Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Subject: IQD Team's Follow-Up Call With Tariq (3/21/2012)


This audio was the follow-up call to the call where Tariq from Iraq told the IQD Team that the 25K note would be exchanged for a new 25 note, and that this is how they’re going to reduce the money supply.  When the IQD Team realized that he was describing a lop, they quickly set out to “enlighten” him.  In this call they get him to concede that maybe he just doesn’t understand and is mistaken, because after all a lop is a bad thing and he is hoping for the best.  Anybody who knows anything about the dinar can quickly see that it’s Mike who is confused and can’t get his facts right.  Turkey removed six out of six zeros from their currency, not six out of fifteen.  And they didn’t devalue it, they demonetized it.  “Devaluation” is a reduction in the value of a pegged currency.  “Demonetization” means the currency is invalidated and no longer recognized by the country, and is therefore worthless.  That’s what happened to the old Turkish Lira and that’s what will become of the IQD in the event that the CBI ever carries out its currency reform plan.


(Unfortunately I haven't been able to find the first call they did with Tariq. Nick and I are looking for it, and we'll be sure to post it if we find it.)

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