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Bruce:  Welcome Everybody to the Big Call. We didn’t think we would be here tonight. If anything it suppose to have been a pre-recorded celebration call.  I want everybody that wants to be able to watch the President Trump’s speech tonight.

Bruce:  Concerning the President’s speech tonight. We are believing from what I understand the President himself may make a reference of the liberation of Mosul. It has been liberated, and they have had major success in that. Iraq is rocking and rolling now. I also believe there will be some description of a tax plan, description of a replacement of Obama care, and also a couple of surprises in his speech tonight.  I don’t know what they are. We will have to see what they are.
Bruce:  What has been happening in Iraq?  They have a new rate which is on their Qi cards/debit cards. Yesterday they started to pay not only the back pay at new rates, but also started paying a lot of other people in situations in Iraq upward of $4.25 and maybe somewhere close to $5. That would be a great international rate of the Iraqi dinar. They have been paid and that started yesterday and paid a lot more than just to the pensioners. This happened Saturday in Iraq, very significant.

Bruce:  Saturday Iraq began to offer brand new Iraqi sovereign bonds were for sale. This was a one trillion dollar bond offering. In some situations people were buying bonds in excess of $300 million and $350 million dollars worth several times in that first day on Saturday. This offer was to go to 23 different countries.  Five or six countries took advantage of it that day such as France, Germany, Russia, and some people here in the United States took advantage of it too.  I don’t know what other countries it was offered to. That was a cool offer. What is significant about this is notice it was a sovereign bond offering. That means Iraq has their sovereignty back. They are sovereign and good to go. It was offered internationally so they have an international known rate available for their Iraqi dinar and it is priced into their bond offering. That is big news.  That is the most significant news to prove Iraq was back doing business internationally.  We can be happy for Iraq with that.

Bruce:  Also we have heard that the testing that was done yesterday on the Iraqi stock exchange ISX.  There was 12 hours testing yesterday that went without a hitch.  No problems, smooth sailing.  We understand as result of the positive testing, that Iraq is to open their stock exchange, ISX, Wednesday morning at 9am Baghdad time. That is 1am EST or midnight tonight CST. That is pretty close were we are. We understand that could be significant as far the timing of what it is we are looking for. I can’t tell you anything definitive about timing, but that is a very positive thing to take place at 1am EST with the opening of the ISX.

Bruce:  Also about Iraq we know about the liberation of Mosul. We know about the Reconciliation Act was to pass Sunday orMonday. That is a way to have Iraq come together as a country instead of being divided in 3 regions. Iraq will be under one government in Baghdad, and it would unite Iraq.  A very positive thing to moving forward as far as the reconciliation. This was something  that had to be signed off by the IMF, UN, the United States government, and I don’t know if anyone else was suppose to sign off also. That has been handled. That doesn’t totally affect us on the timing of the RV, but a good thing to know.

Bruce:  Also that occurred on Sunday was the Amnesty law went through. We talked about the Amnesty law forever. It has finally passed as well. That is a good thing.  Iraq has the rate.  We are looking for the rate change to occur on the CBI web site pretty soon. I don’t think they will put that rate on until this thing is ready to pop.  That is pretty much Iraq now

Bruce: Let’s move onto what else been happening.  We understand the redemption centers which we want to welcome anybody listening in the redemption centers of Wells Fargo, and HSBC.  There are 6,800 redemption centers in North America.  We understand that they are on active status now.  We understand they are to go on engage status tonight at in the 11:30pm EST range. That is the time we are looking for in terms of the new status of engage. When they are on engage status that is go time, under way for it to happen.  We will see if that happens.

Bruce:  A Couple hours after the redemption centers go to engage status our understanding is all the ZIM platforms will pay outtonight at 1:30am EST.  When ZIM platforms pay out, I have heard I can’t confirm it that Prosperity Packages started to go out, and I heard they will start to go out tonight a little later. I don’t know what it is. They may have already started. Things are moving along very nicely. I would say we are in the best shape we ever have been in for this to go through based on the information we have heard so far. We know everything pretty much is in high preparation mode in out west, and everybody is in position to get started.

Bruce:  We know the groups are about to be completely hydrated and made liquid. Those were prepaid same thing.  A lot of that was to have taken place  yesterday and it looks like it carried over today. A lot that had been on hold for them should have release with these platforms paying out. A lot of people that have accounts were on hold on them, should have that hold released here pretty shortly based on these platforms paying out.  A lot of people that were waiting for funds to come in for humanitarian funds for example, are about to receive those as well.  We are in position to have a shot gun start. We are right there, looking forward to that.

Bruce:  We are hearing good things about rates. I don’t have rates to give you tonight.
I am hearing the ZIM has been moving up a little bit.  The non NDA screen rate for the ZIM is in really good shape.  You have the ability to negotiate a rate much higher for the ZIM. We have a project for the Big Call that we plan to do called Rebuild America. That is starting in the United States to adopt a city, town, community based on the size you want to work with. Beginning with that I am looking for 5,000 listeners on the Big Call to give us 100 cities on each of our 50 states to rebuild that could mean infrastructure, roads, highways, bridges, and over passes.  Number of areas of infrastructure such as railways.  Maybe enough funds to build a Maglev Railway. There are opportunities for that. 

Bruce:  Don't sell yourself short in terms of asking for a high rate for the ZIM because you could use that money for a lot of projects.  I am not going to ask for money from any of you. We want to partner throughout the United States in the various areas throughout the country. You pick a city or town you want to work in, and we will have a blue print of what we want to do in main street USA. We have that concept and want to do it in areas such as Des Moines, Chicago, Miami, Dallas/Fort Worth, and Memphis.  Also coal country such as in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Ohio, SW Virginia, etc.  We want to make sure they have good quality housing, education, and jobs. There are people in that area of the country that are kind of too proud to ask for help.  We are going to volunteer to help them. Medical, housing, clinics, a lot of medical issues they need help with. Too, other parts of the country such as Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana. There are a lot of areas we can help in, and I am not even scratching the surface.

Bruce:   Please don’t be bashful to ask for a private negotiated rate on the ZIM.  Get way above that non NDA rate if you can if you want to be part of what we are doing. I am going to ask for a very good rate. I have a lot of projects I want to do.  That doesn’t include the Veterans Retreat,  ministries, farming, aqua culture, all we want to do on farming perspective and concept of having resources that we need, food we need, to be able to grow what we need to grow, aquaponics, and a quite a bit of information and technology we will put forward and talk more in the future.

Bruce:  I think we are in good shape.  We may or may not have a call on Thursday. If we do get this before Thursday we will have a pre-recorded call. Otherwise we will have a Thursday night call as we normally would. You should check and verify whether we will have a call or not by going to our Big Call website: thebigcall.net  If we have a pre-recorded celebration call the information will be on the front page.

Bruce:  If you like to send an email to Sue, to give her a get well message and prayer. She will appreciate it. Send it to the email: happynewyou@successways.com

Bruce:  We are in really good shape.  There may be some hidden clues in the speech or maybe something following the speechtonight. Maybe look for a Steven Mnuchin and a Christine Legarde speech that was to be aired pre-recorded talking about the gold standard we are going back to and our new currency.  That might get aired after the speech tonight. The Present may have a clue to those concepts in his speech tonight.

Bruce:  Stay in faith what is coming.  You got good Intel perspective. I feel really good where we are. Stay positive for it, and believe it coming through for it. I want to thank everybody for tuning in to the Big Call. Our international listeners all over as in South and Central America, Africa, Far East, Iraq, Jordan, etc. Look forward to widen and broaden our international reach in the coming days. Stay tuned. We will take time off after the blessing comes in. We will touch bases with you after the celebration call. We will let you know our new plans for a new website, etc. Hang in there, appreciate everybody, stay tuned see what will happen.

Bruce:   Go back and hear the speech that President had to say to the nation.  Thank you all for coming in tonight. Goodnight Everybody.

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