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Greenclan: RE: Article:   Abadi: we need high oil $ 17 above the current price


ComingSoon:   Wow! Past tense. HAS ENDED.    Theres a lot in this article!!

"At the same time, stability has returned to the country and there is no fear of any security disturbance after today"

Walkingstick:  April 1.......Iraq is the best country in the world

**Slowly, After 14 years of chaos and 3 years of fierce war, Iraq's war against terrorism has ended.

Iraqi forces are also working hard to weaken all gangs and armed groups in Baghdad and the rest of the provinces, and Iraqis are moving freely and safely wherever they want and in which Security

At the same time, stability has returned to the country and there is no fear of any security disturbance after today

With the return of security stability, all displaced families have returned to their homes and homes, which have been reformed in the framework of the reconstruction plan. All displaced people have returned to their homes.

!Motherland The situation improved and investors returned to Iraq to start their work and projects that will rise to the situation and benefit and profit on all citizens, the fruits of Mesopotamia many and deserve its citizens to economically Help them to the fullest

In the same context, the perpetrators fought corruption everywhere, and the corrupt can no longer loot public money nor steal from the pocket of the poor citizen. This scourge has become a painful memory in the past of Iraqis.

The neighboring and regional countries no longer have a word or even any interference in Iraqi politics. Only Baghdad decides the fate of the interior, while the political parties put all their sectarian, financial and political differences , And agreed that the interest of the country and citizens is the priority, and does not concern foreign countries and their decisions, Iraq first Set aside

It is no secret to anyone that sectarianism in Iraq suddenly disappeared, so everyone loves the other, and does not ask about his religion.

The families of Baghdad came back together and loving each other, whether Muslim or Christian, and shared some of them Some have joy and sadness ... as the recent past Iraqi women have a great share of this beautiful reality that Iraq has reached. It has obtained all its rights, from education to the right to choose to work and to succeed.

More importantly, it is no longer marginalized and no longer Be subjected to any violence, moral or physical ... Lula it unfortunately just a dream ... accompany the eve of the first lie of April To the Iraqis and it would be good if all the Arabs are represented It is a beautiful reality reached by Iraq, congratulations



MadeeandLyndee:  I am really hoping this is NOT an April Fools day Joke. This is the sentence that I question: "Lula it unfortunately just a dream ... accompany the eve of the first lie of April To the Iraqis." but then it ends with, "It is a beautiful reality reached by Iraq, congratulations".  Any other opinions here?

Regina:  Wow ... as I was reading this ... I was saying to myself ... this sounds like a Final Article ... but now am confused by the last paragraph

Upstart:  You can't beat a well written satirical piece of journalism, but the joke may be turned on the author

 April 1...........Iraq is the best country in world.
This sounds futuristic. Something the author would like to post.
IMO .... An international rate would have to exist to make this story a fact.

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