Saturday, March 18, 2017

Parliamentary Foreign Affairs was in contact with "foreign countries" to restore Iraq's properties abroad worth billions of dollars, 18 MARCH

BAGHDAD / Press tomorrow:

The Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Relations, Abdul Bari Zebari said on Saturday that his committee contacted a group of countries, and coordinated with the relevant ministries in order to restore state property abroad, which is equal to billions of dollars.

Zebari said for "counting Press," that "the Committee on Foreign Parliamentary Relations contacted Bmjuah from countries where there is the property of Iraq from the former regime," noting that "there is a large property on the property of the former regime and we are coordinating with the special ministries to return the money to Iraq, including the process of where the money smuggled after before a fall. "

He added, "There are land and houses and property worth billions of dollars abroad," stressing that "the Foreign Relations Committee made a field visit to Iraqi sites and property abroad to gather information and coordination with the external traceable." 


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