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Walkingstick:  CBI News and announcements

To  / licensed banks all ( to meet the buying and selling of foreign currency standards ) 



Rabbit:  WOW!  This is great news! 

IMO, this is a part of the security and stability of the banks.  When you're issued a license it means that you understand the rules and regulations and are now qualified to do so.  They wouldn't be talking about this if they were not getting prepared to remove the zeros.  Another small piece of the puzzle towards our investment.


Walkingstick:  Saudi Arabia plans to cancel previous debts to Iraq

Thursday, March 23,

Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir revealed his country's intention to cancel Iraq's past debts.

He said Saudi Arabia was seeking to open a flight between Riyadh, Baghdad and Najaf as part of boosting bilateral ties

Al-Jubeir expressed his satisfaction with the visit of the Iraqi diplomatic delegation to Riyadh headed by Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs Nizar Khairallah. He described the visit as "good" and came to activate bilateral cooperation.

In the same context, the Information Office of the Iraqi Foreign Ministry said Thursday that during the meeting between Jaafari and al-Jubeir discussed developments of bilateral relations during the past period and means of deepening them and opening new horizons for joint cooperation in all fields.

The two sides agreed on the need to exchange visits between officials of the two countries, especially the ministers of trade and industry during the coming period; to increase the volume of trade exchange and the volume of investments.

Jaafari stressed Iraq's keenness to establish the best relations with Saudi Arabia, and said: Iraq still needs financial support and humanitarian assistance, and reconstruction of the infrastructure of Iraqi cities after the liberation completely from the grip of the organization calling for the terrorist.

The Iraqi Foreign Ministry described its meetings with Saudi Foreign Ministry officials in Riyadh on Sunday as "serious and in-depth" and addressed a number of important issues that focused on opening a new chapter of bilateral relations based on mutual trust.

The two sides stressed the cooperation between the two countries in international and regional organizations and the suspension of official statements of an inflammatory nature and the exchange of high-level visits.

Iraqi Foreign Ministry spokesman Ahmed Jamal said the Saudi side proposed forming an Iraqi-Saudi coordination council during talks on re-opening border ports, direct air transport and facilitating procedures for Iraqi pilgrims and pilgrims and Saudi visitors to Iraq. He also discussed opening cooperation prospects in the field of oil, Rebuilding terrorist-free zones, encouraging investment and the work of Saudi companies inside Iraq, as well as creating security coordination in intelligence and information exchange.

Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir visited Baghdad on Saturday (February 25th) and met with his Iraqi counterpart Ibrahim al-Jaafari and senior Iraqi officials and discussed with them ways to strengthen bilateral relations to serve the interests of the two peoples and the efforts of the Iraqis in their war against the terrorist organization and the victories. To solve the problems experienced by the region.

Al-Jaafari welcomed al-Jubeir's visit, especially since he was the first Saudi foreign minister to visit Iraq since 2003. Al-Jubeir stressed that the ties between the kingdom and Iraq are very numerous and the visit aims to restore bilateral relations to the right track.



Jay:  This is the second article in 2 days that says to me, imo the HCL is...or is about to be activated. To me it say it IS...ACTIVATED...This article is more powerful than the first one.

Frank26:  On Your last MONDAY CC  (link) ............ Now they tell You what we taught You......... Please realize the reasons ............ Then smile a mile ...........

Jay:  TY. I remember your teachings on this on Monday. I just couldn't believe my eyes yesterday and now again, today. WOWOWOWOWOWZERS...

To all you 2018 worry warts. HCL would not be activatING.... if they were gonna wait. What are you worried about.

Don961:  Kirkuk confirm the entry-oil agreement with Baghdad into force

By sd sd - March 22, 2017

 Treasures Media :: Follow-up

The head of the Commission on oil and gas in the Kirkuk Provincial Council Ahmed al-Askari, Wednesday, entering the oil agreement between Baghdad and the province on the export of oil into force, adding that the agreement will need to increase cooperation between the two parties.

The military said in a statement, "The oil agreement between Baghdad and the province on the export of oil went into effect after the arrival of about 40,000 barrels of Kirkuk oilfields to the refinery Kalak in Mosul in order to provide the residents."

He added that "the bilateral agreement between the governor and the prime minister included a number of points, including the expansion of the refinery Kirkuk and set up a new refinery and disbursement amounts of petro dollars and allocation of central functions of the province."

The military said that "the agreement will need to increase cooperation between the two parties and open up new prospects for an end to the tension and pleasing to the people of the province penile legitimate rights


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