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March 31, 2017 Mnt Goat News Brief

Hi Everyone,

I bring you much news today.  

Well we are at the end of March already and we are now moving away from EARLY 2017 timeframe. Still no RV.

So what happened?

We all should be aware by now what happened and why the CBI will not move forward with the currency reform (the part we want anyhow) until there is STABILITY and SECURITY in Iraq. The aspects must be at levels needed for this to occur.  By now all of us also should understand what the CBI means by this statement. Remember Iraq must also get out of sanctions and the UN controls this aspect. It was posted in several news articles over the last year. If you are behind the curve in your understanding, I recommend you go back and read or re-read my past newsletters. (LINK)  I try to publish them three times a week to keep you abreast of this ongoing saga. I have explained it all many times already over and over again. 
But what I do know for certain (and there are not many things anyone knows for certain in this RV saga) is that the CBI will make another attempt very shortly to launch the lower denominations and they will change the rate to a rate conducive to the trading on the global markets. There is now so much evidence pointing in this direction. I am very comfortable where Iraq is right now and know it is just a matter of time.

More news…….

So we know about the Arab summit in Amman, Jordan this week. What are the highlights of this summit and how does it impact us in our investment in the revaluation of the Iraqi dinar?

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} called on Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi at the Arab summit to eliminate speech discrimination and hatred and that the speech and the media supportive of the unity of the Arab peoples and not differentiated orientation towards stability, and called for a unified Arab stance towards overtaking on the sovereignty of Iraq and the provision of job opportunities barricaded young people from extremism.
According to al - Abadi in his conference held in the Arab summit in Amman , Jordan , "we meet in Amman today on the blessing of God Almighty .. The importance of this conference of the seriousness and sensitivity of the current circumstances facing our countries and the challenges of terrorist existential that require us to cooperate and agree on clear mechanisms to confront and stop the serious repercussions on the future and the unity of our countries, security, political and economic stability and community coexistence in our region.”
Also He made reference of peace and wealth transfer. He said Iraq is 93% liberated of ISIS.

(Abadi’s speech was very long and so the news article that followed. Therefore I did not present the entire article to you today. However I tried to bring you all the good news he preached in his speech. We should see nothing but a good path for Iraq and we should be thankful that I believe GOD’s hand is with this man and he is being led by the almighty. We should be cautious of the upcoming provincial elections this year. Maliki and his goons will try something. This could derail or postpone certain plans.  
This is really all I can say for what he brings to the table for Iraq and the Arab nations as a whole during this recent summit. We want to see peace and prosperity because when Iraq prospers, we too will prosper in our investment. The time to reap the rewards of our long awaited investment is very near! I quote from his speech – We look forward with you to a new era of peace, stability and coexistence , security and economic prosperity for all our countries and peoples and to close cooperation in all fields , ")   

Sadrist Movement's central committee overseeing protests called on Iraqi people to hold a protest on Friday 3/29.

In a press release on Wednesday, the committee said that leader of the movement, Moqtada al-Sadr, has called for organizing a huge peaceful protest in Tahrir Square against election commission and its laws as well as the recent killing threats against Sadr. (A million people. I guess they are serious? All they want is to free the election process from all the corruption. They want to bring those high level leaders responsible for it to justice. Wouldn’t that be nice if we can do that too in the Western society? “Clean the Swamp”!)

As always my comments are in italic RED.
Articles Begin
 Governmental directives to amend legislation in the transition to a free economy

Farah Pumice
He praised the government's financial expert trends towards a free economy through the activation of a solid investment environment in cooperation and coordination between the public and private sectors. (WOW!)

The expert suggested Thamer al-Azzawi "morning", "the development of the Division of the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers special steps to follow up the transition and cooperation between all parties to ensure the success of this Transitional."

He called al-Azzawi, "the private sector, especially banking him to support these trends by providing financial guarantees to attract foreign companies and investors." (wow! again)

"The current situation is the best timing of the government to support these trends, especially that the citizen began to understand these measures, which are in the end Besalha." The Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers, Dr. Mahdi Keywords World Bank delegation headed by Mohamed Hassan Abdel Kader Chairman of the Group met to improve the Bank's business environment in Iraq.

During the meeting, they offer a range of topics concerning the Iraqi economy and investment environment and the location of Iraq compared to the global indicators of the economy and business.

The secretary-general stressed that "there is a gap between the improvement and progress witnessed in the land of economic and investment reality in Iraq and information-gathering mechanisms that feed these indicators, and therefore do not reflect an accurate assessment of the national effort and the international effort in this area."

The display Abdul Qadir current programs implemented by the World Bank in Iraq as a program to improve the working environment and the accompanying company registration processes and obtaining licenses and conclude contracts efficiently according to international standards. Turning to the need for openness to the provinces and to develop optimal investment strategies it like Basra.

For his part, the secretary general said: "The government proceeding towards a free economy and stimulate the private sector and this trend is accompanied by procedural and legal amendments." (so again we read the laws ARE necessary)
He added that "the General Secretariat will spare no effort to support the upgrading of Iraq on the highest indicators according to the World Bank standards."

Mosul (IraqiNews.com)
The Islamic State’s areas of influence in western Mosul currently account for only 7 percent of the region, according to the Iraqi command leading the war against the group in Iraq’s second largest city since October.

Brig. Gen. Yahia Rasoul, spokesperson of the Joint Operations Command, said Wednesday that “Daesh (IS) has been witnessing an obvious decrease in areas of its influence which now account only for seven percent of areas on the western axis of Mosul.” Rasoul added that Iraqi forces control 50 percent of the region. (western region that is)

Iraqi forces launched an offensive in February to eliminate IS from western Mosul, having retaken the eastern side of the city in January. Despite difficulties facing troops in western Mosul, including narrowly-structured streets and the dense population, Iraqi commanders have said the group’s combat capabilities were receding rapidly. Rasoul said in statements earlier this week that the operations in western Mosul had ended “on the military rebels”, and that forces were only fighting “remnants of IS gangs”.

Iraqi forces are currently besieging IS members stationed at central Mosul’s Grand Nuri Mosque, where the group’s founder, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, declared its establishment in a famous sermon in 2014.
Iraq’s Current Economic Outlook And How it Can Affect Dinar Value
(I LUV this article. Please take the time to read it carefully. It is chock full of information, especially for those just beginning in this investment. This article will help you play catch-up with the rest of us…lol…lol…)

After years of economic neglect, poverty for the common man and turmoil in the region, Iraq has finally reached a state of constant economic growth under the democratic leadership in the aftermath of the US invasion in 2003 and the overthrowing of Saddam Hussein’s tyrannical regime.

Iraq’s Economy is Rising
The main driving force behind Iraq’s economic growth is the wealth of natural resources reflected in a large number of oil and gas fields which are now open to international trade. Companies from around the world are investing into the development of these resources, which is reflected in the country’s ever-increasing oil exports. It seems that Iraq has completely recovered from the damage and downfall it suffered under the rule of Saddam Hussein.

An even greater exploration of Iraq’s oil reserves by international companies will lead to an even bigger tally of the country’s oil wealth, along with its already-known, vast reserves. In addition to all that wealth, Iraq seems to be blessed with geological formations that are perfectly accessible for drilling as opposed to most countries, which significantly brings down the costs of oil extraction.

The most obvious example of Iraq’s production advantages can be seen in the most recent Saudi Arabian oil production war which was designed to bankrupt the US shale-oil producers. And while oil producers in the US have been severely impacted by the overproduction “attack” from Saudi Arabia, Iraq still continues to produce and sell oil profitably.

What does this mean for the Iraqi Dinar?

The value of a nation’s economy, as well as its currency, is directly reflected in its natural resources, and Iraq’s oil reserves are big enough to drive its young democratic economy to prosperity.

Given the fact that there is an insatiable need for gas and oil across the world, Iraq is can look forward to constant growth in its ever-growing role of the oil supplier to the world. Although Iraq is not there yet, it is becoming increasingly obvious that the country will take on the role of a regional and international energy super-power given its natural reserves in the near future. In fact, just recently the country’s Minister of Oil stated that Iraq will be able to produce 5 million barrels of oil a day in the second half of 2017. ( I believe they already can produce 5 million barrels a day, but the stability of some of these oil regions they had to restrict oil production until ISIS is gone)

With the economic boom led by Iraq’s oil industrythe national currency in the form of the Dinar will eventually rise to reflect the true value of the country’s oil wealth. (Why will this happen?)
The rise will most likely happen when the National Bank of Iraq lifts the artificially low value placed on the nation’s currency in 2003.
(So just another confirmation that the rate now on the Iraqi dinar is in FACT an artificially placed rate and it must be removed. I don’t care what anyone else tells you. They are just not informed and not studying this investment. So here we have it, the FACTS, right from Fractalerts”, a division of fractal SA, Switzerland, a trading alert service. WOW!  
Folks- this is much different than what many of you believe in that this “artificial” rate must increase. The artificial rate does not matter. I see some forums concentrating on this rate, as they post it every day and watch it. This only shows their misunderstanding of what is actually happening with the Iraq currency.
What are the ramifications of not knowing the truth?
We read many articles telling about the fluctuation of this “artificial” rate and everyone goes into a frenzy. Folks- we are not waiting for the artificial rate to do anything other than to go away and for the real value of the dinar to be “reinstated”. Get it?
Yes – it does matter that the CBI can control this artificial rate and keep the MCP under control or regulated. This shows they can control any currency and that the new regime can do it. But this is all done now still under ONLY in-country since they can not use the dinar outside of Iraq. They are STILL UNDER SANCTIONS. I do not know how to make this any clearer to everyone.)

Urgent Abadi: We will work with the United Nations to end the Iraq out of Chapter VII
{Baghdad: Euphrates News} Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, revealed the intention of Iraq to work with the United Nations to take him out of the final UN Security Council sanctions in the seventh item.

Ebadi said during a joint press conference with the Secretary-General of the United Nations Antonio Guterres, "We found the keenness of the Secretary-General in removing Iraq from Chapter VII, and there will be a continuous work to end the occupation of Kuwait file and the international sanctions imposed on the Iraqi people do not want to bear more of the burden imposed by the former regime " (Here it is folks! Could it get any better than this? Getting out of Chapter VII also involves getting back their currency. WOW! This means a revaluation in the near future.
So everyone who debated Mnt Goat and said all Chapter VII sanctions were already lifted in June of 2013. Really? All I can say is chalk up another one for Mnt Goat. I am right again….lol…lol..of course I knew I was right from the beginning. Even in 2013 when everyone went off half-cocked talking about an imminent RV. All you had to do is research and you would have found out that the part of the sanctions lifted in 2013 DID NOT INCLUDE MONETARY SANCTIONS! It is public information. The UN did not hide it from us. Is this not part of the intel “gurus” responsibility? Why else would you donate or pay to be on their site if they do not do the research? But I will tell everyone I tried to tell them and no one listened at the time. My research is totally FREE. Yes -no charge to anyone.
So why else would they hold on to the artificial rate beyond 2013? What would give the UN the right to do so?
 I also want to bring out another point. The point is that Iraq did not and does not have the full authority to RV. This article clearly and explicitly tells us the UN must end the sanctions. So all this baloney about an RV any day / every day and that Iraq is in “full” control. Really? I told you all this is nonsense just as I have been telling everyone all along. But you don’t want to listen to me. Instead you have to obey the ones who ask for donations …lol…lol…Here is the proof. Right in front of your  noses too for all you so called intel “gurus”. Is there any disputing this now? Any more bashing Mnt Goat now? Let’s see what you come up with now to bash me with! Yes – basing get old and maybe many of you should listen and read my intel and you just might learn something…lol…lol…)

Articles End

So in my last post dated on 3/29 (LINK) I wrote –
"The USA is in for the same reality soon and is going down the same road! Read this article carefully. It is also the fate of the USA. I would attempt to explain to everyone what is really going on here with these massive debt and how the USA became a debtor nation but I can see I can talk for days and days and no one is listening any how..so why bother. You all will get just what you deserve from those that are behind the scenes orchestrating this massive USA debt. Yes- it is intentional, just like balancing a budget and being able to limit debt also can be intentional. The key part of intentional is “intent” – what is the intent. Get it? )"

So here is a response that I got from my post ~ “You are officially the meanest, nastiest, most hateful information provider EVER! “
This response however does not surprise me since this response is  indicative of just what is going on in many countries. When faced with problems the majority are “dumbed down” and “complacent”.   
Everyone should listen to this presentation by David Lcke.
Here is the link - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=StcO_Nma5NA
Remember this was presented during the 2008-2016 administration of Obama- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cf9OlVVPsYU
So whoever wrote this feedback please do your own research and then you can talk and criticize someone who is only trying to help you and wake you up and make a difference. Folks I said this many times already – “you can be part of the solution or part of the problem”.
If you watch the saga playing out in Iraq you see many similarities in a very similar scenario as happened in many countries already. It is nothing new. Create the crisis, the fear is created, then come in with the solution. In the process institute the changes you they want.
Did Iraq need all this debt and loans? Who is making massive profits over their economic crisis and war with ISIS? 
Did you ever hear of the book “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man” written by John Perkins? Do you believe such entities exists? Can it be possible this was also played out in Iraq? 
With all the files and crimes against humanity, why is this man Nori al-Maliki so resistant to the rule of law and prosecution?
Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, Just the FACTS!
Auf Wiedersehen
Much love to ya all,
Mnt Goat

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