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What is the status of fighting ISIS in Iraq?
What is the direction Abadi is trying to move Iraq?
If you have a computer and internet I highly recommend you listen to this
speech by prime minister Abadi at the recent Institute of Peace during his visit to the USA. (I thought he did not speak English? Why did he speak Arabic then when he initially me with president Trump and his cabinet when invited to the Whitehouse?) Anyhow this is a very good presentation to educate yourself. I encourage everyone to take some time and listen. 

A spokesman for the parliamentary bloc Habib said that the visit of Prime Minister Haider Abadi to Washington was successful by all standards, but what has been confirmed that the Americans are not serious cooperation with Iraq and must be pressed. "The US side is not serious about implementing the strategic agreements between Iraq and America," he said in a statement issued by the media office. (Did you hear what Abadi himself said in his speech concerning Washington’s support? Maybe its time for all of us again to write our representatives and ask them to give support? – Talk is cheap!)
BAGHDAD (AP) — The influential Iraqi Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, addressed thousands of anti-government protesters who filled the streets of downtown Baghdad on Friday, 
threatening to boycott the country's upcoming provincial elections if the committee overseeing the vote is not overhauled. ( I know for a fact that the council already wrote a new law overhauling the electoral system and passed it to parliament. So where is the vote and implementation of it? This is what Sadr wants.)

Follow-up - Balances News
Iraqi national reconciliation leads to meet the Jordanian and Moroccan Pardo palace 
issued Iraqi national reconciliation file and other crises in the region talks kings, Jordan Abdullah II and Mohammed VI of Morocco, in the Moroccan capital Rabat. He stressed the importance of the Arab summit will lead to the development of a common Arab vision to address the crisis and deal with the challenges facing the region. The talks focused on strengthening relations between Jordan and Morocco, and the situation in the Middle East. (Abadi addresses this topic too if you listened to his speech on the link I sent you. What does he say about it? He obviuosly does not trust the Trump administration that it will make good on its promises for support for counter terrorism and reconstruction. Should he, since we know what the last administration did to his country?)

Baghdad/morning By By Dr Haider Abadi Prime Minister
Head of Fund for the reconstruction of the areas affected by terrorism Mustafa HiTi, the development phase will 
pass through three phases.

HiTi said in a statement this morning, Bush met Donald Trump, following him and some officials of Prime Minister Haider Abadi, in his recent visit to the United States, the American role delegation discussed the reconstruction of areas affected by terrorist attacks, as well as supporting the Iraqi economy and strengthen State institutions.

Hitti assured us that track liberalization of ground and grabbed her and finished organizing terrorist ISIS development that consists of the 
first of the three phases is reconstruction of infrastructure, secondlybuilding capacity by involving citizens in the process of construction and intellectual immunization in the educational program, the third is employment creation through investment to the continuing process of development. Description the President of the Fund good meeting, held amid simple and common understanding.
He stressed that Trump promised to root out terrorism and stand with Iraq in reconstruction, and undeviating support, American businesses pressed in to meet the Iraqi delegation, at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to discuss opportunities for reconstruction in the next phase.

The Central Bank of Iraq replaces its emblem with a new one with a 
strong monetary connotation
(What does this mean? What does it symbolize? Why did they do this? Keep reading they will tell us why.)

The Central Bank of Iraq, a new slogan that imitates its history and its financial policy, adopted solid monetary implications.

The director of the Information Office of the Central Bank of Iraq, Acer Jabbar, that the development of the bank, a new slogan came in line with the history of ancient, and its leading role in the monetary policy of the Iraqi state, in addition to its contribution to national development in accordance 
with financial and economic changes to achieve sustainable financial stability.

Jabbar stressed that "the bank adopted in its motto the map of Iraq, as embodiment of its national identity, and to confirm its belonging to the Iraqi state, in accordance with instructions issued by the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq.

He pointed out that "the bank has used [in the logo] several metaphorical signs embodying 
Iraqi metal coins by devising the idea of ​​the gears, the Iraqis' memory and the clear symbol of monetary policy in the country, while the similarity of the gears to development indicates a clear reference to The role of the Central Bank of Iraq expected to revitalize the circle of development projects across the country, as well as reflected by the firm position on the clear fiscal policy in Iraq '. (okay gear symbols on coins? Then where are the coins? When are they going to be issued? This confirms they are going to issue coins. These coins are part of the lower denominations we wait for. This is part of the project to delete the zeros and thus RV)

Jabbar added that 'the symbolism of the gears and their symmetry in the two rings of the logo, confirms that they are a clear message to the role of the Central Bank of Iraq as a major nerve and important in the national economy,' pointing out that 'color significance adopted by the Central Bank has been derived from the color of the smallest unit in the Iraqi currency in history The Hadith is the [Fals] '.

"The existence of the symbol [CBI], which is a summary of [CENTRAL BANK OF IRAQ] in the middle of the map of Iraq is an indication that the role of the Central Bank 
includes all parts of Iraq from north to south and east to west as the main nerve of a national economy(no hint here of Kurdistan splitting off)

As always my comments are in 
italic RED

Articles Begin
Parliamentary Finance is denied from Central Bank to introduce 150 thousand denomination dinars category in circulation

(So late yesterday out popped this article. Folks- Do you know just how amazing this news is? This is one of those “WOW” articles. This is exactly what we have been waiting to hear. Remember I told you to follow the actions of the CBI and that this and only this is the most plausible que to finding out when the RV is about to happen.
But this is one of those very hard articles to translate. Why exactly does it tell us? Many will misinterpret it. I too was included in this category. So I had my Arabic friend interpret it for me.
This what he said – “this article is all about the GOI Finance Committee wanting to launch the 150,000 notes now. The CBI is telling them they are in charge of the currency and they need to launch the 100,000 notes first as planned and that they have been studying this category already”. Why did they tell the GOI this?
Remember the CBI postponed the launching of the 100,000 denomination in early 2016 due to financial instability, later they told us they would delay it till later in 2016 and then told us delay indefinitely until further notice. Remember? They said it was due to the worsened economy and I instability.
So now it sounds to me that they plan to introduce it. It is time. Why is this such good news to us and our investment?
This is a move as part of the “project to delete the zeros”. It many seem contradictory since they are actually putting more 3 zero notes in circulation, but the 50k and 100k notes must be launched because it is one of the permanent denominations they need in the banking system prior to any significant change in value to the dinar. Since they will need these along with the 50,000 notes (already launched) for inter-banking transactions when dealing with large global transfers (once they can use the dinar globally) They told us a year ago the 150,000  notes will come much later following the 100,000 notes. Back then it sounded like the 150,000 would come out only after the rate change. Get it?  Are they getting ready for a rate change? Something BIG is about to happen! WOW!)
Baghdad Balances News
Finance Committee in parliament, is denied Saturday, by Central Bank to put 150 thousand dinars category in circulation by the Central Bank of Iraq, pointing out that the bank is considering asking 100 thousand dinars category.
The Commission decision Haji Ahmed in a press statement I followed / scales News /, it "has not been talking so far put on the category of 150 thousand dinars, by the Central Bank of Iraq."
Haji added that, "it was proposed a class of 100 thousand dinars by the bank which is under study," noting that "what Matrouh so far is the currency of the category of 50 thousand dinars have been pumped into the market by 5 trillion dinars.

AP News: At Baghdad rally, Iraq cleric threatens to boycott elections (3/24/17)
BAGHDAD (AP) — An influential Iraqi Shiite cleric addressed tens of thousands of anti-government protesters who filled the streets of downtown Baghdad on Friday, threatening to boycott the country's upcoming provincial elections if the committee overseeing the vote is not overhauled.
Muqtada al-Sadr's remarks reflect persistent political power struggles in Baghdad even as Iraqi forces backed by the U.S.-led international coalition battle the Islamic State group in Mosul in a weeks-long campaign to rout the extremists from the western half of the city.
Al-Sadr has repeatedly accused the committee — along with all tiers of Iraq's government — of being riddled with corruption. He called for the rally in Baghdad just days before asking his followers to "stand in the face of ... corruption and tyranny," according to a statement from his office.
Iraqis who love their country and hate corruption, regardless of ideology, support what al-Sadr called the "reform revolution." Nationwide protests demanding reform first erupted after IS overran nearly a third of Iraq in the summer of 2014, plunging the country into a deep political and security crisis. As the battle against IS stalled and an economic crisis deepened, a wave of largely civic and secular protests mobilized millions across Iraq in the summer of 2015.
But in the months that followed the movement lost steam. Al-Sadr picked up the mantle of reform shortly afterward and first began mobilizing thousands of his followers in the Iraqi capital the following year. Since early 2016, al-Sadr's protests have occasionally turned violent. Last month, clashes between protesters and security forces left at least five dead. The crowds have also twice breached Baghdad's highly fortified Green Zone, home to the government and many foreign embassies. In one instance al-Sadr's protesters occupied parliament, but withdrew peacefully after a call from his office to do so.
Though none of Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi's political opponents have emerged powerful enough to unseat him, the country's political blocs remain capable of blocking legislation and unseating key ministers in al-Abadi's government.
Iraq is to hold local elections later this year (and national elections in 2018), this is the first nation-wide vote since IS overran nearly a third of the country in 2014, and al-Abadi took office shortly afterward. However, persistent insecurity in many parts of the country and continued massive displacement of some 3 million Iraqis — forced from their homes amid the fighting with Islamic State militants — may complicate the undertaking.
(Personally I a getting worried that if we do not see some kind of significant change soon, this RV may be prolonged yet longer due to political instability once again. Remember the elections are coming up shortly and no one knows the shenanigans that may play out. Everything is always uncertain in Iraqi politics, eEspecially when Maliki and his goons are still afoot.)
This is the objective of the National Oil Company
A spokesman for the Oil Ministry, Assem Jihad said Thursday that the ministry’s follow modern mechanisms to develop and invest in oil wealth and to start to go to establish a national oil company is an example.
Jihad said in an interview / balance News /, that the ministry has prepared a project to establish the National Oil Company Law as well as drafts of two gas and liquidation of these companies managed by the Board of Directors and enjoys administrative and financial autonomy and the advantage of flexibility.”
Jihad said that the aim of establishing the National Oil Company is the investment optimization of oil wealth and expand its business and projects within the country and abroad for financial revenue by using modern techniques and standards mechanisms and very sophisticated.
He noted that the company will be more like the international advanced international companies and an arm to develop national oil industry, according to the latest methods and techniques used globally without being the oil ministry intervention affairs except for the planning and supervision.
Turning that national companies often enjoy the new global reputation according possibilities in addition to the flexibility possessed by companies so as to be free from large restrictions in the absence of not integrated into the Ministry of Oil.
He pointed out that “the Iraqi National Oil Police were ancient when established in 1986 by the former regime to freeze its work and annexed to the Ministry of Oil and today we presented a draft of the trend towards re-established. ( they are re-working the laws and how the ministry of oil will develop oil out of Iraq. This is key since this is 90% of Iraqi wealth.)
It is worth mentioning that the establishment of the Iraqi oil company in 1961, where he was released in Iraq Law 80 under which Iraq issued 95% of the oil company of Iraq and announced the formation of the Iraqi National Oil Company in 1964.
In April 1987, the integration of Oil Minister Issam Chalabi, the company with the Oil Ministry, which became the direct operator in the industry as well as its regulator.
Either at the operational level, the company has been divided into groups of regional companies, including the North Oil Company, based in Kirkuk, and the South Oil Company, based in Basra, an oil center.
The cabinet voted during its meeting in this March 14, 2017 on a draft law of the Iraqi National Oil Company and to allocate it to the Council. (so now the bill gets sent to parliament for a vote, it is NOT yet done. This is the much needed part of the HCL to finalize it too. It is all coming together). 

Notes on Abadi Interview  

Chris Wallace asked his about the ISIS eradication timetable - Within Iraq that is - Yes - he paused but then said Daesh would be utterly defeated in "a couple of weeks". (This brings us to early April)
Asked about US and coalition troop levels - he says they want US and coalition forces to stay and support them in training, logistics and intelligence gathering. But less than the 5000 there now Abadi says he feels that Trump sees Iraq as an important ally in the war on terrorism. He says he sees more determination by the Trump administration to crush Isis.  Pres Obama, he says, did not want to get involved. (Abadi’s words not mine! Many argue with me that Obama was fully engaged with ISIS. Really? Why would Abadi say this if not true? No Hype, No Rumors just the FACTS. The truth always shakes out in the long run….In my 2/11/17 newsletter I talked in more detail about this Status of Forces Agreement (SFA) and why it was significant)
Asked about forecasted cuts in US foreign aid he said he is not concerned with cuts in US foreign aid. The war on terrorism is global and all partners must step up to fight it as a national security issue. 
Wallace mentioned the campaign promise to take Iraqi oil, Abadi said that despite the election verbiage Abadi says he insisted with Pres Trump that Iraqi oil is Iraq's wealth and belongs to the Iraqi people.
Asked about Iran and the future he says they appreciate the help from Iran as a neighbor but they will not accept their efforts to control Iraq. Iraqis he says are nationalists. They are spilling Iraqi blood to fight the battles now. They appreciate coalition help but want to fight the battles themselves on the front lines.
Asked about the three parts of Iraq, the Shia, Sunni and Kurdish areas seemingly having separate plans for the future. He said it was important to get rid of Sadam Hussein. He says the Iraqi people hold elections every 4 years, there is freedom of expression, and the nation will chart its own course accordingly.
Articles End
Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, Just the FACTS!
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