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Thanks PinkRoses for sending these to us: . THE BIG CALL WITH BRUCE TUESDAY MARCH 21, 2017, INTEL ONLY TRANSCRIBED BY PINKROSES Bruce: Welcome everybody to the Big Call. Thank you for coming in so faithfully every Tuesday and Thursday night. We are still here. We thought we would do a prior celebration call prior to the call, but we are right here. We will continue doing the call until we get the blessing. Once we do get it, we will do a pre-recorded call and put it on our website with a link and send it to couple of other sites online with the 800 number and so on. We like to do a live celebration all. We will see if it happens. Bruce: A lot has been going on behind the scenes. There has been very little actual Intel in the last four or five days since the last call we had. Let me start off in saying I am not under an NDA. I do not know if any of the other Intel providers are, but I am not. .... I also do not have the 800 number yet which I would love to have. That was put out by some people and it is just not true. A lot of stuff you guys are seeing out there has maybe a grain of truth or portion of trutch in it, but some things are not accurate, are not true. I get a variety of information sometimes that I sort of vent. I talked about that in the past. I have gotten bit of specific things, and sometimes I talk with generalizing because it would not be wise for me to get into real specifics. I will try to give you heads up where we are right now based on the information we have gotten the last few days. Bruce: Iraq for everything going on there, it is still a factor. Still something we need to pay attention to. For example, Prime Minister Abadi coming to the US. I think he came in early Sunday morning -late Saturday night. He did meet with President Trump over the weekend. He has met with other people in Washington yesterday. Also he had plans to go up to New York last night which he did. He was able to essentially bring the proper paper work. He did bring the document from the IMF that was more or less releasing Iraq from certain obligations with our government from the past. Bruce: Abadi did meet with the Federal Reserve and our Treasury. We wonder why he had to do that if Iraq is sovereign? The meeting was necessary because it had been so long ago that we put sanctions on Iraq as a country and so did the UN. They have been released essentially from all the sanctions from the UN, but we still had some that we needed to release. My understanding is that occurred last night in New York. Bruce: Abadi did fly back down to the DC area and has continue with meetings since then late and started this morning about 9am until 3:15 this afternoon meeting with heads of business, Corporate heads like General Electric, Exxon Mobile, and Boeing, etc. He is putting together relationships and starting to talk about additional deals. Why would he talk to Boeing? About new jets, what you think? He is putting things together. He plans to be around tomorrow as well, and we think he plans on spending time with President Trump. I don’t have a schedule. Bruce: Going back to Iraq itself. What it is we are waiting for regarding Iraq? We know major efforts were made since President Trump took office to eliminate the threat of ISIS in Mosul, parts of Iraq. We know western Mosul was the factor. We know basically everything has been handled and Mosul has been taken back. Some say long time ago, some say weeks ago. At least for sure several days ago. We do know that there were two flags to fly on either side of the Tigris River. Those flags are now flying on either side of the Tigris River. That is symbolic of “We have our country back” . Bruce: We know they got their sovereignty. We do need the UN to do one final release of Iraq of chapter 7. One thing needs to happen is their currency needs to be reinstated internationally which it has been in country. They have been paying on their smart Qi cards for months. In Iraq there were two banks in Mosul that have come back on line the lasts few days. Bruce: We have evidence also Saturday that the Smart cards were all charged and being able to be used at the same rates throughout the entire country of Iraq to pay past salaries and contractors, everybody at the same rate on the dinar. Bruce: So what does Iraq need to do? They need to essentially publish their new budget with that rate that is essentially in the budget in the Gazette. Why? We thought they did the 2017 budget. They did. They needed to modify the budget with the new accurate rate the dinar will come out with in the country of Iraq. They need to publish a new version of that budget which they have done and they need that to go in. Bruce: My understanding is their plan is to publish that in the Gazette tomorrow morning. They begin publishing of the Gazette suppose to start like 2:05 am Bagdad time. It suppose to be published and ready for the first morning prayer approximately 5:35 am tomorrow. We are on a 7 hour difference between Bagdad and the east coast. You do the math. We could have something happen after the call or later tonight as a result of this. I think it is possible. I have heard some really good things of the timing tonight or early tomorrow morning. I also heard we should wake up tomorrow to a new sort of a new dawn, something that maybe a new day essentially to us. Bruce: I am not saying to call it, but the evidence is looking good for Iraq because of what they had to do in terms of Prime Minister Abadi’s travels here in this country meeting with everybody. He has been going crazy and working late. He is working getting a lot done here. When he met yesterday it was to satisfy the Federal Reserve and the US treasury on terms of past obligations. He got that handled. My understanding is that is handled. Bruce: My understanding is we are looking for from what we know and that cropped up on us. We didn’t know about that until yesterday. What we are looking for is for Iraq to publish this budget and essentially announce it in the Gazette tomorrow morning. That is what we are hearing. That in a sense takes care of Iraq. Bruce: Everything is based on Iraq returning to their sovereignty. What are we going to find out here? Could we get an announcement? I haven’t been told we will. Could Abadi make an announcement tomorrow? I don’t know. To me which is only my opinion, no Intel, it might make sense if he met and spoken to the United Nations. I don’t know if that is going to be done. I don’t know if he is going to make an announcement. It bothers me I don’t know. Bruce: What should happen if he should make an announcement, it would be about the take back of Mosul and the liberation of Mosul and Iraq as a country, a sovereign nation. Again Iraq being a sovereign nation and having their sovereignty shown with a new international currency that has been reinstated, the dinar, and it is now at a revalued rate. Will they talk about the revaluation of the dinar? I would not bet on it. Bruce: Would they talk about Iraq returning to sovereignty and eliminating ISIS in Iraq and the take back of Mosul? I could see that in a speech. That will be the smoke screen for the RV having taken place in Iraq is the announcement of the defeat of ISIS and the take back of Mosul and the flags flying. Their new banking system is up and working like a champ. Everything is good from that point of view. Bruce: Most of the Intel that I have been getting the last several days is concentrated on Iraq because they are the lynchpin for this. The revaluation of Iraq is one of the currencies of the Global Currency Reset that will reset and change rates. It will level the playing field quite a bit. Bruce: The playing field of a lot of countries that have been depressed like Vietnam financially and Indonesia and others will come up. Their currencies will come up dramatically against the dollar. The dinar will come back well over $3 or $4 which will be the true value of what their currency is. A lot of the currencies around the world are asset back, and some are completely gold backed. We have so much evidence that we are moving forward into a new paradigm of gold back currencies. The dollar being no exemption. Our USN, the new USD, are about to be utilize, and the TRN are more like bearer bonds, or something that backs the value of the currency with gold. Those have been around for awhile. I understand they are out and being traded. Bruce: What else is happening? Out west it is hard to say. My understanding is Paymasters for some of the groups have their funds in their accounts, and some have been able to start paying out. We are sort of still looking for a start gun start. We have some humanitarian groups that are suppose to get their money last night, or today. I have not heard they have their money successfully. Waiting for them to be liquid. I believe we will get a start when everyone is active and we get our go ahead. We are so close receiving that word. Bruce: I don’t have any new rates. I know the ZIM was steady for 4 to 5 days in a row at $2.10. That is a non NDA rate. A fantastic rate for a non NDA. Beyond that I can’t tell you the rest of the currencies rates. They will be good. You will have the ability to negotiate in with your ability to speak knowledgeable of your projects. Bruce: You say I have no intention to do any projects but live high. You have that choice, but most of us realize this is bigger than the need for cars. This is life changing money not only for you and your family. but for 100,000s of people. I am excited to utilize the funding to Rebuild America, and help veterans retreat network. I am going to have my own trust set up for veterans and not only my own programs. Also other programs. Bruce: There is things that are definitely happening behind the scenes. People that had to have appointments the last day or so. I haven’t heard wide spread exchanges. I have heard of some platform trades getting ready to close in matter of hours. I think things are definitely happening behind the scenes just not a whole lot of things we can pin down. Bruce: My understanding is we are as close as we ever been. Some of the Intel we have had today as good as we ever had, and moving forward in that direction to take this thing and really change our lives with this blessing and for other people. I am looking forward to working with our administration if they have the desire to talk about Rebuild America and work with our government working together with that concept. Bruce: I am excited taking our projects and partnering with WF, HSBC and our other member banks and making these things happen. I came up with the idea of Infrastructure bonds. I think take that idea and absolutely run with it. If it does it find its way to President Trump’s ear and Mr. Steven Mnuchin, and he is able as head of the Secretary of the Treasury and say yes I think that is something we can do. Make it a private effort. Why do we need to go to the budget to get trillion dollar infrastructure money? We will get that money when this comes through. The greater good will be achieved if we are able to utilize a greater portion of these funds to Rebuild America. Bruce: Today they talked about NASA. We will have the money to do that. We need meglove railways for example. We will have the funds to do that. We have some private enterprise as will to move into space travel. I think that is the new frontier. I want everybody to realize we are prepared and poised to go forward with our projects and open to more ideas. That is why we will have the website portal to share ideas, and it will be private and secured. Bruce: Stay tuned to the Big Call web site: thebigcall.net for future calls and for notification of the 800 number if we get that. I want to thank all in the banking world that have been so positive. We had had quite a few positive responses couple hundred of them from them after the Thursday night call. I appreciate everybody’s input like that. The banks are going to be our partners in this. We will be working with them not only our structured payouts but also our projects. I think the banks are excited to with the idea of working with us with the projects. Bruce: If you don’t have a project, you can work with us on Rebuild America to adopt a city, town, community. Pick one near you, pick one where you always known it has had problems. Rebuild America is working with infrastructure, housing, pick up vacant lots to restore housing with those. Starting with each neighborhood, inner city, suburbs, farming communities, aquaponics, work with Churches in the inner city to take control of the inner city gardens. Inner city wise that is what I want to talk to Dr. Carson about. Bruce: Heads up that is what my mind is on that. I know I can’t do it alone. I will be looking for leaders on the Big Call throughout the country. Also other places I am interested in too. Start in the United States and then throughout the world. There is plenty of third world countries that need our help. We don’t need to reinvent the wheel. We will be using this type of system, energy, etc. and that will work elsewhere too. Bruce: We can work in the Caribbean, South and Central America, Europe, Africa, Philippians, and many other places. Also in areas that need fresh water. Imagine the jobs we will create using the desalination water systems to provide drinking water. I am excited. So much technology coming, and also medical answers that will take us away from drugs. Let us replace drugs with music and dance as the Greeks say. That is what we should do. We will be happy, joyous, fulfilled, excited, and we are excited to get started. I hope you guys will be part of it. Bruce: Thank you Big Call listeners for listening in. Thank you Sue, Bob, Pastor Steven, and Kent. We appreciate you all as listeners. I am believing very much we are in a great place to stay in place and welcome our blessing in and hopefully it will be very shortly. THANK YOU BIG CALL AND BRUCE, HUGSSS

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