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March 24, 2017 Mnt Goat News Brief

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I bring you much news today.  

The month of March is winding down and so where is the early, in the EARLY 2017 statement, for the continuance of the “project to the delete the zeros”?

Most of the news now is all about the war with ISIS around Mosul regions. The latest news about Mosul stems around progress this week in taking back   the Great Mosque of al-Nuri. it is one of the most famous landmarks in the Old City. But it is also of great symbolic importance in the government's battle against the jihadist group Islamic State (IS), The mosque is where IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi made a rare public appearance the following month and gave a speech proclaiming the creation of a new "caliphate but also has religious significance dating back thousands of years and is rich in historic value to Iraqi. Incidentally soldiers recently uncovered caves being used by ISIS that tunneled through the city. These are ancient caves and many were used thousands of years ago. In these tunnels were invaluable artifacts dating back thousands of years. Many of the relics were horded to the tunnels while many were just hidden there for generations. Anyhow this is a huge discovery and would not have been found without the fight against ISIS, so some good does come out of evil after all….
​There is little news about what is going in in parliament. When will the dam break for us to see these new laws as I believe the will come pouring out all at once.

Secretary General of the Council of Ministers Mahdi Keywords, said on Thursday that the government is proceeding towards a free economy and activating the private sector.(See complete article below. Okay- so now it sounds like the GOI is about to give the CBI the go ahead once again to proceed with the “project to delete the zeros…it’s coming. We watch and wait for the articles from the CBI then we get excited…lol…lol…)
(Just in case you haven’t figured it out yet the Iraqi news media is using the term“keywords” to mean an influential person of authority speaking policy and the term“popular crowd” is often used to describe the citizens as a whole in Iraq.)

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, arrived on Thursday, back to the capital of Baghdad, after the conclusion of his visit to the US capital of Washington.
Abadi said the Office in a statement / balance News /, received a copy of that "Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, he returned this afternoon to the capital Baghdad, after the conclusion of his visit to Washington."

We are being told by Iraqi news media that Islamic State militants are now back paddling and on defense, with their stronghold in Syria also under attack. But they still hold an estimated 40 percent of western Mosul and the battle to recapture it could take weeks. The government halted offensive operations on Thursday due to cloudy weather, which makes it difficult to bring in air support. In Mosul, Lieutenant Colonel Abdul Ameer said the government forces were ready to start a big assault but were waiting for the weather to improve. He also said the militants' ability to send out car bombs had significantly diminished after the security forces sealed off most roads inside Old City.

Baghdad Balances News
Today Friday the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, called on not a million, but “millions” now to demonstrate in the capital of Baghdad. Arrived today millions of the popular crowd, a large number of demonstrators from various provinces to participate in the prayers on Friday, which will be held in Sadr City, east of the capital Baghdad, to go then to Tahrir Square in Baghdad. The cleric Moqtada al-Sadr up, to Baghdad, while the procedures are still to give a list of demands in an effort to push the government to hold those responsible for the corruption and to continue with the reforms.

As always my comments are in italic RED.

Articles Begin
Vice: Abadi's visit to Washington has made Iraq the Middle East equilibrium point

Special scales News
The MP in parliament, Abdul Rahman Alloizi, Thursday, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi's visit to Washington has created a kind of balance in the Middle East.

He said Alloizi, L / balance News /, "The Abadi's visit to Washington came in context, the fact that Iraq today is one of the closest allies of the United States."

He added that "since taking office Abadi, do not miss the Americans, whether they are political or military opportunity, but praised by the Prime Minister and by performing also expressed their support to the Iraqi government." Among Alloizi, that "there is no secret axes of conflict inside Iraq, but Abadi was able to limit the case to find a balance between the Iranian line and the American influence." (As I said many times already the USA wants Iranian influence out of Iraq and Iraq to be a truly independent, sovereign nation. Until this happens Iraq will continue to have conflicts and terrorism, car bombings etc, etc because this is the mode of Iranian operations - to create fear and chaos. This is how these people work. This is how they attempt to gain power. They do not do it with love, peace and truth.
Can’t you see that this has been the underlying problem all along with Iraq since 2011 when the “gap” was realized with exciting US forces under Obama administration.
Incidentally, they will also have to deal with Nori al-Maliki and his goons not only to satisfy the USA but also the Sadarist movement in this regard. They have no choice. It is not a matter of will they do it but when is the right time.)

He pointed out that "the prime minister was able to create his policy of balance in the Middle East during his visit to Washington, and managed not to be calculated on one axis.(In other words Abadi also does not want to distant Iraq from Iran [knowing the bad relationship between Iran and the USA] either since they are neighbors and trading partners)
Being Prime Minister Haider Abadi, a visit to the United States, which came a formal request by US President Donald Trump, which is the first visit of the heads of the world after Trump took office.

According to observers, the visit Abadi and his meeting with distinction were positive and contrary to expectations, while noted that it was distinct from the rest of the meetings between Trump and the heads of the rest.
(I can not emphasize enough all the good that come out of this recent visit to Washington by Abadi and the Iraqi delegation)

Keywords: Moving toward a free economy and activating the private sector

(Folks don’t get all hyped up. This article does not mean an RV is about to happen. It means the GOI is about to give the go ahead again with the project to delete the zeros. When- we don’t know but this is positive news nonetheless. Why do I make this analysis?
How else can they make that next leap to the private sector and a free economy, away from the government run economy, unless they rid  themselves of the final long standing sanctions (on their currency). Remember we are not waiting for the 1280 program rate to slowly rise. AS long as they are in currency sanctions this program rate will remain and will stay very low. What we need to see is:
·       To get out of the decades long currency sanctions;
·       A move to using the dinar freely for trade with outside of Iraq;
·       See the dinar on the International exchanges and be able to trade the dinar on the global markets. I do not care if the dinar is being sold and bought by the banks. Who the hell cares? or even if it is listed on the exchanges. So now read my lips- “the dinar must be traded on the global currency exchanges” not just listed. Did you hear me? Do you get it?;
·       No other alternative but to float the dinar once on the exchanges. Who the hell cares if it’s a managed float, guided float yada,yada, yada etc…really who cares? We know the value will rise as the economy grows. Want to know when it will rise? Then read the articles, do your homework and to find out how the economy is growing. There is no magic godmother that will sprinkle fairy dust on you which will anoint you with all the information you need. Some seem to this is the case? These so called intel “gurus” seem to convince you they can do it and will do this for you, just make them a nice donation or pay to join their site. Really? Many even told you they can’t be bothered reading articles. So go figure what they are telling you.
·       Popout a new rate to begin the process once out of sanctions
·       Slowly and methodically issue the newer lower denominations as the economy adjusts to the new rate and as it rises.
Vast investors are needed to reform their economy and they will not attract these investors as long as they have rules to convert dinar to US dollars first and keep this equilibrium and balance between oil revenues to expenditures for paying debt of importers. This is all done in realm of a “false” and “artificial” economy. Even the peg to the US dollar is temporary as they told us they fully intend to peg the dinar later to a “basket” if currencies in an SDR (special drawing rights basket of currencies who compete and work together). They even told us what currencies will be in this basket. We should all know this by now. I have told everyone this many times already.
So doing business in this old govt driven economy and sanctioned economy worst even, is just not going to work for the kind of economy they are telling us the want and will institute in the VERY near future.
So all you negative people who need hype everyday I tell you just to relax and let this all come to us. It is coming. To ease your mind just read all the articles from Iraq and see what is going on instead of just listening to some intel ”guru” who does not bother to read or fully understand the situation of Iraq. They really don’t care to know the TRUTH. Their concern is filling their pockets with profit off of you. Instead they are more content on filling you head with their nonsense and gobbily gook about some everyday/any day RV.
Again I am telling you our next step now is just to wait for the CBI to come out with news they are continuing once again the “project to delete the zeros”. This will be our expectation. This is coming very soon but first they need to clean up this ISIS mess.)

Secretary General of the Council of Ministers Mahdi Keywords, said on Thursday that the government (GOI) is proceeding towards a free economy and activating the private sector(note they didn’t say they WILL proceed they just told us instead theyARE proceeding forward)
A statement by the Secretariat, seen by "Economy News", that "Keywords keep getting the World Bank delegation headed by Mohamed Hassan Abdel Kader Chairman of the Group to improve the Bank in Iraq's business environment, and during the meeting, the group of themes pertaining to the Iraqi economy and the environment of investment and the location of Iraq compared to global indices economy and business. "

The Secretary of the Council of Ministers, according to the statement that "there is a gap between the improvement and progress witnessed in the land of economic and investment reality in Iraq and information-gathering mechanisms that feed these indicators and therefore do not reflect an accurate assessment of the national effort and the international effort in this area."

Keywords explained that "the Iraqi government proceeding towards a free economy and stimulate the private sector and this trend is accompanied by legal and procedural amendments." (proceeded by currency reform)

Keywords added that "the Secretariat will spare no effort to support Iraq's highest upgrade according to World Bank standards indicators."

For his part, display Abdul Qadir, "the current programs implemented by the World Bank in Iraq as a program to improve the working environment and the accompanying company registration processes and obtaining licenses and to conclude contracts higher according to international standards efficiently, also addressed the need for openness to the provinces and to develop investment strategies best it like Basra."
Secretariat proceed with the implementation of e-government project

BAGHDAD / morning  – announced the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, on Wednesday, to embrace the implementation of e – governance in the current year, while its intention to finance the various service projects and to be completed the end of 2017. (Later on in t his newsletter there is yet another article talking about rolling over the govt salaries of many of the ministries to electronic banking. Be sure you read this one too…..This is very HOT topic for the CBI now and is one of their major ongoing projects)

The government confirmed the Secretary General of the Council, Mahdi Keywords in a press conference on the sidelines of the meeting held E – governance Committee, said that ” the Secretariat will begin the implementation of the transition to e – governance, whether between departments or key ministries, to be communication between them electronically , ” and expressed “hope to achieve 80 percent of these steps during the current year.

Keywords adding, that “e – governance committee held a meeting to study the latest of creating the infrastructure for a gradual shift towards e – governance”.

For his part, member of the committee, Amir al – Bayati, said that ” the project is one of the sovereign projects and infrastructure in the Ministry of Communications , ” noting that ” the ministry began linking ministries sites General Secretariat as a first stage, while will be linked to the ministries centers and formations in Baghdad and the provinces as a stage a second”.

He said al – Bayati said , ” The project needs to educate employees and citizens, because it provides service to the citizen, and would turn to deal with the government through the private gates of the state. On another level, the Government confirmed the funding of various service projects and completed the end of the year 2017.

Furthermore, said a statement of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, received the “morning”, that ” the secretary – general of the Council, chaired a meeting deliberative, annexation of the parties responsible for the implementation of the water network projects net, sewage, and special operations Siding in Baghdad and the provinces, during the year 2017.

Among the Keywords, that ” the audience gave special projects of their institutions and financial plans in the service aspects that you can with the government to secure the necessary funds to resume and be completed by the end of this year, in accordance with the guidance Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi.

He said the secretary – general, according to the statement, ” the need to go to projects that serve large populations with the arrival at a reasonable completion rates,” alluding to ” the possibility of securing funding for some of them by the loans granted to Iraq and as permitted by the contracting parties.
(So what the heck is e-government? What does it sound like? This is not rocket science folks! THINK! Electronic government (or e-government) ties all the ministries together electronically via computer so they can share info, communicate, store records, and most importantly integrate and coordinate all the operations of various ministries to service the needed ongoing future projects, rebuilding of Iraq, funding, taxation, revenue generation, and services to the people. Did I mention it will prevent future corruption such as stealing of funds ear marked for reconstruction such as you know who Maliki and his goons were the main culprits. Everything is tracked and transparent. Maybe now they can get down to truly rebuilding Iraq…lol…lol)

Central Bank: 10 ministries submitted a request to transfer their employees' salaries system "Ironing Card"

BAGHDAD / Tomorrow Press:
Iraqi Central Bank revealed on Thursday to submit a request from 10 ministries to "localize" the salaries of its employees, stressing that he was chosen specific banks to participate in this project.

The Director of the Department of Payments at the Central Bank of Iraq sacrificed Abdul Karim's "Tomorrow 's Press", " The Council of Ministers called for settling employees ' salaries on the recommendation of the Central Bank", stating that " the settlement of salary project is intended to distribute state employees ' salaries through electronic card." (We have heard repeatedly that salaries are late and people want to get paid on time. Years ago Saleh told us that there is a future plan to correct the problem. Now we have been seeing this plan being SLOWLY rolled out. Okay so now we see yet more movement to the e-dinar and use of the electronic debit car SMART card. Now they are conducting a “beta” test on the govt employee salaries. They are going to select citizens from each of 10 of the ministries. Why do I keep showing you these articles on this topic? BECAUSE THIS PART OF THE “PROJECT TO DELETE THE ZEROS” get it? They have been and continue to work on the project. So when the CBI comes out with statements that “they are continuing to work on the project” this one example of what they mean.)

She added that " the settlement of salaries of state employees has positive effectsof the project as it will reduce the financial losses of the ministries as well as to maintain the salaries of employees of the theft and loss, let alone speed up the distribution of salaries and lack of delay and organization." 

Abdul Karim stressed that " the central bank chose a number of government and private banks for the project resettlement", indicating that " the selection process was in accordance with the criteria established by the Central Bank of banks", pointing out that " the bank did not distinguish between a government or Ahli Bank project resettlement and leave it to the ministries in choose any bank you find it appropriate from the banks that have been identified and see the privileges of each bank. "
Sadr calls to cancel the popular crowd Act and reveals the fate of Saraya peace after the liberation of Mosul

Between the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, the need to resolve Authority popular crowd post-restoration Mosul stage, because the crowd passed by the House of Representatives will make the country under the rule of militias, pointing at the same time his desire to dialogue with the political figures of the year in order to prevent confrontations between all components floating and ethnic post-Daesh stage. (So once again the issue of post-Mosul comes out. Remember the National Guard law? How does it resolved the roaming militias? It moves them to the regional guard units. In the past I presented opposition to this idea and told you it would not work since this only fosters sectarianism and even now will arm them even more. So what is the solution? The cleric Moqtada al-Sadr is giving a solution in this article. This is what the article is all about. This article is also another sign just how close they are to full liberation of Mosul. Please take the time to read the entire article and get a sense of what is happening in Iraq.)

Sadr said in an interview I followed "Sky Press," that "dialogue between Iraqi politicians prefer the year in order to prevent clashes between Shiites and Sunnisas well as Arabs and Kurds, especially when it does not have the enemy of the same country," and expressed his fear that the defeat al Daesh be in Mosul, could the beginning of a new phase, (he means this is a bad way) and that what he is proposing in the political arena, "motivated by the fear of sectarian and ethnic conflicts after the liberation of Mosul." (So then what solution is he proposing then? The next couple paragraphs give us an idea of what he proposes.)

He said the cleric "It will be resolved peace, but the law, which was issued on the popular crowd will make Iraq under the rule of militias, and therefore we need strong positions of the government" to resist this ", and security must be not only be military responsibility,"

He said during the interview that he is against interference in Syria and the use of air forces to strike targets in Syria, saying that "the conflict in Syria may increase," adding, "We've seen this Abadi's decision to launch air strikes in Syria, spoke of the popular crowd from interfering in Syria's leaders, I am afraid that this conflict will travel back into Iraqit is my opinion not to interfere in the affairs of others, as we do not want others to interfere in our affairs, and we want to protect our blood, it was the foot of a lot of them. "

It was Muqtada al-Sadr made proposals in the November 27, 2016 on the organization of the work of the crowd and his affiliations with the military and classifications and all related work of the Commission of the military, administrative and financial terms as conditions for enrollment and formation mechanisms, while stressing that associate the crowd must not belong to any political faction. (If I am hearing Sadr correctly he is proposing a “draft” or conscription and to mix the different political and religious factions of the popular crowd together in a National Army and make them live, work and fight together)

Articles End
Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, Just the FACTS!
Auf Wiedersehen
Much love to ya all,
Mnt Goat

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