are you going to exchange with Wells Fargo or would you suggest some other bank as a safer place to exchange? 

A: As it stands right now, I have every intention to exchange with WF unless someone gives me a better deal. I have no reservations exchanging with them, and I don’t think you should have reservations about any bank. Let’s say this bank is weak; thousands of people come to exchange and the result is that this bank is now stronger. Any bank we exchange at is going to be stronger because we are bringing money to them, and if they offer good investment products under their management, they will be even stronger. All these rumors about “don’t invest with this bank”, I’m not feeling it. Even if they are weak at the moment, they’re not going to collapse today or next week, so exchange wherever you can get the best deal, and then leave your money where you can get the best investment deal – and those might not be the same bank or institution. 

Q: Before a late October 2016 Conference call, I suggested that a friend (expert on currencies) suggested no RV until 2nd quarter of 2017. You were confident that the RV would happen much sooner than April- June 2017 and made me feel stupid at the time. Are you any closer to the reality of an RV today than in October 2016? 

A: Well, if I made you feel stupid, I apologize. I didn’t mean to make anyone feel stupid about information they believe. As for the dates, it’s easy to holler out a date. When I give you any inkling of what I think it’s going to be, I give you substance to support that. Youc an always come back and question that substance. But if you are just listening to someone else’s hypotheticals, then get some substance; otherwise it’s just an opinion. Their opinion can come from substance, but I’m not listening to opinions. I listen to those who receive actual information. Now that can change on a hourly or daily basis ,and sometimes I only learn about it 24 hours later. But the substance come from something they heard in a particular meeting, and the next meeting might scrap that. Anyone can say “I don’t think this will happen until next year”; so what? If there is substance behind that, then I will make plans based on that substance. What can I do in the meantime? What other opportunities can I find while I’m waiting? That way, I get to sleep at night, instead of grumbling and criticizing. I already get that from everyone else, based on ‘he said, she said’ stuff that doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. You need to ask the questions to understand what people are communicating to you, and base your plans on substance, not rumor. 

Q: Any information on Banks exchanging Dinar at reasonable Teaser Rates? 

[RR: Not at present.}. Any Tier 2 or Tier 3 Banks open to Teaser Rate Exchanges to gain Market Share?? A: Not to my knowledge. 

Q: On Wed. you gave the name of a bank still selling the dinar in Phoenix., Az. area. [No, I did not; I sent information about a bank in the state of AZ.] I would like to buy more. Could u text that to me. As well as the banks that will exchange here. Also, do you think it is wise to change all our currencies with one bank, or should we have accounts at several banks? 

A: I have had hundreds of requests, and I’ve told you time and time again to do your homework. Call around your immediate area. The information I have on banks comes from members who are doing their homework and then report those banks in to me. You have to do your own homework and be assertive in getting that information. If there is not a bank exchanging in your immediate area, most of us go to the internet and find a currency dealer and buy what they want. I haven’t heard of any member traveling two or three states away to buy currency. 

Q: What is your opinion on the buying of tax liens as a form of investment since they give a high rate of interest. If the taxes are not paid, the ownership of the property could become yours. If the back taxes are paid by the owner, a high rate of interest will be paid to you for carrying the payment of the taxes. What are the cautions or dangers of engaging in this system?? 

A: I was looking at these as investment opportunities, NOT in terms of taking over properties and fixing them up. You might have to sit on a property for up to three years and then foreclose; what will the property look like by then. If you just do it locally, then it might be worth inspecting each property before engaging in tax liens. 

Q: I’m aware of the 1st mouse 2nd mouse scenario concerning the Dinar but can’t remember if you spoke on it applying to the Dong as well… does it? 

A: It depends on what currency you are holding, wait until this pops, compare that to the statistical data we have compiled, and decide if that currency has a possible ‘first mouse, second mouse’ scenario. With dinar, we are looking for that to come out at one rate, and then the market may drive it up for a while. For the others, it is possible that the real, true rate may not be released yet, with a grand manipulation to keep everything in line. IF all the currencies are intended to achieve parity, then the rate might change. We will have warning if that happens and will let you know accordingly. 

Q: Since Iraq remains under UN sanctions which absolutely include and control the artificially low imposed rate, what basis do you have to assert that a rate change is close or imminent? 

A: What basis do you have to assert that one is not? You don’t see this happening until UN sanctions are lifted? Okay, I won’t argue with you on that. 

Q: most of my previous donations were made using the regular PayPal site, not the TNT link. Will you have any problem finding my previous donations? No. Q: do you think we will have time to do a leverage when the first currency revalues? 

[RR I will.] Or do you think the process will be too fast? What rate are you being told on the Zim latest known rate ? [RR: Just what we’ve been hearing for the last six months: 11 to 20 cents, probably.] 

Do you think the 500 million Zim notes will be good for the revalue? 

A: I don’t know. I was told from day one that the 100 trillion and 50 trillion notes would see some action. That was inside information. That’s what I was told. Only you can make your decision on who to listen to and who to believe. At least I’m giving you substance for what I say. 

Q: 1) Are you in the belief that Iraq and Kuwait have agree on all their oil terms for release of the RV? 

[RR: Not following that.] 

2) Do you believe that Iraq is now in Chapter 8 and it just has not been made public information or placed in the Gazette? 

A: Sometimes I wonder if you all listen to me, given the questions you continue to ask. 

Q3) Any news you can share on rate changes for the vendors or retailers? 

A: Haven’t heard anything. 

Live Q and A 

865/404 caller: The last couple of postings you have shared about Iraqi television – how exactly are they making these updates, along the bottom of the screen? 

RayRen: So far, it’s been reported as streaming across the bottom of the screen, so they can update it whenever. 

Caller: Over the weekend there was a lot of excitement over the CBI’s new logo; have your sources said anything on this? Is it significant to what we are waiting for? 

RayRen: No significance that I have heard. 

716 caller: [Appreciation] 

RayRen: You know tomorrow’s Tony’s birthday? March 28th. [chit-chat]

610 caller: To donate, go to www.tntsuperfantastic.com and click the donate button. 

340 [VI] caller: The weekend was quite interesting, with expectation but nothing came through. Do you still expect this to come through by the 31st? 

RayRen: Yes. 

Caller: Did you report that someone exchanged already, that the zim is factual? 

[RR: I believe so, yes.] 

What I like about your intel is that it’s consistent. I think what you say is making sense about the zim. Is Tony okay? Is he having a birthday party somewhere that I can crash? Not that I will – I’m in the Virgin Islands. 

RayRen: I believe so. Don’t they have airplanes where you live?? You should come! 

803 caller: I have a follow up question about the tax liens; you were right on track having them check out the properties. Also, every township has an influence on the law regarding tax liens. So you need to know the local laws as well as the state laws as to how those liens are affected. You need to study, study, study, and keep track of changes, so that even if you think you own the property, perhaps the owner is in the military and hasn’t received proper notice. It changes by state, county, and city. Some clean up the ownership for tax sales, and some do not. It’s not a business for the weak or weary; you have to be on the top of your game to succeed at it. 

410 caller: Do your Iragi sources say anything leaflets being dropped about liberation? Was anything recorded in the ticker news about economic changes? Or in mosques? 

RayRen: They dropped leaflets on the Da’esh fighters saying they should give up now, while they can! I haven’t heard anything from the mosques about the CBI memo – that was sent to the banking sectors. The mosques handle more general topics. 

972 caller: Have your sources said anything about PM Abadi telling the UN that Iraq will be ready in so many days? I thought that everything would be done six days after Abadi’s return to Iraq… 

RayRen: I don’t know if Abadi said that to the UN; the notification we got was from the CBI to the banks. 

Next caller: I think someone said the RV might be phased with a launch rate, and then go up from there. I thought we were going on the concept that we were expecting an RV rate of $3.71, and that seemed to be on the bank screens. What do you think about the idea it might come out at 1:1 and work up?
RayRen: That might happen in-country, but over here it should be $3.50 to $4; it was the other currencies I was referring to, that might come out 1:1 and then reach a more realistic rate. That could happen to make everything balance at first, and then over time they might go up. I throw that out to make people think, just in case that is reality. Nobody knows for sure. I’m not saying that it WILL happen that way, just that it may, and you should have a plan if it does. These are training calls; let’s be prepared if this does happen. 

Caller: Assuming you go into the bank and exchange some for the sake of it, and plan to come back in few weeks to exchange more, what would you advise? 

RayRen: I’m not doing anything ‘for the sake of it’. Anything I do it part of a worked out plan. Some people might do that, just so they can have money, or to prove that it’s real. We already have proof that it’s real! Why would I want to throw away money to prove that?! We’re not going to do anything for the sake of it; every move will be done for a reason, and shopping and paying bills is not a good enough reason! 

Caller: What is your confidence level that Friday the 31st will be our last call? 

RayRen: If nothing changes from what has been said and expected, that should be our first post-RV call, if that doesn’t happen on the 30th. We’ll have a call as soon as the RV pops, and then we will change our records and fade out on the calls. I’m focused on this week unless something changes. If they stay with the plan that I understand it to be, then Friday will be the first post-RV call. Caller: I will send you some pom-poms. 

678 caller: On Friday I listened to Abadi’s YouTube video at the Institute for Peace; he talked for an hour, and then there were questions. It was so good – and funny, too. He said things were starting to move; he is such a smart man! 

501 caller: Where should we look if the rates go up – will you tell us? We are still hoping you will have a call and give us a range of rates to ask for, after the RV. 

RayRen: We will tell you the published rates, whatever those are. 

683 caller: Did you get the email about all the banks? It didn’t say you’d received it (on my end). You did get the word document, right? [chit-chat] 

They are everywhere in the world, not just the US and Canada, and I am told they will hold the currency as that currency, so long as you have a separate account for each currency. 

Closing Statement We are in the home stretch, if everything goes according to what I’ve been told. I have been told there is a plan, haven’t actually read it. So this should be it, and next TNT call on Friday should be of a different nature. 

If things go pop earlier than that, Wednesday could be a post-RV call! Certainly the 31st should be post-RV, based on the information I am hearing. It’s not a guarantee or a promise, just an expectation based on what has taken place, some of which you have not heard about. It should be done prior to April 1. 

If anything pops between now and then, we’ll shoot out a text or have a call, anything to make sure we get the most out of this. No one can tell you the date; all we can do it wait. We have given you as much information as we can, so that you can plan. Anything else we find out, we’ll send out quick, fast, and in a hurry. 

Whatever happens between now and Friday, the ‘best of us’ should be considering “leverage, leverage, leverage”. I wish the best to everyone else, however you decide to work it. We’ll see what happens as the day unfolds. 

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