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TNT Call notes 24-March-2017

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RayRen: Good afternoon, super-fantastic TNT family! Today is Fantabulous Friday March 24, 2017, yours truly RayRen98 at the controls. It is getting hot in terms of what we are looking for. What you want to hear, they are saying to you now. I’ve been hearing it already from one side, and now I’m hearing from both sides that will put you in the mind frame of “this ride is over”. 

There is some good new information. Is anyone picking up the breadcrumbs? Those who are picking up the breadcrumbs are very excited about where we are and where we’re going. That update yesterday talked about Iraqi televisions getting the private sector moving. The Arab Summit talked about full liberation and reconciliation. We have not heard those yet officially.

 There is a massive get-together where Sadr was being courted to celebrate and be thankful for those things that have taken place, as opposed to protesting those that have not yet taken place. There was solid expectation Sadr would be celebrating today because everything was supposed to be wrapped up between Wednesday and Thursday. It could happen today, tomorrow or Sunday. We don’t really know what’s going on in Iraq – the weather has been bad over there, so that might be one reason they are not out in the streets. 

As more comes in, we will let you know. The big information was last night into today, with a lot of speculation about whether the information is true or not, and what is the time frame attached to it. There was a translation from Arabic found on the CBI website, and it reads: “to all licensed banks and money transferers and currency dealers, approve all companies for exchange rate. If the CBI … [Ray reading too fast.] 

Anyway, it seems to be saying that the CBI has approved a new rate for all currency locations. I suspect some are milking this for all that they can. However, this is the type of thing we want to see and hear and acknowledge. One of my best translators reported back to me, and he says that is what is says. That’s on the public side – this was not new information to me. The people that are supposed to have this information have it, and there is a lot of excitement and expectation surrounding it, but there is still a timing factor. If the green light has been given, how fast does movement commence? 

Questions from the TNT forum 

Q: Ray, has any thing new been said in the Mosque about RV that would interest is? A: Only what I’ve already shared. 

Q: What information have you received regarding instructions for disseminating 800 numbers? A: Nothing whatever regarding 800 numbers. 

Q: Apple is now indicating that the www.aljournal App is now available thru the App Store. In your opinion, Is this indicative of major communication changes between Baghdad and the Iraqi people? And the Dinar community? A: I have no idea. 

Q: Is April a popular month for currency revaluations? A: I don’t know if there is any particular time of the year or time of the week. 

Q: Do you think that the SBA (Stand By Agreement) has something to do with the RV? If yes, do we have to wait for the next review of the IMF? What importance does this agreement have to do with the RV?? A: I have no idea. 

Q: Just how hot is it? Can you give us updated rates on the dinar, dong, zim and rial? A: Nothing has changed. Dinar = about $3.50-3.70, dong = , rial = , zim – who knows? Anything from X to Y. 

Q: Will there be limitations on the exchanging process. I would like to exchange a little at first and then do the rest as time goes on. A: Why? 

Q: Will you continue to record the calls if we are still here in April? Yes, but it will only be for people who are members under the new system. 

Q: Ray, if we donate with PayPal do u receive our board name or just our real name. A: We get your real name, so add your board name in the section where they let you attach a note. 

Q: Ray, are you still starting your Zim negotiations at three digits? A: Yes, that’s where I plan to start, and see where it takes me.

 Live Q and A 

707 caller: RayRen: If you are working out of 1,600 square feet to do something, what do you have to lose? Probably someone told you that there are tax advantages to being incorporated, and as the business grows, that is when you might want to incorporate. That’s just an example of financial tools for us to use, and we have to be creative. Here’s a tool; what are the byproducts of that tool? We have to use the tool for what it is designed for, and then see what the byproducts are for you. Life is going to change! Post RV you will have several things we don’t’ have right now: time and money. Some of you will quit jobs, and you will have money. We need to put that money to work, first, because the bills and debts can wait. One way we can put that money to work is to educate ourselves. People charge to for this information, and that is a better way of putting money to work for us. Get the education, then put those dollars out there on the chain gang put them to work! 

970 caller: I’m leaving tomorrow morning for Mexico, and I’ll be gone until April 2nd. If this goes, should I fly back immediately, or how much time do we have? RayRen: Are you going for contract rates, then yes, you may have to get on the first plane back here to take care of business. 

Caller: Someone said Zim will be first in line, at military locations – do you know anything about that? RayRen: No, I haven’t heard anything like that. As for the time frame on contract rates, I would be surprised if it lasts more than 3-4 days. If we have 800 numbers, you can call to make your appointment before you fly back. 

Caller: If we don’t have a trust, how will we secure our monies before we learn to set up a trust? Will the banks still set up skeleton trust for us? RayRen: Your name is Jane Doe, and you have in an account in the name of Jane Doe, and that is where your money will go until you’re ready to set up your entities. That’s as safe as anything. Find out about what entities you want to use, and you will have time to set them up. Don’t automatically go for what some internet guru tells you, even me! Learn and make your own decisions, and then you can take credit! 

AZ caller: In regard to the 45+ banks dealing with the dinar, are any in the Phoenix area that you know of? I got my first SS check yesterday and I would like to buy another million dinar, so I’d like to know which bank can order them for me. RayRen: Are you on a cell phone? I will grant your request, because there is one bank on the list in AZ. I’ll send it to you, and if it’s close enough… 

704 caller: In the last call, you were saying “wait, don’t rush, wait”. Did you mean wait to exchange? Or wait about spending the money? RayRen: The earlier caller was talking about contract rates, and if you want those, you do need to rush. If you don’t care about contract rates, there is no need to rush. Why be the first mouse? We can learn from their experience. If you want to be ‘the best of us’ rather than the ‘rest of us’, why hustle to go in the first day? If you need to pay bills or debts, you’ve been holding that for years, so what’s another week or month? Do your exchange and then pay it, or pay it after your money is making income for you. The only reason to go for the first rates is if you intend to leverage that money to make more money. If you can exchange dinar at $1, and can buy more dinar at a lower rate, and exchange it at $7-8 a week or so after the public release, that’s worth doing. 

NM caller: For dinar I intend to be a third mouse. Do you expect the ‘first mouse, second mouse’ situation on any other currencies? RayRen: There may be that situation on other currencies we’re interested in; how do we find out? Let’s say a nickel is coming out at five cents, and you know it’s going to be five cents, do you need to rush down on the first day? The value isn’t going to change on that nickel. However, with these currencies we are in command of this situation, and we can choose to exchange at time we choose. If the nickel may go up to 10 cents in value, and I wait, I don’t lose anything by waiting a little while. I’m not talking about months or a year, it’s going to be hours, days, weeks at most. If you cannot see the forest for the trees, you will be able to afford professionals who CAN see the forest for the trees. You’ll have to pay them, but they will give you the best advice on the right financial moves. Remember, there is strength in unity. Caller: I plan to go in the first couple of days and see if I can get contract rates; if not, I’ll walk out and see what develops. 

707 caller: You mentioned someone with a question if they should be all in at the beginning or hold out for a little bit. That’s what I feel, unless I can get the contract rates. If it’s the international rate, what is the benefit of exchanging everything. RayRen: Not on day one, anyway. Rates can fluctuate; if you are holding a million of one currency or another, and if the rate changes by a dollar, that’s an extra million. Where else can you make another million just by sitting on the money? This is unlike any other financial activity. There is virtually no risk. It’s not stocks and bonds, this is one country’s money, and we’re just playing against the clock. How can you lose if you have real money in your possession. Maybe you cannot spend it in America, but… 

Caller: If we do decide to hold back, I’ve heard a rumor that the dollar will lose value. RayRen: It could happen, and the dollar is targeted to drop to some degree. How will that affect you? If you are invested in dollar investments, that doesn’t mean that the income drops even if the purchasing power drops. Stock advisers tell us to hold on because it will come back. What is important is what you do in the time between the drop and the recovery. I’m not spending that money then, so it doesn’t matter if the purchasing power drops. 

Caller: What do you do if you’re holding onto foreign currency? RayRen: You digitize it: find a bank where you can deposit the currency AS that currency and have it stay that particular currency. I don’t know of any US banks where you can do that right now. What other people do is to go to another country that accepts that currency and digitize it there. In the US, you have to exchange foreign currency into dollars to deposit it in US banks. Why would you want to exchange for lower denominations of the same currency? That just increases the headache of looking after that currency. Either digitize it or store in a safety-deposit box. 

GA caller: About that translation you read out – does Tony know about this? Does Tony have a comment you can share? RayRen: Everybody does, and it’s ‘hoo-ee’! 

410 caller: There was so much going on when you read that translation, that I couldn’t keep up. How quickly does your replay come on? [Right away] I will listen again because there was a lot of information there. We have been assuming they want to get this done by the end of this quarter; what is your thought on that? And do you have anything planned after the RV. I hope to hear the announcement soon. RayRen: That makes sense, to wrap it up before the next quarter begins, because they would have to clean up quite a bit afterwards. And we have a lot of plans post-RV, with classes and meetings in those 13 locations – we’ve said quite a lot about that on these calls. I’m hoping to help the best of us be a considerable number. 

213 caller: I’m the dedicated supporter from the last call, and I sent you an email. RayRen: [sound of fireworks] Caller: The good news is this: I found that the LA Law Library offers free classes in how to start your business, a corporation or LLC, and also USC also provides help in setting up your corporation. These classes are taught by attorneys! I invested all of my retirement, so I’ve been waiting patiently. I have the notes and PowerPoints from these attorneys and I want to send them to you. We are here to sharpen each other; for those in different states, I suggest you go to the universities that have law schools and ask if they supply this service. It’s not just about corporations, but also about accounts, taxes, and other helpful knowledge that empower you to go forward. RayRen: You have my information, all but my shoe size. Are you on a cell phone. I use the aol.com email account. 

OK caller: On this translation you read, do I understand that to mean that the CBI identified all these entities with the rate? Would that be in-country or across the world? RayRen: Not so much sending out the rate, but notifying them they are ready to start exchanging. It’s my understanding that anyone you would want to have this notice, now has it. IL caller: In your tweet that talked about things getting hot, are you mainly referring to that CBI announcement? RayRen: I’ll go with that, yes. 

Caller: How close are we to coming out of the forest? RayRen: I don’t know; it’s hard to put a finger on it right now because it’s more like tug-of-war. One side seems to be winning and then the other side tugs harder; so it’s coming, no it isn’t, now it’s coming again. But overall, this ride is over, we just can’t say the exact date. 

TX caller: how do we get the contract rate. RayRen: As the bank at appointment time, and see what they say. I f we learn any more about that, I will share it with you guys. 

Caller: Will all currencies require an NDA? [No.] Can we see a copy of the NDA? RayRen: I don’t know of any exchange locations willing to give that out in advance. So far that has not been an option. If you don’t go for contract rates, there is no need for an NDA: the rates are international, public rates. If anything, you might want them to sign an NDA not to tell people what’s in your account! 

Caller: Do you know anything more about the three-letter currency codes? Do you have any symbols for the zim? RayRen: When this all goes public, we will find out. The only symbol I know for Zim is ZNN. 

816 caller: At one point, everyone seemed to be worried about double-dipping – what is that exactly? RayRen: I think double-dipping means exchanging at a higher rate, and then buy more at the lower rate. That won’t be possible once this goes public. But this is MONEY, and once the international value is established, the rate is unlikely to go down. You might be able to negotiate your rate, but you won’t know until you get there. We have to learn to listen to information that we don’t have now. People will give you the information, directly or indirectly; we have to focus on being receivers, learn things, and apply them to our portfolios. If that process didn’t work for us when we were poor, it won’t work for you when you’re rich. [I had to leave the call here.] 

Closing Statement From Sunny’c Cliff Notes: An interesting Friday. All we know, we believe and know, that all of the people you want to deal with, involving this notice from CBI, they are aware of it. What happens next, I can’t tell you. I can’t tell you they are going to mobilize and do something this evening, Saturday morning, evening or Sunday. If you haven’t seen it you will. People will circulate it. 

This notice did not say immediately, or right now. If it did some of us would be exchanging right now. (It is or Is it the ) Green light for the banks to exchange the Dinar. I have learned when CBI sends out something they send it in Arabic for them (the banks, etc) to translate. This could be a real translation. If they have it and it’s factual information, they will move on it. We knew this day was coming, just like we know tomorrow is coming. . . the day we do our exchange.

 It doesn’t do us any good to speculate it’s going to happen this evening, tomorrow . . . Monday. We know it’s inevitable, . . . because the process has already begun. Before we know it, it will all be out here. We don’t need to keep getting excited about when that happens. This is what keeps me going (played “I Believe.) Ray: I sure enough believe it now . . . 

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